Want to work at Winds Of The Sahara?

Have you been coming to Winds to see shows? Are you an experienced Host or Hostess looking for good tips and more gigs? Are you a dancer who wants to do some of your acts at another venue? Do you know someone who fits the above description?We are looking for you because Winds of the Sahara is hiring!

We are looking for a host or hostess that is friendly and comfortable in front of a fast paced burlesque dance venue. You need to have experience in hosting at a venue but we are willing to train the right person. Must be available to host 3 times a month on Sundays from 4:00pm SLT to 6pm SLT (show is at 5 but you will need to arrive by 4 on show nights.) Dress is formal and you keep 100% of your tips. Must be able to attend rehearsals on Fridays from 4:30pm SLT to about 5:30/6:00pm SLT so you can see the show and make the notes you need.

We are also looking for experienced dancers! Must know how to use Spot On/Barre. We utilize the Metaharper and Artiste system. Our shows are Sundays from 4-6pm SLT (show is at 5, arrival is at 4) and rehearsals are Friday at 4:30pm SLT until about 6pm SLT. You are not required to stay once you have rehearsed. We do not require any dancer to only dance for us. You have the opportunity to dance up to 4 times a month or as little as once a month. 100% of tips earned are yours.

We would love to talk to you! Please send a notecard to either Winnie (winniefred) or Queenie Acacia for more information or for a meet and greet/interview. If you are at  Winds during a show, hit us up in IM as well.

Sneak Peek for the 80s theme show 04.23.17

That’s right!  The 80s are back….big bangs, legwarmers, droopy t-shirts with big belts…and all the hairspray the environment could handle.  Aquanet…singlehandedly responsible for punching a hole in the ozone layer….Here are a couple of the songs you will hear tonight, and we have a debut from our very own Josephine Jinx!

Lynxa is using the Eurythmics Missionary Man

Ariel will take us in a different direction with the B52s Rock Lobster (better with butter!!)

Catch you in the desert at 5pm SL!!

It’s Sunday! Here is a peek at an act you will see tonite!

You’ve got a fast car….so get in it and get to Winds tonite for our Sunday show! We have a couple performing a very cool, inventive set and dance to this cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. I loved this song when it was popular on the radio and this is a great cover (files it under songs I want to download).

Show begins at 5:00pm SLT and we have a full line up of all new dances! Something different tonite, we have many large numbers with many dancers so it will be a high energy show for sure! Doors open at 4:00pm so get there early and get a good seat!

See you there!

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for coming to our shows week after week and supporting dance in SL. Without you all, there wouldn’t be a Winds. Thank you to our sponsors as well….you help us give out some great prizes and many of you help keep the lights on each month. We appreciate and thank each and every one of you.


Happy Sunday! Here is your (hot & sexy) sneak peek

Here we are, another week gone by and suddenly it’s *gasps* Sunday again. I’m glad it’s Sunday, I love that we have a new show, I detest that I have to go back to the RL tomorrow. Oh well, one more fun evening before then, right?

Tonight we have a DEBUT! She is a lovely dancer that also dances with Guerilla Burlesque. She is showing off her stuff tonight at Winds. Won’t you come and give her a big warm Winds welcome? I promise, her set, dance and costume (it’s hot) won’t disappoint the eyes, ears and will make your hearts race.

After the show tonite, Gunner will be playing some tunes on the roof. Please won’t you stay and dance with us? We would love to have you join us to chat and dance. 

Until then, here is your sneak peek!  *fans self*

Sundays Sneak Peek…don’t miss this show!

Oh myyyy what a set this one is! Our dancer has made most of the little pieces of this set herself, wait until you see it! This set involves ghosts and skulls and the underground. If you have ever seen a show at Winds, I’m sure you can figure out who this dancer is by now! Come on over tonight to Winds of the Sahara and see this set and all the others by the amazing dancers we have. Doors open at 4:00pm SLT and the show begins at 5:00pm SLT.

See you there!

Another amazing Sunday at The Winds of the Sahara is upon us!

We have so many amazing sets this week, it was hard to choose just one as a tease for the sneak peek. I chose this one, because her set, dance and mood of this set is truly amazing, to the point you will be shocked at the ending. She does not dance with us very often and when she does, she does not disappoint that’s for sure. Come on over TONIGHT at 5:00pm slt and see not only this set but many other fun, sexy and amazing dancers and dances! See you there!



What’s going on at Winds of the Sahara tonight?

THIS is what is going on tonight! OMG people, this set, this song….absolutely awesome and fun and the song is a killer earworm. If you want to see some amazing sets tonight, you need to come to Winds and see them. You won’t be disappointed I PROMISE you this.

I do suggest because there is about 17 people in this set you turn your names off so you can see it all! How do I do this?

Avatar>Preferences>General>Name Tags off. and that’s it! You can turn them back on after the show.

Until then, put this song on repeat and enjoy until 5:00pm slt. See you all there “let them eat cake and maybe we’ll be chums.”

Two shows this weekend at Winds of the Sahara!

Yes folks, TWO shows this weekend! One is on Saturday at 1pm SLT and the other is our regular show Sunday at 5pm SLT.

I thought I would offer you all a sneak peek from both shows to get you as excited as we are!


Sneak peek #1 is from Storm Large and the song is called “8 Miles Wide”. She is a “singer, songwriter, actor, and author. She attracted national attention as a contestant on the CBS reality television show Rock Star: Supernova. For many years solely a rock artist, in recent years she has branched out into the theater and cabaret world. She currently balances performing with her own band in venues around the country and touring with the Portland-based band Pink Martini around the world.” (Wikipedia) This is one of the funniest songs I have heard in a long time…and the set for it, well….you have to see it to believe it!


Sneak peek #2 is from Kid Rock and it’s called “New Orleans”. This is a cool 70’s groove-ish tune about heading down to New Orleans and the Big Easy to see a friend and enjoy all the entertainment that that little part of the world offers. Gumbo, music, parties, crayfish pie, and the bayou. LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULEZ! Come let the good times roll with us!

Hope to see you at both shows! Sat at 1pm SLT and Sunday at 5pm SLT.

Have an awesome weekend!

All You Need Is…(to be at Winds tonight for another amazing show!)

This Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. Depending on your view of the day, you can love it or leave it. I personally have no issue with the day as it is just another one for me, I have all the love I need in RL and SL, so Valentine’s Day is just a day I might get some chocolate or coffee or something like that….BONUS!

One of our dancers thinks on this day “All You Need Is Love” and this is the song they are choosing to perform TONIGHT at Winds of the Sahara at 5pm SLT for our Valentine’s Day show. You don’t want to miss this one, this dancer makes a perfect cupid!

Next week we will have TWO shows! Yes two! One on Saturday at 1pm SLT and another on Sunday at 5pm SLT. Stay tuned for some sneak peeks of these two shows!

See you all tonight!*sings along…Love Love Love. Love Love Love….LOVE LOVE LOVE*