Winds decided to go a little crazy (er…crazier?) on Sunday with not one, but two shows.  We all wanted to have a chance to say goodbye to George Michael, yet another voice of fun, dance and inspiration that the year of 2016 took away from us.  We pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and got down to work and somehow managed to pull together it off! Our first show of the day was t he tribute to George Michael, and what a great show it was.  Shanny even managed to look stunning two shows in a row, not really and issue for her, but hey, figuring out all those alpha slices can be a pain in the tuckus!


We kicked off our tribute with an amazing, sexy set from Lina to “I Want Your Sex”.  What could anyone possibly do with that song other than something sexy?  Lina was joined by Rebecca, Josephine,  Queenie, Kitten, Jag, Ray and Paul.  Our ladies were out front first and then were joined by the men and what can I say other than abs….because wow were there abs!  I mean we always have sexy ladies, but darn it’s nice to be spoiled rotten with some wonderful, six-pack abs every now and again!  Phew! *fans herself*


Next up was Kyshra in a solo set to George performing “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” with Sir Elton John.   Kyshra chose a desert scene to echo all of the colors of a sunset and then she stood out on her overlook with these amazing particles.  Now we all know that Kysh can sex up a set to the ceiling, but this was just stunning….quiet, beautiful and touching.  Kyshra seems to have found some amazing streamers or she’s making her own and they just made the set perfect.


Eva Harley joined us next and she chose “One More Try”.  This is a heartrending song and Eva chose a spare set, all black accented with a blue door and herself decked in a flowing white skirt.  When you hear “less is more”, this set is what should be in the illustrated dictionary. Delicate particles floated and winked around her. Eva was a vision and the dances she chose brought the spirit of the song straight to the audience.


Baby chose “Freeek”.  Did we really expect anything less from the queen of the wild imagination?  I’m not sure if I love Baby so much because her imagination is so immense or that I’m terrified of ending up in one of her dreams one night….. ;).  She was joined by Gunner and they were a sexy and terrifying space duo….Gunner had sort of this melting face thing going on who emerged from their spaceship to wow us.  Just to be sure no one was sleeping, they were joined by more wild, gray spacebeings…Sorcha, Beebs, Pan and Kyshra.  Somehow even these weird avatars managed to be super cool!


Luna brought us back down to earth with “Club Tropicana”.  She and Gracie were our cabana dancers and Alpha Wolf bore a striking resemblance to Mr. Michael himself.  Alpha was equipped with a mic and sang his way around while our lovely ladies were the perfect complement to his fandom.


Gunner joined us with a set of his own to “Bad Boys” and was joined by Baby, Paul, Melvis and Kyshra.  There was a bar and there were sexy ladies (hey, it’s a Gunner set!)  Even better…there were more ABS!  Eat your heart out Richard Simmons…these boys were mine…all MINE *cackles*…but I digress….so anywhooooo, there were some great moves and clearly a fun time was had by all!


Gracie chose “A Different Color” and what a very pretty set this was.  It was replete with fog and clouds and rainbows and Gracie was a vision at the very center with beautiful effects swirling around her as she danced.  It was mesmerizing….I was so glad I got to see it both at rehearsal and for the show..sometimes I need 2 rounds to really get to see everything!


Queenie joined us in a really fun set to “Too Funky”.  She was joined by Kitten, Lil, Baby and Kyshra in a drag-queen inspired fashion show.  Que had on enough blue eyeshadow to  paint the sky on a rainy day and what an outfit!  She was all gladiator chic!  Lil was wearing a chandelier, Kitten was wearing heels that could have killed Gene Simmons….Baby was lost somewhere in the 18th or 19th century and Kyshra was hot to trot. Wild fun….WILD!! Que had this cool runway with sort of a water wall in the background that changed colors with her spotlights….LOVED!


I took us out for the ending with a quiet little set to a song called “Patience”.  I found an album that George wrote as soundtrack and protest regarding the war in Afghanistan.  It was an amazing album.  You may not be a George Michael fan, but I encourage you to give this album a chance….so far from what you would expect.  I chose a simple white dress with wings for shoulder straps and I used a color change script and light effect that gave me a shadow and that was it.  I really liked how the shadow effect hit up on the changing colors.


That was it for the first half of our Sunday.  We hope you enjoyed your time with us and we hope you liked it so much that you popped in for the evening show too!  Thanks to everyone who ponied up a second set in the same weekend….it’s not easy and we know that you pretty much gave up an entire Sunday afternoon to Winds.  Thanks to the sponsors and Rebecca for agreeing to spend her Sunday spinning tunes for hours 🙂