Hitomi enjoys music of all types. She can be found dancing at most clubs and performances. Hitomi dances as part of the Paramount Grand Theatre club, Night Players group, and WInds of the Sands Cabaret. She writes a regular column for REZ magazine on happenings around SL. She is also a support band member to Michael Sweets and a photographer.

Hitomi Tamatzui’s photos are close and detailed of nature and Second Life- where she celebrates the female form as a wonder of SL emotion and imagination.

Hitomi is a young Japanese American who is the granddaughter of native Japanese settlers sent to the internment camps during World War 2 in the United States. She was brought up to appreciate nature and its beauty and became a biological scientist now working in the Eastern United States.

Her artistry reflects her scientific eye for detail and dazzling color seen in her photographs.




portrait_015 Hitomi




poster portrait Hitomi