The Winds takes so many people to make a show happen each week.  At The Winds we’re fortunate enough to have a great line-up of amazingly talented performers taking our stage each week for our Sunday shows.  When the Winds first opened its doors with just the management and a handful of performers in April of 2013, I never dreamed those few wonderful people would help us grow from a handful of strangers into such a large family full of so much talent. These Ladies & Gentlemen, without their passion, imagination, skills, willingness, &  Of course their Commitment to the winds there simply would be no Winds… 


Click the Links to view the Performers Page :     Adam & Muse , Annie , Amanda ,  Ariel ,  Baby , BevinDevlin , Gracie  , Gunner,  Hitomi  ,  Imrhien  ,   Jilley , JMB ,  Keith  ,  Kellan , Kitten ,  Kyshra  ,  Lil ,  Lotta , Luna ,  Madison ,  Meegan  ,  Nara  ,  Path  , Rebecca  ,  Queenie ,  Selene  ,  Tray  , Winnie 



The Links are clickable in the calendar to see more info.


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