Welcome to Winds! As the October winds blow over the desert, and the sun set on the camels, it’s still hot inside the theater! This week we had a pre-Halloween teaser with most of the dancers using a Halloween song. I personally LOVE Halloween so I was all over it!

Next week is our theme show….bet you can’t guess what it is!? We have something VERY SPOOKTACULAR planned for the evening! We will transform the theater overnight and bring on the spookies and ghoullies (that’s you all by the way). We will be having a contest, yes a costume contest! I added the information at the end of this blog.


As always, the lovely Shanny was out front greeting everyone in a gorgeous gold dress. She puts the rest of us to shame…SHAME I tell you! As everyone made their way in and found their seat, Rebecca spun our regular Winds pre show tunes and everyone backstage got themselves ready to go!


First up was the ever spectacular Jilley who brought Zach and Tray along with her to dance to X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons “Jungle”. Jilley brought us into the jungle, the urban jungle that is. She built an abandoned street/vacant lot and they all came together to dance. It was a perfect set that matched the song so well. Jilly always brings an awesome song and set and this was no exception!!


Ginny joined us next dancing to Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out. This is one of those songs I have liked since I heard it but never knew who sang it or the name of the song. Her set was a very cool space set. There were 3 platforms/satellites and Ginny was on one that lowered her to the stage. There were flashing lights and neon signs and a barely dressed Ginny. It was sexy and hot and visually pretty awesome to watch. Amazing job girl! You rocked it!


Next was Gunner….and lots of women…..big surprise there huh? Joining him were Minty, Fuki, Voodoo, Kysh and Baby. His song was Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Now, I’m not sure how to describe this because it was a shocking set. Why you ask? Because it started out with Kysh vacuuming (laughs). The girls were keeping Gunners place all clean and tidy and OOPS, their clothes fell off and they had to clean in their lingerie. Gunner and the girls all danced together in the clean living room and all was right in the world.


The set was cleared and Danella was next with Marilyn Manson’s I Put A Spell On You. This set was awesome! It was a very gothic graveyard, tomb that she danced in as she conjured up a spell to have a lover that had died rise again to be with her. Mikie rose from the dead and in ghost form, danced with her until all these black hands rose and grabbed at them and dragged them down. It really was a spooky set and the song was perfect with it!


Winnie took the stage next and danced to Sia’s Cheap Thrills. In true Winnie fashion, this was a little off center and that is how we love it. Dancing with her were myself and JMB. We were a little worse for wear, you know being zombies and all. Winnie had us dancing on a stage with blood and lights and other dead people. We boogied on down until the end when we slipped below the stage waiting to grab another victim.


Sebastian was next and he chose Pink’s Glitter In The Air. Oh my goodness folks, if you have not seen this set, do so. The was simply beautiful. Dancing with him were Tray and Jo, Jo was a ballerina and Tray and Sebastian were trapeze artists that swayed and danced from the ceiling all painted in gold. The set was all black except for the three of them. It was just gorgeous in its simplicity, as glitter gently fell around them. Truly amazing Sebastian and I am so glad I was able to see it.


Who wants to follow a set like that!? I had to be the one *shrugs* and I danced to Marilyn Manson’s Cupid Carries a Gun. It is the theme song from the TV Series Salem (which is awesome by the way). I had some other women with me, Winnie, Kysh, Beebs, Gracie and I all dressed in our finest witchie wear and conjured up some spells by the ‘ol cauldron. We worked our magic and then, ended the spell by diving back into the cauldron….where did we go? *cackles*


Last this evening was the one and only Babypea. She had some kitties and some voodoo dolls joining her by the names of Fuki, Scorcia, Beebs and Kysh. Gunner was there too but he was playing tunes on a washboard and garbage can drums. The song was Demon Kitty Rag by Katzenjammer. Her set was a bayou river house deep in the swamp. The Kitties and the dolls danced as Baby, a sexy demon led the way. It was a fantastic way to end the evening!!

Thank you to all who came to see the show and everyone that supports us every week. You are all amazing and we love to dance for you!

REMEMBER! This Sunday, Oct 30th will be a COSTUME PARTY. The following is from Winnie’s blog! See you there!!


“Good Morning Peeps!

I was sitting at rehearsal last night watching to see what the Halloween show was going to bring us and dang it’s going to be fun! I saw skeletons, Oogie Boogies, creepy children, witches, graveyards, ghoulies….I can’t wait!!

It’s going to be even more fun because we are planning on having a costume contest for you, our beloved fans 🙂 Come dressed up and enter and you will be able to vote for your favorites, we will have some categories (get it?? GORE eees) and there will be cash prizes! Ok, you won’t be able to pay for your own half sim, but it’s for fun!

We can’t wait to see you all sussed up in your halloweeny goodness…come kick off the holiday season with friends…and though we are taking November off, it’s all for the best to bring you the most amazing December sets. You can look forward to an audience contest for holiday costumes and an audience interactive dance! Boo!”