You’ve got a fast car….so get in it and get to Winds tonite for our Sunday show! We have a couple performing a very cool, inventive set and dance to this cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car. I loved this song when it was popular on the radio and this is a great cover (files it under songs I want to download).

Show begins at 5:00pm SLT and we have a full line up of all new dances! Something different tonite, we have many large numbers with many dancers so it will be a high energy show for sure! Doors open at 4:00pm so get there early and get a good seat!

See you there!

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for coming to our shows week after week and supporting dance in SL. Without you all, there wouldn’t be a Winds. Thank you to our sponsors as well….you help us give out some great prizes and many of you help keep the lights on each month. We appreciate and thank each and every one of you.