It’s October and at Winds that generally means the unofficial start to the holiday season and the official start of Queenie’s month of Halloween sets.  This Sunday saw some debut action, a bunch of men(!), my return from the computer-less wasteland I’ve been stuck in, lots of sexiness and a little Vegas for good measure.  I was so happy to be back and this show didn’t disappoint 🙂

Shanny was a vision in purple…let me tell you, that girl wears a dress like a lady.  I think that she was likely a bombshell model in a past life.  She does such a lovely job out front…cool, calm, collected….always greeting everyone with a smile and all the while looking like a million Lindens.


Immy opened for us with Tray, Vashti, Ray,Keith and Mikie… and she chose Konga’s “Come With Me Now”.  I adore this song….it’s just so infecting and cool.  It’s not often that music really surprises you with something that sounds so fresh and new….so whoot!  the set was this cool white curved backdrop and then a color changing stage and backdrop with our dancers all in white.  Loved it!  The contrast, the tight dance formation the music; it all came together in one really fun set.


Our second act was Ray who was with us from Phoenix as a choreographer for the first time. Ray did a set with Zach to “Brother” by Needtobreathe ft. Gavin DeGraw.  Now, I’ve know Ray and Zach for a few years now and what an absolutely perfect set for these two.  Friends, partners in crime, fellow oreophiles….the two of them hanging out on a camping trip, likely having a couple of brews and then dancing their way around…impressing bears, coyotes, squirrels and wolves, not to mention all of the audience along the way.  Great set and tribute to friendship!


Devlin was next and it appears that he chose to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and go straight to winter for his set to Ozzy Osbourne’s “Goodbye to Romance”.  I had no idea that Ozzy could actually sing something moving! Devlin chose a stark winter backdrop with gently falling snow to accentuate the lyrics.  He also faded in some great ice sculptures and and candlelight to complete a romantic and pretty set.


Adam and Muse danced to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”.  All I can say is Vegas Baby!  Giant dice rolled out and they jumped on up and danced on them.  Shiny! Pretty! Sorry, easily distracted by lights….and there were lots of sparkly, flashing lights, a roulette wheel and even more tumbling dice. Muse’s costume was even a dress made of money.  I loved the transitions up and down off the dice.  It was one of those sets that had so many things to look at and such great choreo, I want to see it again just to soak in some more of the Vegas awesomeness.


Zach debuted with us last night as well.  Zach is my oreo soul mate.  But I digress….Zach chose Blake McGrath’s “Chains” and he created about the sexiest prison I’ve ever seen. Zach was in just his orange pants and his abs…holy abs batman!  His officers, Ame, Fuki, Immy and Voodoo,  were super sexy and seemed more interested in examining the abs than any evidence against Zach.  He even managed to make a rusty old pole look good. Damn!  Sort of made me want to be incarcerated…. Orange is the new black after all!!


Some chick named Winnie was up next…she’s been missing for weeks…blah blah blah her computer broke again…blah…oh…er….that’s me.  I chose a cover of “You Don’t Own Me” by Grace ft. G-Easy.  I had a dank dungeon with ladies in cages, and while I managed to get out of mine, I was still shackled.  I stuck to my anthem of freedom and in the end, I  sprouted some wings, lost those chains and floated my way right out of that dungeon.  I think my favorite comment came from Ray who pointed out that there was sort of a theme back to back setwise and he commented…”meanwhile…in the ladies wing”. *grins*


Queenie took to the stage next and chose one of my favorite songs, Annie Lennox “Love Song for a Vampire”.   What a beautiful and haunting song.  For those of you who don’t know, our Queenie loves Halloween. Just a little.  Teensy bit.  She was a beautiful, dark goddess, dancing through her beautiful, dark set, lit by candles in a flowing dress.  The song alone brings tears to my eyes and paired with a beautiful dance….Que made Halloween and vampires something stunning and beautiful.


Jilley took us out for the evening and wow did she do it in style.  She was joined by Baby and Ame to a remix of “Body Language”.  Jilley’s set was lighted and color blocked and she and the ladies were up high and center and as they emerged down below to dance, they were replaced by panels that reminded me of the intro to Charlie’s Angels.  Sexy ladies in profile!  Our wonderful women were dressed in red, retro inspired outfits, high waisted bathing suits, with great red hats and blondes with legs from here to next Tuesday.  The song was bopping, the girls were classy and sexy and it was a superb way to say goodbye to the weekend.


On behalf of all of us at Winds, we were thrilled to have so many wonderful fans and friends come on over and share our Sunday with us.  To our sponsors and fearless leader, we can’t thank you enough for giving us a place to perform and kudos to our guest dancers for joining us in the spirit of dance.  Nothing on the grid makes me happier than seeing folks dancing with joy and happiness and being able to share that with all of you.  Catch you next Sunday!!