What I really wanted to call this blog was f*ck you 2016 for taking all the people that I loved and grew up with (musically/acting speaking) but I decided I needed to let my anger go and be happy it’s a new year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Welcome to 2017 and good riddance to the celebrity life sucking 2016! We lost too many amazing people, I’m glad we can start over fresh again. At Winds, we started the new year with some amazing acts! Our gorgeous hostess Shanny was with us meeting and greeting and oozing her sexiness all over the stage (clean up out front!)


Our first act was Winnie dancing to Mary Chapin Carpenter – New Year’s Day with a few of her friends. Joining her were Jag, Zach and Ame, Jorgio and JMB. Her set was a restaurant on New Year’s Eve, it was raining outside but inside the 3 couples were dancing and discussing their plans for the evening. It was a beautiful dance and a wonderful way to begin the evening.


Rina was the next to dance and she chose Just Like Fire by Pink. Her set was Alice in Fire…..erm…..Wonderland with Rina being Alice of course! Her set had a card tower and Alice trees and tea sets and lots and lots of fire! Alice was burning the place down! The card soldiers were of no help, they were fanning the flames the little jerks. I love twisted sets….thank you Rina for making this one hot (see what I did there??)……anyway…..(moves on)


It was a Riot….a Zoot Suit Riot and the leader was Ariel. She brought along with her Seb, Jo, Nara, Ravena, Jag and Lina and they danced and jitterbugged and…well caused a riot in a little club that had a secret knock and I wasn’t allowed in so I can’t tell you what went on once inside (sobs) but the music was great! Ok ok, I doubt anyone was able to sit still through this set, it was a lot of fun from start to finish!


Baby took over the stage dancing to Ladies And Gentlemen by Saliva along with Beebs, JMG, Gracie and Scorcha. These women were hot…no hawt! The costumes glittered and had these rips and tears in them that showed just enough flesh to give you a peek but not too much to have a naked moment. To accessorize they wore the ever fashionable (while on a strange planet) gas masks. They were floating on a planet/platform with clouds of smoke billowing all around them as it came up from below (hence the masks). It was a very *Babypea* act and was awesome from start to finish!


Devlin was there when the curtains parted dancing to The Mountain by TSO. His set was metal….metal grates on the floor, metal guitars playing the tunes, Dev was dressed in a rock star vampire-ish tux….all around rock n roll looking theme with this one! What’s a rock show with out fire and a light show? Its boring that is what it is! Dev showed us both with this set and then part of the set raises into the air and…..rock star complete *drops mic*. Excellent job Dev!!

I was next and I danced to Christmas Lights by Coldplay. Dancing with me was Rebecca, Kitten, Winnie and Lina. This song is so sad, and so hopeful and so hopefully sad, it sometimes makes me cry when I listen to it. My set was a street during the holidays, some of us were shopping, some resting after shopping and we all came together to dance in the street around the tree under the twinkling lights. The holidays are over but the anticipation and all that goes with it continue and that is what this song reminds me of.


Continuing with the Christmas theme was Luna dancing to So this is Christmas by Celine Dion. Luna’s set was a snow/winter set with dancing faeries named Luna and Harmony. They had a little fairy house and glittery grass in a sweet little forest. The whole set was just so pretty and peaceful and cute. The song is such a classic Christmas song no matter who sings it. Great job Luna, I know we were all singing along.


Sebastain and a whole slew of friends wrapped up the evening with The Christmas Can Can by Straight No Chaser. This song is excellent and is about all the rushing around we do for the holidays. It’s always crazy at some point and I could totally relate to it. Dancing with him were Jorgio, Devlin, Jag, Ariel, Babypea, JMB, Winnie, Queenie, Zach, Gunner, Lily, Rebecca in a shopping cart, Lina was Santa and Beebs was the Chinese food delivery guy. We all danced and rushed about dealing with the holiday hubbub. It was a fantastic way to end the show and remind us we have 11 months before it begins again!


Congratulations TeXas TwisTer (cinhaba) for winning this month’s 500L gift card from Insatiable Dreams Designs. SHOPPING TIME!

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors who help keep Winds up and running, thank you to Rebecca for her patience with all of us crazy dancers and thank you to the staff that work behind the scenes helping with the sim. Most of all, thank you to all of you who come see us and support us each and every week.

Happy New Year everyone and we will see you for TWO shows on Sunday January 8th.

~1pm slt show A Tribute To George Michael
~5pm slt show, our regular Sunday evening show.