Two shows this weekend at Winds of the Sahara!

Yes folks, TWO shows this weekend! One is on Saturday at 1pm SLT and the other is our regular show Sunday at 5pm SLT.

I thought I would offer you all a sneak peek from both shows to get you as excited as we are!


Sneak peek #1 is from Storm Large and the song is called “8 Miles Wide”. She is a “singer, songwriter, actor, and author. She attracted national attention as a contestant on the CBS reality television show Rock Star: Supernova. For many years solely a rock artist, in recent years she has branched out into the theater and cabaret world. She currently balances performing with her own band in venues around the country and touring with the Portland-based band Pink Martini around the world.” (Wikipedia) This is one of the funniest songs I have heard in a long time…and the set for it, well….you have to see it to believe it!


Sneak peek #2 is from Kid Rock and it’s called “New Orleans”. This is a cool 70’s groove-ish tune about heading down to New Orleans and the Big Easy to see a friend and enjoy all the entertainment that that little part of the world offers. Gumbo, music, parties, crayfish pie, and the bayou. LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULEZ! Come let the good times roll with us!

Hope to see you at both shows! Sat at 1pm SLT and Sunday at 5pm SLT.

Have an awesome weekend!


All You Need Is…(to be at Winds tonight for another amazing show!)

This Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. Depending on your view of the day, you can love it or leave it. I personally have no issue with the day as it is just another one for me, I have all the love I need in RL and SL, so Valentine’s Day is just a day I might get some chocolate or coffee or something like that….BONUS!

One of our dancers thinks on this day “All You Need Is Love” and this is the song they are choosing to perform TONIGHT at Winds of the Sahara at 5pm SLT for our Valentine’s Day show. You don’t want to miss this one, this dancer makes a perfect cupid!

Next week we will have TWO shows! Yes two! One on Saturday at 1pm SLT and another on Sunday at 5pm SLT. Stay tuned for some sneak peeks of these two shows!

See you all tonight!*sings along…Love Love Love. Love Love Love….LOVE LOVE LOVE*

Winds of the Sahara~Valentine’s Day sneaky peek!

What is Valentine’s Day? Is it love, is it a hate for this holiday? Is it hearts & chocolates (yes please), perhaps the colors red or pink? Maybe there is love is in the air (yes that IS what you will smell) at Winds of the Sahara this weekend. We will do our Valentine’s Day show on Sunday at 5pm SLT. Don’t know what to get your love for the big day? Bring them to a show and give them some eye candy! Maybe it will put you both in the mood? Of course at the Winds we all know not every song is going to be all about the good side of love, don’t we?

Saying that….my choice for the sneak peek might put you in the mood to cuddle and get warm….but I know that the performance from Babypea might not be as *cuddly and warm* as the song leads you to believe! That is the only hint I am giving you! Be warned, be prepared, bring a cuddle buddy or a teddy bear and watch an awesome show on Sunday at 5pm SLT! See you all there!

Sneak Peek~ I think the aliens took over Winds….1/29/17

Tonight at 5pm SLT Winds of the Sahara will be entertaining your eyes and ears once with an amazing show full of gorgeous sets, interesting costumes and amazing songs! I heard there will even be some *eye candy* for the ladies!!

I wanted to pop in and set you all up with a little preview of a song that you will hear tonight. I won’t be telling you who is doing the song….that’s no fun, or posting any pictures of the set but I will give you a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to look forward to!

I will tell you this, there are some tunes from the 80s and 90s. Some you may know, some you might have never heard. I love the fact that we all choose songs from across the genres and years, I get introduced to so many new entertainers!

Enough already…on with the sneak peek shall we?

Back when videos either wowed you or left you scratching your head…here is Herbie Hancock – Rockit

See you all at The Winds tonight at 5pm SLT…be sure to save some time and come dance with us up on the roof after the show and continue the fun! See you there!


Come and take a ride with us! Show Review 1/15/2017

Hello everyone! What a crazy night we had at Winds on Sunday! Some serious acts, some funny acts, some very strange acts too, so that’s a typical evening at Winds *laughs*. Before I begin letting you know all about the acts, I need to tell you all about Shanny, the gorgeous Shanny! She was with is again this evening looking deliciously amazing as always, meeting and greeting everyone as they came in to find their seats and get ready for the show. Shanny works hard to keep the show moving and let you all know what is coming up next and if we had some zipper issues back stage. Be sure to show this amazing woman some love! She means a lot to us!!


Up first this evening was Baby and she took the award for the strange act of the evening. Baby danced to Freaks by The Creeps, and the freaks came out for sure! Gunner was in this act as a….erm…..octopus/squid man all in pink with tentacles in his mouth doing crazy, crazy dances and running around Baby. In comparison, Baby looked normal! She had these things with eyes and some that were all scary teeth that floated and moved and spun. Baby floated too (you know that weightlessness in space thing…). I know I’m not doing this act justice…so if you ever get a chance to see it, go!


Next was Rina with Skipper Dan by Weird Al. I love this man, I love his songs, I love his humor, I don’t know how I have never heard this song. It is about Skipper Dan and he is sad as he is a tour guide on the Jungle Cruise ride (which I swear I have been on this ride in Disney….) and he hates his job. He has 34 shows a day, same old thing every tour every day so he asks “somebody shoot me I’m bored to tears”.
The set was simple, Rina dancing on the dock before the ride began but the emotes were the BEST. She said these were actual emotes from the Skippers on the ride. This one was my favorite…”Skipper Dan: Some of our scouts here at the world-famous Jungle Cruise claim they have spotted tigers in the waiting area the last couple of days. But we know that’s ridiculous. After all, tigers are striped, not spotted.” Great job Rina, you made us laugh for sure.

3-rinaLina entertained us next to Santana feat. Chad Kroeger – Into the Night. She had Josephine, Alexis Queenie and Mona with her and her set was gorgeous. It had a warm tropical feel, breezes and a cute drink with a little umbrella. The women all wore gorgeous gypsy-like costumes that fluttered and flowed around them. The set changed mid way from a cafe to the desert at night. Awesome set Lina!!


Devlin was there when the curtains opened and he dance to Stereo by Chameleon. Devlin was wearing a big ‘ol fro and a jazzy disco outfit clearly from his years when he danced to Saturday Night Fever, watch out Travolta, Dev is here! His set was a turntable/HiFi and he danced (round on a) record showing off his hot disco moves. This set was pretty awesome and I loved the whole feel to it. Great job Dev!

Nara was next and she danced to Chris Spheeris – Juliette. She had Gracie and Ariel joining her and they were all faeries in gorgeous green wings and costumes. Her set had a Celtic feel to it with the faeries fluttering in to a beautiful green lush forest glen with animals and building ruins someplace secret and deep in a forest somewhere.
All I know is this is a place I want to find and escape to. Thank you Nara for the lovely set and the few minutes we could all dream of such a place.


Who was next? Our lovely Winnie dancing to Yo – Yo Ma, Kathryn Stott – The Swan (from Carnival of the Animals). I don’t know where this women finds her costumes but damn, I need to go there! They were gorgeous and PINK! Winnie had Jo dancing with her as a ballerina with soft pink wings that were more bird-like than butterfly, draping on their arms. The song and the dance was so lovely with fall trees and a magical floor and come on….its Yo-Yo Ma….(sleeps a little)….so so so soothing.


Ame and Zach were next dancing to Snow Patrol – What If the Storm Ends. I have to admit this is the moment my SL decided to not show them to me so I have to ask Winnie for some visual help. The set was post apocalyptic with rain, broken down homes and burning tires. Zack was dressed in a sort of steampunk outfit and Ame had an angel of darkness feel to her. It was *the planets last dance*. The danced alone and then came together in the end and danced….seems kinda sad thinking about it….I know I didn’t see them but the set was fantastic!


I was last and I danced to Smokin’ In The Boys Room by Motley Crue. I had Kyshra, Lil, Lina and Winnie with me looking all bad ass and rough in their leather and jean jackets and cigarettes. We danced in the boys room (duh) after I had to visit the principals office for not having my homework because “the dog ate it”. HE DID! Promise!


That’s all folks! Thank you all for coming and seeing the show and supporting us week after week. Thank you to our amazing sponsors and Rebecca.hen is the next show???
This Saturday Jan 21 we will have our Saturday Matinee show at 1pm SLT and then we will have our regular show on Sunday the 22nd at 5pm SLT. See you there!!

When is the next show???
This Saturday Jan 21 we will have our Saturday Matinee show at 1pm SLT and then we will have our regular show on Sunday the 22nd at 5pm SLT. See you there!!

Sunday 01.08.17 Take Two

In keeping with our crazy idea to do two shows in one day, 4pm rolled around in what seemed like mere seconds and we were all caching, rezzing, warming up, re-stretching those hamstrings and cracking those ankles in preparation for the regularly scheduled show.  Shanny was once again out front looking like a goddess while the rest of us made sure we were doing the right set at the right time in the right order 🙂


Baby was our white hot opener with GTA done by Red Lips and Bruno Mars (my new boyfriend…so hands off!!).  She was joined by her inner demons…strange little monsters, Gunner, SoCo, Fuki,  Nevar, Ame, Zach, Gerty and Kyshra. This dance was about giving in to the little voices in your head…be they good or bad, we all have them.  Baby’s are just a little creepier than the ones that I think I have in my head.  It was a wild set, very cool, very Baby and it made me think a lot about what swirls around in my head and what I do with those thoughts.


Jo was next with a set to Brandon Fleicher’s “Will O’ Wisps”.  Jo was a dryad and Seb was a hunter.  This set was so pretty!  Jo chose a tonal theme to build the set with, cool shades of blues and greens and whites and greys….Seb was noble in white and grey with his hunting hounds by his side and Jo was a shade of  grey with a few strategically placed blue-green leaves.  Star particles danced delicately in the background. The dance was pretty and the scene was a fairy tale fantasy…beautiful Jo!


Ariel took us to another fantastical lunar landscape with Lindsey Stirling’s “Stars Align”.  She was joined by Nara and Gracie all decked out with amazing white hair and everything.  Our ladies started out on their own planets, floating up above and from there they came down to the planet surface…all gorgeous in white.  Streamers whirled around as they flew…..great effect and very pretty costumes!!


I was up next and I chose Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”.  I think I could do a whole years’ worth of sets to her voice…it’s like warm, silky cocoa with a touch of bourbon and chili powder….My set was a fantasy set built from one of my favorite stores…Cerridwen’s Cauldron.  It was all flowers and trees and rainbows and fog and particles.  I found these wings I fell in love with and sort of ran from there.  It was a true fantasy set and I hope you enjoyed it with Lana 🙂


Nara was next and she took us straight to the islands with a wonderful set to “Viva” by Christopher Spheeris.  She was joined by Gracie, Ariel and Beebs. Her set had these platforms that all of the dancers started on that melted into the floor, it was cool and then there was the set…a tropical paradise.  So very tempting when you live in New England…I wanted a boat, a bikini and Coco the cabana boy to bring me drinks and rub my feet…just sayin…..The ladies were beautiful, the set was beautiful and a little ray of sunshine snuck into my life and I hope into yours!


Dev did a solo to “Forget About The Blame” by TSO featuring Lizzy Hale.  This song is beautiful, I’d never heard it. His set was a beautiful liquid sunset with flowing fog and accenting candles.  Dev was wearing a flowing white tuxedo and looked smashing. This was a moving set, the dance full of emotion.  Amazing Dev, you broke our hearts just a little.


Queenie, our little, red-headed irreverant ball of energy headed out to “M.I.L.F” by Fergie.  If you don’t know what it stands for…I suggest you google it on urban dictionary because I am NOT spelling it out here!  Queenie was joined by Kysh, Lil and Darling and a more questionable bunch may never have set foot on a stage in SL *giggles*.  Let me tell you folks….if I need a laugh…any one of these girls are who you go to for irreverence, spiciness and all and all fun, which is exactly what this set was…all of that rolled up into one hot group of girlies!!


The evening wrapped up in one of the most sets I’ve been a part of in ages.  Seb chose a dubstep of Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy called “Sugarplum Mayhem”.  I’m not sure I need to say much more than that, but the amount of neon on this set was insane.  Jo, Baby and I were ballerinas.  Seb was the mouse king.  Jorgio and Jag were mice, Gunner and Dev were surly nutcrackers.  I say surly because they were wearing wife-beater nutcracker tops.  There were neon boxes, neon trees and neon ballerinas.  Through it all there were mice and nutcrackers swirling and marching and everyone was dancing all over.  It was amazing!!


What a fun night!  Lots of different types of sets, groups, solos…a real mix of everything…which is what makes dance in SL so much fun for me to watch.  I hope you all enjoy what we do as much as I know we do.  Thank you Rebecca for taking such good care of us, thanks to our sponsors and thanks to our dancers and wonderful fans.  We are so happy that you come and share your Sundays with us…I know for’s a great way to kick off the week ahead.  See you all next Sunday for more dance in the desert!!

The George Michael Tribute Show

Winds decided to go a little crazy (er…crazier?) on Sunday with not one, but two shows.  We all wanted to have a chance to say goodbye to George Michael, yet another voice of fun, dance and inspiration that the year of 2016 took away from us.  We pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and got down to work and somehow managed to pull together it off! Our first show of the day was t he tribute to George Michael, and what a great show it was.  Shanny even managed to look stunning two shows in a row, not really and issue for her, but hey, figuring out all those alpha slices can be a pain in the tuckus!


We kicked off our tribute with an amazing, sexy set from Lina to “I Want Your Sex”.  What could anyone possibly do with that song other than something sexy?  Lina was joined by Rebecca, Josephine,  Queenie, Kitten, Jag, Ray and Paul.  Our ladies were out front first and then were joined by the men and what can I say other than abs….because wow were there abs!  I mean we always have sexy ladies, but darn it’s nice to be spoiled rotten with some wonderful, six-pack abs every now and again!  Phew! *fans herself*


Next up was Kyshra in a solo set to George performing “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” with Sir Elton John.   Kyshra chose a desert scene to echo all of the colors of a sunset and then she stood out on her overlook with these amazing particles.  Now we all know that Kysh can sex up a set to the ceiling, but this was just stunning….quiet, beautiful and touching.  Kyshra seems to have found some amazing streamers or she’s making her own and they just made the set perfect.


Eva Harley joined us next and she chose “One More Try”.  This is a heartrending song and Eva chose a spare set, all black accented with a blue door and herself decked in a flowing white skirt.  When you hear “less is more”, this set is what should be in the illustrated dictionary. Delicate particles floated and winked around her. Eva was a vision and the dances she chose brought the spirit of the song straight to the audience.


Baby chose “Freeek”.  Did we really expect anything less from the queen of the wild imagination?  I’m not sure if I love Baby so much because her imagination is so immense or that I’m terrified of ending up in one of her dreams one night….. ;).  She was joined by Gunner and they were a sexy and terrifying space duo….Gunner had sort of this melting face thing going on who emerged from their spaceship to wow us.  Just to be sure no one was sleeping, they were joined by more wild, gray spacebeings…Sorcha, Beebs, Pan and Kyshra.  Somehow even these weird avatars managed to be super cool!


Luna brought us back down to earth with “Club Tropicana”.  She and Gracie were our cabana dancers and Alpha Wolf bore a striking resemblance to Mr. Michael himself.  Alpha was equipped with a mic and sang his way around while our lovely ladies were the perfect complement to his fandom.


Gunner joined us with a set of his own to “Bad Boys” and was joined by Baby, Paul, Melvis and Kyshra.  There was a bar and there were sexy ladies (hey, it’s a Gunner set!)  Even better…there were more ABS!  Eat your heart out Richard Simmons…these boys were mine…all MINE *cackles*…but I digress….so anywhooooo, there were some great moves and clearly a fun time was had by all!


Gracie chose “A Different Color” and what a very pretty set this was.  It was replete with fog and clouds and rainbows and Gracie was a vision at the very center with beautiful effects swirling around her as she danced.  It was mesmerizing….I was so glad I got to see it both at rehearsal and for the show..sometimes I need 2 rounds to really get to see everything!


Queenie joined us in a really fun set to “Too Funky”.  She was joined by Kitten, Lil, Baby and Kyshra in a drag-queen inspired fashion show.  Que had on enough blue eyeshadow to  paint the sky on a rainy day and what an outfit!  She was all gladiator chic!  Lil was wearing a chandelier, Kitten was wearing heels that could have killed Gene Simmons….Baby was lost somewhere in the 18th or 19th century and Kyshra was hot to trot. Wild fun….WILD!! Que had this cool runway with sort of a water wall in the background that changed colors with her spotlights….LOVED!


I took us out for the ending with a quiet little set to a song called “Patience”.  I found an album that George wrote as soundtrack and protest regarding the war in Afghanistan.  It was an amazing album.  You may not be a George Michael fan, but I encourage you to give this album a chance….so far from what you would expect.  I chose a simple white dress with wings for shoulder straps and I used a color change script and light effect that gave me a shadow and that was it.  I really liked how the shadow effect hit up on the changing colors.


That was it for the first half of our Sunday.  We hope you enjoyed your time with us and we hope you liked it so much that you popped in for the evening show too!  Thanks to everyone who ponied up a second set in the same weekend….it’s not easy and we know that you pretty much gave up an entire Sunday afternoon to Winds.  Thanks to the sponsors and Rebecca for agreeing to spend her Sunday spinning tunes for hours 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Winds brought in 2017 with a BANG!

What I really wanted to call this blog was f*ck you 2016 for taking all the people that I loved and grew up with (musically/acting speaking) but I decided I needed to let my anger go and be happy it’s a new year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Welcome to 2017 and good riddance to the celebrity life sucking 2016! We lost too many amazing people, I’m glad we can start over fresh again. At Winds, we started the new year with some amazing acts! Our gorgeous hostess Shanny was with us meeting and greeting and oozing her sexiness all over the stage (clean up out front!)


Our first act was Winnie dancing to Mary Chapin Carpenter – New Year’s Day with a few of her friends. Joining her were Jag, Zach and Ame, Jorgio and JMB. Her set was a restaurant on New Year’s Eve, it was raining outside but inside the 3 couples were dancing and discussing their plans for the evening. It was a beautiful dance and a wonderful way to begin the evening.


Rina was the next to dance and she chose Just Like Fire by Pink. Her set was Alice in Fire…..erm…..Wonderland with Rina being Alice of course! Her set had a card tower and Alice trees and tea sets and lots and lots of fire! Alice was burning the place down! The card soldiers were of no help, they were fanning the flames the little jerks. I love twisted sets….thank you Rina for making this one hot (see what I did there??)……anyway…..(moves on)


It was a Riot….a Zoot Suit Riot and the leader was Ariel. She brought along with her Seb, Jo, Nara, Ravena, Jag and Lina and they danced and jitterbugged and…well caused a riot in a little club that had a secret knock and I wasn’t allowed in so I can’t tell you what went on once inside (sobs) but the music was great! Ok ok, I doubt anyone was able to sit still through this set, it was a lot of fun from start to finish!


Baby took over the stage dancing to Ladies And Gentlemen by Saliva along with Beebs, JMG, Gracie and Scorcha. These women were hot…no hawt! The costumes glittered and had these rips and tears in them that showed just enough flesh to give you a peek but not too much to have a naked moment. To accessorize they wore the ever fashionable (while on a strange planet) gas masks. They were floating on a planet/platform with clouds of smoke billowing all around them as it came up from below (hence the masks). It was a very *Babypea* act and was awesome from start to finish!


Devlin was there when the curtains parted dancing to The Mountain by TSO. His set was metal….metal grates on the floor, metal guitars playing the tunes, Dev was dressed in a rock star vampire-ish tux….all around rock n roll looking theme with this one! What’s a rock show with out fire and a light show? Its boring that is what it is! Dev showed us both with this set and then part of the set raises into the air and…..rock star complete *drops mic*. Excellent job Dev!!

I was next and I danced to Christmas Lights by Coldplay. Dancing with me was Rebecca, Kitten, Winnie and Lina. This song is so sad, and so hopeful and so hopefully sad, it sometimes makes me cry when I listen to it. My set was a street during the holidays, some of us were shopping, some resting after shopping and we all came together to dance in the street around the tree under the twinkling lights. The holidays are over but the anticipation and all that goes with it continue and that is what this song reminds me of.


Continuing with the Christmas theme was Luna dancing to So this is Christmas by Celine Dion. Luna’s set was a snow/winter set with dancing faeries named Luna and Harmony. They had a little fairy house and glittery grass in a sweet little forest. The whole set was just so pretty and peaceful and cute. The song is such a classic Christmas song no matter who sings it. Great job Luna, I know we were all singing along.


Sebastain and a whole slew of friends wrapped up the evening with The Christmas Can Can by Straight No Chaser. This song is excellent and is about all the rushing around we do for the holidays. It’s always crazy at some point and I could totally relate to it. Dancing with him were Jorgio, Devlin, Jag, Ariel, Babypea, JMB, Winnie, Queenie, Zach, Gunner, Lily, Rebecca in a shopping cart, Lina was Santa and Beebs was the Chinese food delivery guy. We all danced and rushed about dealing with the holiday hubbub. It was a fantastic way to end the show and remind us we have 11 months before it begins again!


Congratulations TeXas TwisTer (cinhaba) for winning this month’s 500L gift card from Insatiable Dreams Designs. SHOPPING TIME!

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors who help keep Winds up and running, thank you to Rebecca for her patience with all of us crazy dancers and thank you to the staff that work behind the scenes helping with the sim. Most of all, thank you to all of you who come see us and support us each and every week.

Happy New Year everyone and we will see you for TWO shows on Sunday January 8th.

~1pm slt show A Tribute To George Michael
~5pm slt show, our regular Sunday evening show.

The Holiday Theme..or The silliness of the Season



The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nikolas soon would be there…and let me say, that poor man had no idea what we had planned for the theme show at Winds.  We chose holiday parodies because sometimes you just need to be irreverent and whimsical….either that or it’s because we are a bunch of loons who need to be let of the lake every now and again 🙂  Thankfully, we had our lovely Shanny, the face of sanity in a night of insane dancers, the only one of us who seems to be able to maintain her dignity in the face of whatever we manage to come up with!

1-shannyWe  began the show with a nifty little number by Cordie and Keith called It’s Christmas and I Hate You” from Josh Weller and Paloma Faith.  Cordie’s entry was epic…she wandered in with a tray of booze..tripped, spilled it all, trashed the TV…and they were both dancing…she picked up the bottle, thew it at Keith, hit the fireplace…lit the floor and tree on fire…EPIC!!!!  In the end, our two little lovebirds ended up dancing in the mess that they created.  Total, absolute, awesome fun!

2-cordieAriel was joined by her redneck friends, Devlin, Jo, Seb, Beebs and Pan to two songs, “Full of Cheer” and “Hairy Christmas” two songs evocative of trailer parks, beer pong, corn hole, beer bellies, John Deere hats and tractors…not that I have any intimate knowledge of any of these things…or that John Deere hats always have netting on the back, or how to bale hay…but I digress…either way it was a fun set of ugly sweaters and memories that I may or may not have of my childhood *grins*.


Next up was Keith with a solo that was so stinking funny I almost fell of my chair.  He rusted up a version of “I’m Santa and I Know It”. Santa hit the red carpet with his super sexy elves and some super hot dance moves…. That bowl full of jelly was rockin’ out!  He hipped and hopped and hippity-hopped his bad santa arse all over the stage…I mean, look at how those nutcrackers are blushing!!  Spot on Keith, spot on!

4-keithFenrir joined us for his Winds debut on Sunday.  He’s ridden movers a time or two, but finally decided to take the plunge and he hit that frozen water running with “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”.  He was joined by Queen Carol and I was wildly relieved to see that I wasn’t the only person to ask friends to wear completely humiliating avatars.  Santa lost sight of his sleigh…it seems the deer may have been hopped up on too much spiked eggnog and as he ran around trying to tame it, poor grandma stumbled out and got run over…repeatedly!  Fenrir had some great animated textures in the background that went right along with the lyrics and the best flipping-up-in-the-air-ass-over-tea-kettle animation EVER!  Great debut!!

5-fenrirOur lovely little Rina was up and this next act was not for the faint of heart, or stomach or for that matter children, parents, non-zombies or pets….Rina, Rina, Rina…holy COW! Rina chose “The Night Santa Went Crazy” or as I’m calling it…the Christmas Massacre from H.E. Double Hockey sticks.  So…there was blood everywhere…and deer parts… even poor Rudolph didn’t escape with his life..his poor decapitated head was on the ground…and Rina was covered in blood…sexy blood, but still not so hot with all that gore around…Hysterical…irreverent…silly and sassy..and it’s really fun to have Rina back with us :).

6-rinaLuna brought a little piece of sanity and beauty in the middle of our er…”NUT”cracker.  She picked “The Little Drummer Boy” and was joined by Lynryd Sinner and ….. (I will update as soon as I sorry!) and a lovely little nativity scene was the setting for our pretty dancers.. with a little drummer boy playing his heart out for the newborn babe.  A solemn reminder of the true meaning of the holiday season…love, family, beauty, serenity, friendship and faith.


I hit the timbers next in my first appearance as a “mini-me”.  I chose the rousing holiday romp…”There’s Something Stuck Up In The Chimney”, a charming CSI tale of a rotting santa corpse stuck…in a chimney….  Queenie was my darling Granny, up front keeping an eye on Enni and I.  Enni is really Ariel in disguise, but he’s cute as heckfire and one sort of snarky little brother.  Then there was poor Lina…up there in that chimney with a big red arrow highlighting her, just in case you missed her.  I completely owe her for doing this set…she was a super good sport in her Santa suit!!8-winnieBabypea and Gunner were up next in a true holiday classic…this set is so fantastically funny, I love, love, love it.  It’s set to the “Bohemian Christmas Rhapsody” by N20 band and Baby is this darling little Elfin who is accompanied by Santa and the BEST snowman backup band ever!  I happen to know that Gunner did the animation for these little dudes so a big shout out to him as well.  Too much fun to be had…snowmen, reindeer, awesome trees, elves…a veritable cornucopia of holiday happenings to behold…just FUN!


Queenie..delicate, petite, adorable sweet Queenie….what can I say?  She was a beautiful angel atop a Christmas tree, there were little snow particles falling all around her and then the music fired up…”Who Put The Stump”..another classic off a Bob Rivers holiday album and it all became about here whosit being offended by some crazy person shoving a tree up inter her nether regions.  So picky!  I mean, what do you expect when you have an undercarriage made out of a cone???  It was divinely silly and oh, what joy it brought to everyone.  I’m starting to be as concerned about our audience as I am about the rest of us….just sayin’  I think we were all hitting the ‘nog a little hard…


Adam and Muse rounded out the evening in a set that SL was hellbent on killing the week before…and it killed Seb for this show…which was a supreme bummer, but they had the SL gods on their side for ‘N Sync’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.”  Muse, Ariel and I were reindeer along with a sexy and likely cold Adam and we had a terribly fun time shaking our tails and dancing it out with some awfully cool dance moves for decorated fauna.  This is a wonderfully fun set and I love everyone packing into the sleigh and flying off as the closer…joyous exit!

11-adam-museJust like that it was over…and we were on our way home for that last jam packed week of insanity before the actual holiday.  We were so happy to have a packed house to share our silliness with and looking forward to another wonderful show on Christmas Day Eve.  May your days be merry and bright and safe!




It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas! Sunday December 11, 2016.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the desert! We all gathered at the Winds of the Sahara for another wonderful night of holiday music and dancing. Shanny erm Miss L. Toe was there in an amazing blue gown that hugged her sexy curves and made her look more amazing than usual. She was wearing a mistletoe headband that dangled the plant just beyond her begging us to go up and give her a kiss…so we all did!


SL was mean (to me) this evening and I crashed just before the first set (which I was in of course) so Rebecca shuffled things about and first to take the stage was Cordie dancing to You’re So Vain by Carly Simon…ok ok I know what you are thinking, this isn’t a Christmas song, I agree. The act was though! Cordie danced all dressed up in her winter outfit as different parts of the stage opened and showed is a scene with Santa and his scantily clad women! They were hanging all over him…he probably though this song was about him huh? As she moved from one scene to the other, snow came in and overtook Santa and the women. I do love songs taken to a place we don’t expect them and this was awesome! Cordie had Keith dressed as an elf that helped her in the end. Awesome job! I loved it!

2-cordieDevlin was next to dance for us to An Angel Returned by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. His set was a beautiful blue color with lights and candles, but honestly, it wasn’t the set we all noticed it was Devlin’s costume! He was wearing this elaborate white outfit with gold and feathers as sparkles floated around him. It went well with the set and was very fitting for the holiday music Dev chose!

3-devlinNext to take the stage was our own Winnie Cinnamon with Coldplay’s Christmas Lights. Dancing with her was myself and Jo all bundled up for the cold weather. The set started with the three of us dancing in the street, perhaps we were shopping….a girls day out? Winnie made the set change (it was gorgeous) and it moved to the forest. There were animals and snow and a little bridge that we danced on. It looked peaceful and quiet and calm and just beautiful. Thank you Winnie for transporting us to the winter wonderland!

4-winnieLina took over next dancing to Christina Aguilera’s Merry Christmas Baby. Dancing with her were Conall, Josephine and myself. This was one sexy sexy dance. There were 3 rooms, each depicting a different part of a house, and a dancer in each room. The rooms appeared and disappeared until we all joined Lina in the middle along with Conall. The women were all decked out in lingerie (meow!) and Conall was in a very sexy tux. You are sorry you missed this aren’t you….you should be!


Ariel floated on to the stage as a sugarplum fairy and danced to Pentatonix’s Carol of the Bells. Her set was so cute with all kinds of little mushrooms that she danced on set in colored fairy grass and swirling colors. It was like a picture out of a children’s book! Ariel danced her way around the stage and into our dreams as that cute little fairy!


I was next and I danced to Snow Angel by Tori Amos. To be honest, this is a song I wanted to do last year and could not seem to get the inspiration to finish it. I read a children’s book called The Snow Child and BAM that was all it took! I walked on to the stage all done up for the cold forest I was in and told the story of the Snow Child. The story is about an old couple that wants a child and never has one so makes one out of snow. The child comes to life but can only stay with them when it is cold and returns to them with the first snowfall each year. In the end, I turned into the snow angel.


Lastly was BabyPea and crew (Santa Gunner, Kyshra, Sorcha, BB, Pan, Gertie, Big Red (GunnerVonPhoenix Resident) dancing to Yo Ho Ho Pirate’s Christmas by Tom Mason and The Blue Buccaneers. This song ends the debate of whether Pirates celebrate Christmas (yes, there was a debate over this for your information). They do, they celebrate on the ship, with Santa and his reindeer, and a colossal bottle of rum! I don’t think the little drummer boy put the rum in the rum pa pa pum, I think the pirates did! Her set was great! Santa came in and landed in the ocean then danced on the ship with all them scurvy pirates! Yo Ho Ho Ho!!


Congratulations to Queenie Acacia for winning the 500L gift card today from Angelic Visions Antiques. Thank you Rhi! Rhi has a main store as well as a mini store located at the landing point at Winds! Be sure to stop in and check out her amazing items!

Thank you to our sponsoring stores Angelic Visions Antiques (owner Rhi (rhiannon.skinstad), and Insatiable Dreams (owner Lina (melina.aurotharius), as well as our sponsors that help keep the lights on each and every week. Without them and without you we wouldn’t be able to put on a show each Sunday. Thank you all so very much for the love and support! See you on Sunday at 5pm SLT for another amazing winter themed show…this week??? PARODIES! Woohoooo! I can’t wait to see this one!

One show a week not enough? This Saturday we will have a matinee show at 1pm SLT! The dancers will show off some new sets and some of our favorites. Hope to see you at both shows! See you soon!!