Kyshra debuted in early June 2014.

Music breathes life to dance. Dance breathes life to emotions. Without music, dance and the emotions they evoke, life is dry and rough, or so Kyshra believes. On her first day in Second Life, she discovered her love of dancing and spent her time in clubs where she developed her love of music and dance. Eventually, that led her to Minsky’s Burlesque where she fell in love again, this time with burlesque and cabaret dancing. She currently performs with the Elysium Cabaret at The Empire Room and Winds of the Sahara. When she’s not dancing, Kyshra spends her time with family and friends as they dance and dj their way through life. Her current fascination is breed-able fish when she needs a break from building sets and choreographing performances.

5-31-2015 - Winds - Kyshra 5-3-2015 - Winds - Kyshra 3-15-2015 - Winds - Kyshra

2-8-2015 - Winds - Kyshra 2 2-8-2015 - Winds - Kyshra 1 2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Kyshra


Kyshra Show Pic Kyshra Kyshra Kyshrakyshra snapshot_393 snapshot_502kyshra snapshot_149 snapshot_190


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