Rina Debut at the Winds was Nov 9th 2014

Ok so like, i am the last person in the world that toots her own horn but here it goes. Ive been a cabaret dancer for almost two years with various other companies in SL. I finally found my home at The Winds, November of this last year so i am pretty much the baby here *looks around for her Binky and sobs loudly for her bottle*…sorry had an infant moment there….where was I? Ok so back to the story….I got into dancing because…well to be totally honest i needed a job in sl lol i applied at my first cabaret and never looked back…i love being all like creative and awesome. Im suppose to tell you all what to expect in my routines, but even i don’t know lol im a little bit of a wild card. Granted my sets here have been a little dark…or maybe a little is the wrong word…insanely dark lol you know you cant get any more insane than having Santa kill his reindeer for Christmas lol i usually just pick routines and sets that peak my interest, so there could be more blood or pretty sparkles…or really anything, so if you want to know what to expect, just expect the unexpected. Other than that…im just me…im still learning, still growing, still becoming a better dancer day by day,


5-24-2015 - Winds - Rina 5-17-2015 - Winds - Rina 5-10-2015 - Winds - Rina 3-29-2015 - Winds - Rina 3-22-2015 - Winds - Rina 3-8-2015 Winds Show - Rina

1-18 Rina

Rinarina rina1 rina3 snapshot_117


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