What is Valentine’s Day? Is it love, is it a hate for this holiday? Is it hearts & chocolates (yes please), perhaps the colors red or pink? Maybe there is love is in the air (yes that IS what you will smell) at Winds of the Sahara this weekend. We will do our Valentine’s Day show on Sunday at 5pm SLT. Don’t know what to get your love for the big day? Bring them to a show and give them some eye candy! Maybe it will put you both in the mood? Of course at the Winds we all know not every song is going to be all about the good side of love, don’t we?

Saying that….my choice for the sneak peek might put you in the mood to cuddle and get warm….but I know that the performance from Babypea might not be as *cuddly and warm* as the song leads you to believe! That is the only hint I am giving you! Be warned, be prepared, bring a cuddle buddy or a teddy bear and watch an awesome show on Sunday at 5pm SLT! See you all there!