JMB, whom everyone calls Jo, came out of the audience at Elysium Cabaret into the Dawn of Dance classes held by Babypea in late 2014. Somehow from there she became a dancer, against all the odds.  She is eternally grateful to Baby for her solid grounding but also to everyone who has helped her along the way.

She’s a sometime choreographer at Elysium Cabaret and now at Winds of Sahara. But she has danced often with others at many venues and shows and has given classes on the intricacies of being an accomplished back up dancer.

Her other love in Second Life is Art and she has been a curator at several galleries and exhibited her SL photography around the grid.  She currently owns several galleries and serves on the Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee.

She began dancing at Winds in January 2016, again coming out of the audience where she had been a long time supporter of Winnie, her dear friend and the Winds of Sahara group.




Jo and BB King

Jo and Mama Africa at Winds

Jo in Dancin' Fool