Shayia (not to be mistaken for shayLa ) debuted in the very first show of June 2014.

Hi, Howdy, Hello, Greetings, Salutations and all that Jazz!!

I’m Shayia “Trouble” , I came to Second Life in February of 2011. I own Double Trouble Designs along with my business partner, Kami. I manage Jana’s Club Village and I dance burlesque at Winds of the Sahara Cabaret, home to the best performers on the grid!

My sets run anything from heavy metal to country to current pop, classic rock and anything else that catches my attention! If I like it I do it 99% of my sets are built by me, and I love doing it!! With me you never know what I might pull out of my pocket, and I won’t tell before a show. So, you’ll just have to some to a show and check me out *giggles* You can also drop by my facebook page and say hi if you like I don’t bite….hard…much! See you at the shows!!



Shayia Shayia Shayia Shayiashayia1 shayia-1 snapshot_148


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