Annie Joined the Winds in Jan of 2015


I’m Annie Panties and i get a lot of jokes concerning that name.  I’m three years in SL and love to explore and do things here.  I surf for a team and was director of Second Life Surfing Association, i fight in ancient worlds for Bremusa and Sengoku Japan.  I also dabble in apache wild west and Kalina tribe in the pirate sim.  This summer i will be a jockey for one year racing horses for ABC and Dixieland tracks.  I love to dance and been dancing for all of three years here recently with Dolls of Death.  I host at Dance Chateau and now its my joy to Emcee at Winds of Sahara.  I have a girlfriend here Hitomi.

5-24-2015 - Winds - Annie 5-10-2015 - Winds - Annie4-26-2015 - Winds - Annie 4-12-2015 - Winds - Annie 3-22-2015 - Winds - Annie 3-8-2015 Winds Show - Annie

2-22-2015 - Winds - Annie

2-16-2015 - Winds - Annie

2-8-2015 - Winds - Annie 2-7 - Winds Roadshow - Annie



Annie 1 Annie 3


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