Babypea lives (Second Life lives) to dance. She dances for two reasons. One is her love of music, as through SL dance she is afforded the opportunity to express music through movement and visuals. The second reason is friendship and the fellowship of like-minded people who are passionate about SL dance! She started dancing in SL Gor in January, 2012. In July of that same year, longing to allow her imagination to expand in the possibilities of musical expression, she entered mainstream SL dancing. She believes anything worth doing deserves to be enjoyed.

Baby has been with Winds since the very beginning and we are PROUD to have her! 

Click  this  link  for an in-depth interview of Baby!

And be sure to check out her  Youtube channel  for much more!

2-8-2015 - Winds - Baby 2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Baby

2-1-2015 Baby

Baby Show Pic 4-27 Show Baby 1 4-27 Show Baby 3 Baby Baby 1 Baby 7 Baby BabyBabybaby baby-01 baby-1baby baby3 snapshot_128


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