It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the desert! We all gathered at the Winds of the Sahara for another wonderful night of holiday music and dancing. Shanny erm Miss L. Toe was there in an amazing blue gown that hugged her sexy curves and made her look more amazing than usual. She was wearing a mistletoe headband that dangled the plant just beyond her begging us to go up and give her a kiss…so we all did!


SL was mean (to me) this evening and I crashed just before the first set (which I was in of course) so Rebecca shuffled things about and first to take the stage was Cordie dancing to You’re So Vain by Carly Simon…ok ok I know what you are thinking, this isn’t a Christmas song, I agree. The act was though! Cordie danced all dressed up in her winter outfit as different parts of the stage opened and showed is a scene with Santa and his scantily clad women! They were hanging all over him…he probably though this song was about him huh? As she moved from one scene to the other, snow came in and overtook Santa and the women. I do love songs taken to a place we don’t expect them and this was awesome! Cordie had Keith dressed as an elf that helped her in the end. Awesome job! I loved it!

2-cordieDevlin was next to dance for us to An Angel Returned by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. His set was a beautiful blue color with lights and candles, but honestly, it wasn’t the set we all noticed it was Devlin’s costume! He was wearing this elaborate white outfit with gold and feathers as sparkles floated around him. It went well with the set and was very fitting for the holiday music Dev chose!

3-devlinNext to take the stage was our own Winnie Cinnamon with Coldplay’s Christmas Lights. Dancing with her was myself and Jo all bundled up for the cold weather. The set started with the three of us dancing in the street, perhaps we were shopping….a girls day out? Winnie made the set change (it was gorgeous) and it moved to the forest. There were animals and snow and a little bridge that we danced on. It looked peaceful and quiet and calm and just beautiful. Thank you Winnie for transporting us to the winter wonderland!

4-winnieLina took over next dancing to Christina Aguilera’s Merry Christmas Baby. Dancing with her were Conall, Josephine and myself. This was one sexy sexy dance. There were 3 rooms, each depicting a different part of a house, and a dancer in each room. The rooms appeared and disappeared until we all joined Lina in the middle along with Conall. The women were all decked out in lingerie (meow!) and Conall was in a very sexy tux. You are sorry you missed this aren’t you….you should be!


Ariel floated on to the stage as a sugarplum fairy and danced to Pentatonix’s Carol of the Bells. Her set was so cute with all kinds of little mushrooms that she danced on set in colored fairy grass and swirling colors. It was like a picture out of a children’s book! Ariel danced her way around the stage and into our dreams as that cute little fairy!


I was next and I danced to Snow Angel by Tori Amos. To be honest, this is a song I wanted to do last year and could not seem to get the inspiration to finish it. I read a children’s book called The Snow Child and BAM that was all it took! I walked on to the stage all done up for the cold forest I was in and told the story of the Snow Child. The story is about an old couple that wants a child and never has one so makes one out of snow. The child comes to life but can only stay with them when it is cold and returns to them with the first snowfall each year. In the end, I turned into the snow angel.


Lastly was BabyPea and crew (Santa Gunner, Kyshra, Sorcha, BB, Pan, Gertie, Big Red (GunnerVonPhoenix Resident) dancing to Yo Ho Ho Pirate’s Christmas by Tom Mason and The Blue Buccaneers. This song ends the debate of whether Pirates celebrate Christmas (yes, there was a debate over this for your information). They do, they celebrate on the ship, with Santa and his reindeer, and a colossal bottle of rum! I don’t think the little drummer boy put the rum in the rum pa pa pum, I think the pirates did! Her set was great! Santa came in and landed in the ocean then danced on the ship with all them scurvy pirates! Yo Ho Ho Ho!!


Congratulations to Queenie Acacia for winning the 500L gift card today from Angelic Visions Antiques. Thank you Rhi! Rhi has a main store as well as a mini store located at the landing point at Winds! Be sure to stop in and check out her amazing items!

Thank you to our sponsoring stores Angelic Visions Antiques (owner Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad), and Insatiable Dreams (owner Lina (melina.aurotharius), as well as our sponsors that help keep the lights on each and every week. Without them and without you we wouldn’t be able to put on a show each Sunday. Thank you all so very much for the love and support! See you on Sunday at 5pm SLT for another amazing winter themed show…this week??? PARODIES! Woohoooo! I can’t wait to see this one!

One show a week not enough? This Saturday we will have a matinee show at 1pm SLT! The dancers will show off some new sets and some of our favorites. Hope to see you at both shows! See you soon!!