In keeping with our crazy idea to do two shows in one day, 4pm rolled around in what seemed like mere seconds and we were all caching, rezzing, warming up, re-stretching those hamstrings and cracking those ankles in preparation for the regularly scheduled show.  Shanny was once again out front looking like a goddess while the rest of us made sure we were doing the right set at the right time in the right order 🙂


Baby was our white hot opener with GTA done by Red Lips and Bruno Mars (my new boyfriend…so hands off!!).  She was joined by her inner demons…strange little monsters, Gunner, SoCo, Fuki,  Nevar, Ame, Zach, Gerty and Kyshra. This dance was about giving in to the little voices in your head…be they good or bad, we all have them.  Baby’s are just a little creepier than the ones that I think I have in my head.  It was a wild set, very cool, very Baby and it made me think a lot about what swirls around in my head and what I do with those thoughts.


Jo was next with a set to Brandon Fleicher’s “Will O’ Wisps”.  Jo was a dryad and Seb was a hunter.  This set was so pretty!  Jo chose a tonal theme to build the set with, cool shades of blues and greens and whites and greys….Seb was noble in white and grey with his hunting hounds by his side and Jo was a shade of  grey with a few strategically placed blue-green leaves.  Star particles danced delicately in the background. The dance was pretty and the scene was a fairy tale fantasy…beautiful Jo!


Ariel took us to another fantastical lunar landscape with Lindsey Stirling’s “Stars Align”.  She was joined by Nara and Gracie all decked out with amazing white hair and everything.  Our ladies started out on their own planets, floating up above and from there they came down to the planet surface…all gorgeous in white.  Streamers whirled around as they flew…..great effect and very pretty costumes!!


I was up next and I chose Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”.  I think I could do a whole years’ worth of sets to her voice…it’s like warm, silky cocoa with a touch of bourbon and chili powder….My set was a fantasy set built from one of my favorite stores…Cerridwen’s Cauldron.  It was all flowers and trees and rainbows and fog and particles.  I found these wings I fell in love with and sort of ran from there.  It was a true fantasy set and I hope you enjoyed it with Lana 🙂


Nara was next and she took us straight to the islands with a wonderful set to “Viva” by Christopher Spheeris.  She was joined by Gracie, Ariel and Beebs. Her set had these platforms that all of the dancers started on that melted into the floor, it was cool and then there was the set…a tropical paradise.  So very tempting when you live in New England…I wanted a boat, a bikini and Coco the cabana boy to bring me drinks and rub my feet…just sayin…..The ladies were beautiful, the set was beautiful and a little ray of sunshine snuck into my life and I hope into yours!


Dev did a solo to “Forget About The Blame” by TSO featuring Lizzy Hale.  This song is beautiful, I’d never heard it. His set was a beautiful liquid sunset with flowing fog and accenting candles.  Dev was wearing a flowing white tuxedo and looked smashing. This was a moving set, the dance full of emotion.  Amazing Dev, you broke our hearts just a little.


Queenie, our little, red-headed irreverant ball of energy headed out to “M.I.L.F” by Fergie.  If you don’t know what it stands for…I suggest you google it on urban dictionary because I am NOT spelling it out here!  Queenie was joined by Kysh, Lil and Darling and a more questionable bunch may never have set foot on a stage in SL *giggles*.  Let me tell you folks….if I need a laugh…any one of these girls are who you go to for irreverence, spiciness and all and all fun, which is exactly what this set was…all of that rolled up into one hot group of girlies!!


The evening wrapped up in one of the most sets I’ve been a part of in ages.  Seb chose a dubstep of Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy called “Sugarplum Mayhem”.  I’m not sure I need to say much more than that, but the amount of neon on this set was insane.  Jo, Baby and I were ballerinas.  Seb was the mouse king.  Jorgio and Jag were mice, Gunner and Dev were surly nutcrackers.  I say surly because they were wearing wife-beater nutcracker tops.  There were neon boxes, neon trees and neon ballerinas.  Through it all there were mice and nutcrackers swirling and marching and everyone was dancing all over.  It was amazing!!


What a fun night!  Lots of different types of sets, groups, solos…a real mix of everything…which is what makes dance in SL so much fun for me to watch.  I hope you all enjoy what we do as much as I know we do.  Thank you Rebecca for taking such good care of us, thanks to our sponsors and thanks to our dancers and wonderful fans.  We are so happy that you come and share your Sundays with us…I know for’s a great way to kick off the week ahead.  See you all next Sunday for more dance in the desert!!