Welcome to another lovely Sunday at Winds of the Sahara! Tonight the cool winds blew the curtains around, sending some jasmine scented air into the theater. I think maybe it was the lovely flowers on Shanny’s dress that added to it! She was dressed in the cutest two-piece dress that had delicate little flowers on the top and on the skirt. Looking lovely, Shanny had the audience all ready to go when the show began!


Our first act this evening was Adam & Muse who brought along Gracie, Raemida and Beebs to dance with them to Pitbull’s Fireball. No better way to begin a show than one with fire and lava!! The set was a large cave, and in it danced Adam and Muse. One by one the other dancers joined them on the set but they came out via fireball (see what they did there!?) As each dancer extinguished their flames, a little more lava poured out of the cave. The costumes were so cool, they seemed to be made out of fire as well as they flowed and billowed around them as they danced. Awesome set!

2-adam-museDevlin was next and he danced to Iko Iko by The Belle Stars. This song was one of my favorites when it came out and I overplayed it then, so its nice to hear it again and actually enjoy it! Dev had a lush jungle set with some ruins and a little waterfall in which he danced in as we all sang and danced in our seats to it. Dev danced in a elaborate costume with full headdress and feathers all over the place. Awesome dance Dev!

3-devlinNext was a very beautiful set by Babypea. She danced to Enya’s Stars and Midnight Blue. Her set was so tranquil with only a rose and Baby, dancing with her reflection in the water. Enya’s music is always beautiful and Baby did an amazing job translating that into dance. There were gentle floating sparkles that moved around Baby as she danced…well to me it look like she was floating and skating on the smooth glass-like water that held her reflection. Simply stunning Baby!

4-babyAriel joined us next with Devlin dancing to Colors of the Wind from the Disney movie Pocahontas. Devlin was John Smith and he danced with the beautiful Pocahontas in the forest and through the waterfall. Her dance was beautiful and makes me love the movie even more than I did before. The song is so touching. Thank you Ariel for bringing that to us to enjoy tonight!


Sebastian took the stage next along with a myriad of friends who were having one last moment of Summer. Joining him was Jo, Adam and Muse, Tray and Immy, Babypea and Gunner. The set was a beach, with palm trees and a little tow behind camper and a beetle that I wanted to jump in and drive away with. The group lounged in the sun until they all came together and danced in the last days of the warm summer sun. Nothing says Summer like a beach, babes and bikinis! Remember “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

6-sebastainI was next and I danced to Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher. My set was a classroom with excessively large items that I danced on. Teacher by day, stripper by night it seems! This song reminds me of some great times in my life and the lyrics crack me up. “I’ve got my pencil! Give me something to write on! I don’t feel tardy.” Anyway, once I crossed from the desk to the apple (every teacher has one) by way of the ruler bridge, I did a little pole dancing on my very large pencil and OOPS! my clothes fell off!! How did that happen!


Tray was our last dancer this evening and as always, he has some of the coolest effects out there! Joining him were myself, Kitten and Beebs. We were dressed in this light up Tron-like suit that changed colors and blinked on and off which made us look like we disappeared and reappeared in different places on the stage. Dancing and then having it blink on and off was just so cool to watch. Awesome way to end the show and have us all scratching our heads thinking, how did he do that!?


Another evening of dancing ended but we will be back next Sunday with a brand new show for you all to come and enjoy. Thank you all for coming and supporting us week after week and helping us bring awesome shows to you. We love what we do and we love dancing for you!! See you next week!