Howdy everyone and welcome to another Sunday at Winds of the Sahara! We had a wonderful show with a mix of Halloween, belly dancing and a love story. Starting the evening off was the ever beautiful and poised Shanny looking maaavarlous in her peach gown. Shanny does a wonderful job greeting the guests and keeping the show moving, plus she always looks so amazing doesn’t she?


Starting the show was a guest dancer (we hope to see more of) Eva dancing to Jai Ho with some help from Nadi, Taurel, Misha and Cowgrl. They did an amazing bellydance in a desert oasis that was full of beautiful women. We all hope oasis’ are real and OMG we so get on our knees and pray this one is too! The set was so pretty with a little water fountain that Eva was splashing in as the other women danced around her. The costumes were amazing and sensual and oooh la la….fans self….it was hot…period. Awesome job ladies!


Once we swept the sand away, we parted the curtains to A Nightmare Before Christmas with Jack and all his little halloween town friends dancing to Jack’s Lament. Okay, actually it was Luna (Jack) and AnnSandy (shadow), CC (ghost), Raemida (tiny pumpkin) and Mikie (tiny pumpkin). The set was super cool as a forest that had all the curly tree things (yea technical, I know) that were in the movie (which I loved). As they all danced as Jack floated and sang. Nothing says Halloween like this classic movie! Excellent job! (now I need to go watch the movie….)


We moved Halloween over and welcomed Devlin as he danced to GURUFISH – Pimp St. Dev’s stage was super psychedelic and cave-like with lots of swirling colors and twinkling lights. It all kind of vibrated and moved the the beat of the song. Dev was wearing a feather-ish shirtless outfit (do we need to know more after that? *winks*). It was hypnotizing to watch with all the colors swirling all over the place…maybe that’s the 60 talking…awesome set Dev!!


I was next and I channeled my inner Beetlegeuise dancing in Dante’s Inferno. If you have seen the movie Beetlejuice, you might remember him dancing over to a strip club…yep that is where I headed as I danced to Dead Mans Party by Oingo Boingo. I skipped around the flames of the inferno and shook it with the ladies in the windows. BEETLEGEUISE BEETLEGEUISE BEETLE……


From one movie to another! We walked over to Little Shop of Horrors and danced with Ariel, myself, Rhonda, Devlin and Imrhien. You all remember the movie, right? The guy (Feed me Seymore) who finds the plant that he has to feed human blood to. That nasty little plant was there and it was eying us and licking its lips! We danced around the stage and avoided it the best we could. The set was a street in front of the flower shop and we all dressed in cute little 50’s outfits and shimmied and boogied downtown on Skid Row. (see what I did there?)


Ray was next on the stage and he danced with Krysta to Florida Georgia Line – H.O.L.Y.. This song, which I had never heard before, is beautiful. It’s a love song about a person feeling down and out, unlovable when they find someone that makes everything better. “You’re an Angel, tell me you are never leaving, ’cause you are the first thing I know I can believe in.” Unfortunately the SL gremlins grabbed Ray and pulled him offline in the middle of this beautiful dance. The set and the dance was just gorgeous!


As we recovered from the love in the air, Luna once again returned to the stage doing something totally different from her set earlier in the evening. She danced to Disturbed~The Sound of Silence with Rhonda, CC, AnnSandy and Reamida. Although not the original song, this version is deep and dark and moody. Luna took her dancers to the rooftops deep in the middle of night to dance. The night moved to day as we listened to the haunting words of the song. The set was a revolving one of sorts, the scenery behind the dancers scrolled as it changed from night to day. Cool idea that added to the dark mood of the song.


Last but never least was Babypea dancing to Skrillex Ragga Bomb with Ragga Twins. Dancing with her was Gunner…well I need to back this up a little. First, I don’t know what Baby does to channel her inner dance thoughts but dayum, I need to get me some of that. Her sets can sometimes teeter on the weird and wild side and tonight was a perfect example of this.  Her set was a dark green cave that had smoke stacks coming up out of the ground. Baby and Gunner are wearing these gray/green wild alien looking outfits with green tentacles as they dance and bounce and float to the beat. Then, all of a sudden, Scorcha, Fukuju and Sebastian appear in space suits and dance with them. The whole thing was fantastic to watch and makes me wonder, again, what does Baby watch/think about to be able to make such amazing sets and dances? The world may never know!! 9-baby

Thank you to everyone that comes to the shows week after week and reads our blogs. Thank you to our sponsors and supporters and our wonderful DJ. We love what we do and we love dancing for you! See you for a SATURDAY MATINEE this Saturday as well as our normally scheduled Sunday show! 2 shows this coming weekend WOOHOOOO!! See you there!