In may of 2013 Jilley joined us at Winds of the Sahara.

Waving to you all from The Land Down Under ……. yes thats right, I’m your resident Aussie!!! I started dancing in SL over 2 years ago, I was already in the entertainment business with a tribute band group, which I’m still involved with, so being on stage in front of a crowd wasn’t new to me, although I have to say, dancing lets me be alot more creative.

In October, 2012, Babypea and I and our partners formed the Elysium Cabaret dance troupe. I joined Winds in May, 2013, I also dance with various other troupes and go on the road on occasion …….. what a busy life we lead *winks*.

Dance for me is more than a passion, it’s a creative need. I am an artist in RL, so building a set and making a dance is like painting a picture, and experimenting with different styles. If just one person loves what they see, it has made it all worthwhile.

Thank you all for supporting our love of dance in SL.


4-26-2015 - Winds - Jilley 4-12-2015 - Winds - Jilley 4-12-2015 - Winds - Jilley 2

2-16-2015 - Winds - Jilley

2-1-2015 Jilley

Jilley Show Pic Jilley Jilley Jilley 4 Jilley2 4-27 Show Jilley 1snapshot_240 snapshot_571snapshot_571 Winds_026 Winds_028


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