And…in a flurry of flurries….the cast and crew of the Winds of the Sahara Cabaret were back from their hiatus for the month of November and we were sooooo happy to be back and more than that, ecstatic to see all of your smiling faces out in the audience waiting to see what we might have in store for you. Queenie went wild with the wonderful holiday decorations and Shanny was a vision in her holiday green dress, looking as stunning as she always does, greeting everyone and making sure that we all were behaving politely backstage.


Jo opened for us with “December Night” by Michael Buble.  A funtastic winter song that was set to a great winter scene.  Seb was out making a snowman, Jo wandered out of her house and they were having a grand old time dancing when Maia and Ayita the snowmen got up from their snowy scene and joined along.  What a lovely and festive way to set the mood for all the freezing goodness to come!


Devlin was up next with a wonderful wintery scene for Trans Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas Eve In Sarajevo”.  He was a beautiful angel, dressed all in white; it’s an amazing costume…I love it…it reminds me of a statue that comes to life.  The set was a winter wonderland, also all shades of white, with just some touches of gold and red.  Paired with the powerful music, it’s a wonderful set that sets a mood for a holiday full of hope.


Raemida hit the planks next in a super sexy set to Darius Rucker’s “Candy Cane Christmas”.  She was a hot little minx in her red dress and her wonderful holiday scene with nutcrackers and candy canes.  All the red and green goodness of a classic holiday movie with the look of a hollywood starlet dancing her way into our hearts.


Adam and Muse chose Pentatonix “Little Drummer Boy”.  They created a beautiful winter scene with a creche in the woods and chose a classical ballet look for themselves.  Their dance was moving and a gentle reminder of the love and joy and hope that one tiny baby brought the world over 2000 years ago.  If only we could all find a way to believe in something without hurting each other…that’s what I saw in this set.

I 5-adam-muse

I was up next and I chose Sarah McLachlan’s “Wintersong”.  I was a tiny ballerina on a music box in a living room dressed up for the holiday with snow falling outside.  This song is so beautiful but sad, it’s a song about remembering a lost loved one on Christmas morning.  My year has suffered from personal loss and I found this song when I was treating for cancer during the holidays…so it was a set for me, to remember and heal.


Jilley took the stage next in an amazingly beautiful set to Celtic Medieval Music’s “Once Upon a Time”.  She was joined by Queenie playing harp in a pavilion while Jilley was a vision in white in a fantasy costume replete with antlers. Her fawn theme was captures in her backdrop as well. She also chose a set with shades of white.  I love that look, it sets such a calming tone for me and it seems that the fewer colors, the more you can see the beauty in all of the shades of it; the grays and silvers and icy blues…just stunning!


Ray brought us another wonderful set to Pentatonix with a mash up of “Carol of the Bells” and “Mary Did You Know”.  Who isn’t addicted to that a capella sound at the holidays?  Ray was joined by Ame, Krysta, Zach and Nadi and they were all out in their winter coats and dancing in a holiday decorated scene with ice and snowy trees and pretty bells.  A happy and festive set…good friends celebrating 🙂


Queenie was a stunner in white to “Cursum Perificio”.  I really hope I spelled that correctly.  It was Enya…and ethereal voice and artist if ever there was one.  Que was white from head to toe with the exception of her hair which faded to black. Her set was also shades of white with a temple and ice and snow. Once again, the dancer was accented by the amazing backdrop that let her shine.  It was a very pretty set and I loved her ending up in the temple.


Seb brought us a charming memory from the past.  He chose “Music Box Dancer” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Jo was an adorable little ballerina dancing on her music box..a fate for which Seb, our little marionette, seemed to have a cure for.  Seb worked his way across the stage and rescued Jo and they danced together, free from strings and keys and the whims of their humans.  Fabulous costumes!!


Selene was joined by Azure and Yukio in the final dance of the evening.  She chose a rock inspired version of “Carol of the Bells” by Orion’s Reign.  The ladies were a feast for the eyes in their sexy little red outfits.  I loved the way Selene outlined her holiday home behind them, but it wasn’t hemmed in with walls.  It was a very abstract, spare and beautiful set. She ended her set when Santa flew in to bring Christmas cheer to everyone.  We added an extra shot of this one because you just can’t leave out Santa!



What a night!  I hope you all enjoyed the return of Winds as much as we did.  We are excited to bring you a whole month of fun and joy and then a new year of all new wonder, fun, sparkles, sequins, feathers, tulle and sexy latex!  It was a blast to be back and to see all of your amazing faces at our new spot.  Thanks to all of you and as always to Rebecca for giving us a home, to Kitten our faithful cheerleader and sim watcher and our fabulous sponsors who help to make it all possible.  Catch you all on Sunday in the snow covered desert!!