Dance is the Creation of Dreams…

And I’m your Dreamcatcher baby! Let me take you on a Journey from the brightest clouds of Heaven to the darkest corners of Hell and every Fantasy in between. Thunderous applause is the trimmings which every dancer naturally enjoys. But to rock an audience in such a manner as to hear the applause in that unmistakable note which breaks through good theatre manners and comes from the heart, is to feel that you have done your job. And I’m just not satisfied until the audience is squirming in puddles, choking on their cigars and passing out from the excitement. Such pleasure does not vanish with the fall of the curtain, but becomes part of one’s own memories.

Myth Raven Links:

Youtube Video Channel


In depth Interview


Myth Show Pic Myth Myth Myth Myth Myth 3 Myth 4 Censored Myth2 Myth 4-27 Show Myth 4myth2 myth-2 snapshot_019 snapshot_0371-myth snapshot_012 snapshot_019 snapshot_051


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