Wow…this October has us whirring right away with more zombies, monsters, ghosts and blood sucking critters that I would have expected at Monster-Con (likely not a real event, but a girl can dream….). Halloween seems to bring out some amazing imaginations in SL whether it’s a store, sim or dance show…it’s more fun than a bucket full of puppies and damn….I love every second of it.  Shanny was so stunning…this girl makes the rest of us look like paper dolls, I swear…I don’t know how she does it every week, but dang, she is one hot tamale!


Baby opened the evening with an amazing set to Boomfunk MC’s “Freestyler Amped”, a dubstep funkalicious song.  She was joined in her neon finery by Fuki, Beens, Jo, Kyshra and Sorcha.  They zoomed and swished and swirled…blue streaks of light and particles and streaming hair…making wild patterns on a black backdrop…which eventually turned into a thrumming backdrop which reminded me of one of those huge 80s boomboxes…..but like you were part of it….not just listening to it.  Very cool set…and what a way to make sure everyone was wide awake and paying attention!


Luna was second with Natalie Kills “I’m In Love With A Vampire”.  She hit the boards with Harmony, Rhonda, CC and Evil.  These lovely little zombie ladies proved yet again that the lure of the bad boy with the creepy teeth seems to get the better of our judgement.  I remember when vampires were the things of terror and nightmares, now they are all just super hot folks who never get wrinkly…NOT FAIR!!  My big question here though…if you’re a zombie who gets bit by a vampire…what exactly are you…a zombire?  vampie? And do you revert to your previous hot self?  I think this dance needs a sequel.


I returned from the dead as a ghost.  I chose this uber creepy song I found called Lacrymosa sung by Libera which is a boys choir.  There really is nothing so pure sounding as those voices….I did strange things to my set, walls and ground cover at angles and had one huge tree and I floated around magically while everyone out back kept trying to look up my sheet *glares* you know who you were!  I love those mer animations from Yui Yui and I just keep playing with them and finding cool avatars to use them with 🙂


Devlin was up next with Michael Jackson’s “Scream”.  There was spacecraft….there was a really wild alien chick and there was Devlin in a red star trek shirt.  I swear I seem to remember but the person in the red shirt used to have a tendency to be killed…or was it the yellow?  I loved the textures and fun, weird stuff Dev had in this set….it’s a cool song and the animations were perfect. Ariel made a wonderful alien…all purple and spotty and well…alien!


Jo was up next with Jorgio on piano, Tray, Zach and Ray on barstools and Seb as her dancing partner.  The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s “The Footloose Girl” set the mood in her beautiful blue bar with music note textures and keyhole doors.  Jo is an artist…in RL and you can always find her unique vision in her sets.  Her boppy song made for a great dance with Seb and the rest of the gang joined in.  It was fast paced, happy and really fun to watch 🙂


Queenie brought some more zombies to us with the Dead Man’s Bones “My Body’s a Zombie for You”.  There was a swamp.  There were poor zombies stuck under the swamp.  There were zombies at the swamp shack.  There were zombies on the dock.  I’m surprised half the audience wasn’t infected by the end of this set!  Que did great mover work with all of her monsters in a fun and creepily sexy dance. At least she was beautiful even if everyone else was straight out of H.E. Double hockey sticks!!  Many kudos to all the slavering zombies which were Kyshra, Raemida, Sebastian, CC Duchess and Ariel


Meegan and Tyche brought us a fun and sexy set to Maria Muldaur’s “It Ain’t the Meat, It’s the Motion”.  Let’s face it….this song can go many, many ways and a lot of them could be super duper wrong, lol.  Our lovely ladies of the butcher shop proved that even if your heart isn’t entirely pure, it can still be sexy as all heckfire.  Meegs really needs to dance more….I swear, she just makes me either laugh or need a cold shower or sometimes both every time we get a chance to see her.  Go Meat Ladies!!


Seb was our last act with Queenie, Baby, Ayita and Jo…or his lovely voodoo backup dancers.  Godsmack’s Voodoo was the backdrop for a set with an altar in the woods.  Our witch doctor and his little voodoo dolls and his voodoo priestesses made worshiping questionable (sometimes) idols look like a wildly good idea. His little voodoo dolls were Tray, Gunner and Fuki and they were cute enough to scoop up and run away with.  Great song, great choreo…super great costumes…a fitting end to the third weekend of Halloween.


Well, that about wraps up that one!  It was a great night, full house, great inspired Halloween sets, snappy dancing and a kind and gentle bunch of SL servers 🙂  I can’t wait til this Sunday…we have debuts!  2 of them…maybe even a third!  Holy debuts batman!  And it’s the Halloween theme show!  What you ask…have we been doing every week in October if NOT the Halloween theme show?  Frankly my dears…I can’t tell  you, but I can guarantee you’re going to enjoy yourselves.  On behalf of all of us at Winds….thank you for your generous support and we’ll catch you in the desert this Sunday at 5SL.