Hello everyone! What a crazy night we had at Winds on Sunday! Some serious acts, some funny acts, some very strange acts too, so that’s a typical evening at Winds *laughs*. Before I begin letting you know all about the acts, I need to tell you all about Shanny, the gorgeous Shanny! She was with is again this evening looking deliciously amazing as always, meeting and greeting everyone as they came in to find their seats and get ready for the show. Shanny works hard to keep the show moving and let you all know what is coming up next and if we had some zipper issues back stage. Be sure to show this amazing woman some love! She means a lot to us!!


Up first this evening was Baby and she took the award for the strange act of the evening. Baby danced to Freaks by The Creeps, and the freaks came out for sure! Gunner was in this act as a….erm…..octopus/squid man all in pink with tentacles in his mouth doing crazy, crazy dances and running around Baby. In comparison, Baby looked normal! She had these things with eyes and some that were all scary teeth that floated and moved and spun. Baby floated too (you know that weightlessness in space thing…). I know I’m not doing this act justice…so if you ever get a chance to see it, go!


Next was Rina with Skipper Dan by Weird Al. I love this man, I love his songs, I love his humor, I don’t know how I have never heard this song. It is about Skipper Dan and he is sad as he is a tour guide on the Jungle Cruise ride (which I swear I have been on this ride in Disney….) and he hates his job. He has 34 shows a day, same old thing every tour every day so he asks “somebody shoot me I’m bored to tears”.
The set was simple, Rina dancing on the dock before the ride began but the emotes were the BEST. She said these were actual emotes from the Skippers on the ride. This one was my favorite…”Skipper Dan: Some of our scouts here at the world-famous Jungle Cruise claim they have spotted tigers in the waiting area the last couple of days. But we know that’s ridiculous. After all, tigers are striped, not spotted.” Great job Rina, you made us laugh for sure.

3-rinaLina entertained us next to Santana feat. Chad Kroeger – Into the Night. She had Josephine, Alexis Queenie and Mona with her and her set was gorgeous. It had a warm tropical feel, breezes and a cute drink with a little umbrella. The women all wore gorgeous gypsy-like costumes that fluttered and flowed around them. The set changed mid way from a cafe to the desert at night. Awesome set Lina!!


Devlin was there when the curtains opened and he dance to Stereo by Chameleon. Devlin was wearing a big ‘ol fro and a jazzy disco outfit clearly from his years when he danced to Saturday Night Fever, watch out Travolta, Dev is here! His set was a turntable/HiFi and he danced (round on a) record showing off his hot disco moves. This set was pretty awesome and I loved the whole feel to it. Great job Dev!

Nara was next and she danced to Chris Spheeris – Juliette. She had Gracie and Ariel joining her and they were all faeries in gorgeous green wings and costumes. Her set had a Celtic feel to it with the faeries fluttering in to a beautiful green lush forest glen with animals and building ruins someplace secret and deep in a forest somewhere.
All I know is this is a place I want to find and escape to. Thank you Nara for the lovely set and the few minutes we could all dream of such a place.


Who was next? Our lovely Winnie dancing to Yo – Yo Ma, Kathryn Stott – The Swan (from Carnival of the Animals). I don’t know where this women finds her costumes but damn, I need to go there! They were gorgeous and PINK! Winnie had Jo dancing with her as a ballerina with soft pink wings that were more bird-like than butterfly, draping on their arms. The song and the dance was so lovely with fall trees and a magical floor and come on….its Yo-Yo Ma….(sleeps a little)….so so so soothing.


Ame and Zach were next dancing to Snow Patrol – What If the Storm Ends. I have to admit this is the moment my SL decided to not show them to me so I have to ask Winnie for some visual help. The set was post apocalyptic with rain, broken down homes and burning tires. Zack was dressed in a sort of steampunk outfit and Ame had an angel of darkness feel to her. It was *the planets last dance*. The danced alone and then came together in the end and danced….seems kinda sad thinking about it….I know I didn’t see them but the set was fantastic!


I was last and I danced to Smokin’ In The Boys Room by Motley Crue. I had Kyshra, Lil, Lina and Winnie with me looking all bad ass and rough in their leather and jean jackets and cigarettes. We danced in the boys room (duh) after I had to visit the principals office for not having my homework because “the dog ate it”. HE DID! Promise!


That’s all folks! Thank you all for coming and seeing the show and supporting us week after week. Thank you to our amazing sponsors and Rebecca.hen is the next show???
This Saturday Jan 21 we will have our Saturday Matinee show at 1pm SLT and then we will have our regular show on Sunday the 22nd at 5pm SLT. See you there!!

When is the next show???
This Saturday Jan 21 we will have our Saturday Matinee show at 1pm SLT and then we will have our regular show on Sunday the 22nd at 5pm SLT. See you there!!