Path’s Debut at the Winds was on December 14th 2014


I came to sl in the summer of 2011, intent upon being some kind of RP Barbarian Warrior. Within two months I was dancing on a pole in a “dive” – – and I haven’t quit dancing yet.

In January 2012 I started dancing in a theater – The Empire Burlesque in a 1920’s Chicago Gangster Sim. (I was also the Mob Bootlegger for Chicago Circa 1927). To me it was totally wonderful to graduate from a pole to a stage. I was a fill-in dancer for the Empire’s Male Star in a few shows, and was a some time backup dancer to him.

A second Burlesque Venue opened in that same sim and I danced there for several months. While I loved the dancing and performing, I also loved creating acts and had many ideas of things I wanted to do.

My own “creativity” centers around the fact that I love to write – and the fact that I think God’s Greatest and Most Beautiful Gift is the Human Body – – Female in First Place but a way-behind-second-place. I’m also very much “into” humor; so it follows that many of my acts involve either humor or nudity or both.

When Lotta and LeAnn and I formed our own theater and production company, “Artistic Freedom” was number 1 on the paradigms for our new Adventure.

In the past year I have discovered the joy of performing at other Venues, and I love performing at Winds. So far I have only performed acts that were “recycled” from past shows at our theater; acts that I think are good enough to be performed again – and hopefully seen by people who haven’t seen them before.

However, I am working on acts that are being created from scratch to be presented at Winds.

I enjoy the atmosphere at Winds, love working with all the staff and dancers there. And I also appreciate the “Creative Freedom” present at Winds.


Click  this link for an in-depth interview of Path!


5-17-2015 - Winds - Path 5-3-2015 - Winds - Path 4-26-2015 - Winds - Path

3-1-2015 - Winds - Path 2-16-2015 - Winds - Path

2-8-2015 - Winds - Path 2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Path




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