The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nikolas soon would be there…and let me say, that poor man had no idea what we had planned for the theme show at Winds.  We chose holiday parodies because sometimes you just need to be irreverent and whimsical….either that or it’s because we are a bunch of loons who need to be let of the lake every now and again 🙂  Thankfully, we had our lovely Shanny, the face of sanity in a night of insane dancers, the only one of us who seems to be able to maintain her dignity in the face of whatever we manage to come up with!

1-shannyWe  began the show with a nifty little number by Cordie and Keith called It’s Christmas and I Hate You” from Josh Weller and Paloma Faith.  Cordie’s entry was epic…she wandered in with a tray of booze..tripped, spilled it all, trashed the TV…and they were both dancing…she picked up the bottle, thew it at Keith, hit the fireplace…lit the floor and tree on fire…EPIC!!!!  In the end, our two little lovebirds ended up dancing in the mess that they created.  Total, absolute, awesome fun!

2-cordieAriel was joined by her redneck friends, Devlin, Jo, Seb, Beebs and Pan to two songs, “Full of Cheer” and “Hairy Christmas” two songs evocative of trailer parks, beer pong, corn hole, beer bellies, John Deere hats and tractors…not that I have any intimate knowledge of any of these things…or that John Deere hats always have netting on the back, or how to bale hay…but I digress…either way it was a fun set of ugly sweaters and memories that I may or may not have of my childhood *grins*.


Next up was Keith with a solo that was so stinking funny I almost fell of my chair.  He rusted up a version of “I’m Santa and I Know It”. Santa hit the red carpet with his super sexy elves and some super hot dance moves…. That bowl full of jelly was rockin’ out!  He hipped and hopped and hippity-hopped his bad santa arse all over the stage…I mean, look at how those nutcrackers are blushing!!  Spot on Keith, spot on!

4-keithFenrir joined us for his Winds debut on Sunday.  He’s ridden movers a time or two, but finally decided to take the plunge and he hit that frozen water running with “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.  He was joined by Queen Carol and I was wildly relieved to see that I wasn’t the only person to ask friends to wear completely humiliating avatars.  Santa lost sight of his sleigh…it seems the deer may have been hopped up on too much spiked eggnog and as he ran around trying to tame it, poor grandma stumbled out and got run over…repeatedly!  Fenrir had some great animated textures in the background that went right along with the lyrics and the best flipping-up-in-the-air-ass-over-tea-kettle animation EVER!  Great debut!!

5-fenrirOur lovely little Rina was up and this next act was not for the faint of heart, or stomach or for that matter children, parents, non-zombies or pets….Rina, Rina, Rina…holy COW! Rina chose “The Night Santa Went Crazy” or as I’m calling it…the Christmas Massacre from H.E. Double Hockey sticks.  So…there was blood everywhere…and deer parts… even poor Rudolph didn’t escape with his life..his poor decapitated head was on the ground…and Rina was covered in blood…sexy blood, but still not so hot with all that gore around…Hysterical…irreverent…silly and sassy..and it’s really fun to have Rina back with us :).

6-rinaLuna brought a little piece of sanity and beauty in the middle of our er…”NUT”cracker.  She picked “The Little Drummer Boy” and was joined by Lynryd Sinner and ….. (I will update as soon as I know..so sorry!) and a lovely little nativity scene was the setting for our pretty dancers.. with a little drummer boy playing his heart out for the newborn babe.  A solemn reminder of the true meaning of the holiday season…love, family, beauty, serenity, friendship and faith.


I hit the timbers next in my first appearance as a “mini-me”.  I chose the rousing holiday romp…”There’s Something Stuck Up In The Chimney”, a charming CSI tale of a rotting santa corpse stuck…in a chimney….  Queenie was my darling Granny, up front keeping an eye on Enni and I.  Enni is really Ariel in disguise, but he’s cute as heckfire and one sort of snarky little brother.  Then there was poor Lina…up there in that chimney with a big red arrow highlighting her, just in case you missed her.  I completely owe her for doing this set…she was a super good sport in her Santa suit!!8-winnieBabypea and Gunner were up next in a true holiday classic…this set is so fantastically funny, I love, love, love it.  It’s set to the “Bohemian Christmas Rhapsody” by N20 band and Baby is this darling little Elfin who is accompanied by Santa and the BEST snowman backup band ever!  I happen to know that Gunner did the animation for these little dudes so a big shout out to him as well.  Too much fun to be had…snowmen, reindeer, awesome trees, elves…a veritable cornucopia of holiday happenings to behold…just FUN!


Queenie..delicate, petite, adorable sweet Queenie….what can I say?  She was a beautiful angel atop a Christmas tree, there were little snow particles falling all around her and then the music fired up…”Who Put The Stump”..another classic off a Bob Rivers holiday album and it all became about here whosit being offended by some crazy person shoving a tree up inter her nether regions.  So picky!  I mean, what do you expect when you have an undercarriage made out of a cone???  It was divinely silly and oh, what joy it brought to everyone.  I’m starting to be as concerned about our audience as I am about the rest of us….just sayin’  I think we were all hitting the ‘nog a little hard…


Adam and Muse rounded out the evening in a set that SL was hellbent on killing the week before…and it killed Seb for this show…which was a supreme bummer, but they had the SL gods on their side for ‘N Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.”  Muse, Ariel and I were reindeer along with a sexy and likely cold Adam and we had a terribly fun time shaking our tails and dancing it out with some awfully cool dance moves for decorated fauna.  This is a wonderfully fun set and I love everyone packing into the sleigh and flying off as the closer…joyous exit!

11-adam-museJust like that it was over…and we were on our way home for that last jam packed week of insanity before the actual holiday.  We were so happy to have a packed house to share our silliness with and looking forward to another wonderful show on Christmas Day Eve.  May your days be merry and bright and safe!