Sunday in the desert was a little hot, there was a sand storm but people found their way and sat comfortably in the chairs and waited for the show to begin. Shanny was looking very sexy in a long red dress with the cutest design at the top. She has the best dresses! She chatted with the guests and got everyone ready for the show.


Before we began the show The Winds held a moment of silence in memory of the victims and the survivors of 9/11.


Our first dancer this evening was JMB (or Jo) and she danced to Clap Your Hands by Parov Stelar. Joining her were Immi, Babypea, Sebastian, Tray and Gunner. Before her dance began the curtains were parted to show the cutest picture of Jo in a flapper outfit dancing. It made us wonder what we were going to see when it was lifted! It was well worth the wait! What an adorable ArtDeco/retro set! We were transported back to the roaring 1920’s with the flappers abound! This song and set was so much fun! I wanted to get up and dance too! We all clapped our hands and stomped our feet with the hot beat! Excellent way to open the show! Applause!


Next was Devlin and he danced to Judy Garland’s Smile. Dev looked a little different tonight as he was dressed as that lovable character Charlie Chaplin and danced in the city streets. Devlin danced in the rain to the classic (and honestly a little sad) song. Devlin had a screen set up in front of the stage that gave the illusion of an old black and white static tv. We were reminded to smile even when we wanted to cry, because we need to keep on trying, we will find that life is still worthwhile if you just SMILE! It was an awesome performance! Thanks Dev!


Luna was next, and with her were Harmony, AnnSandy, Mr.JDT, Tray Rhonda and CC dancing to a Cher-palooza! It was a mix of Cher’s hits but the main difference was that these dancers were a bit more dressed than Cher usually is. They all shimmied and danced in the sparkle and lights of the stage. I have always wanted to see Cher live, this may be as close as I ever get. The songs were awesome! Unfortunately there was no ship full of men but, hey…we can all dream!


We had a guest troupe this evening! The Phoenix Dance Group joined us and danced to one of my all time favorite songs, Toys in the Attic by Aerosmith. The dancers were Lily, Sebastian, Dyhann and Adam. This was a very cool set, an attic of course! The toys came to life and danced their way around the attic….making me wonder if this is what happens when the lights go out? Shudders to think….we had a toy soldier (one of those plastic men ones) Raggedy Ann, a teddy bear and a wind up/antique doll. Very cute, a little scary to imagine, yet super cute!! Thank you Phoenix for joining us!!


Nara took the stage next with Gracie and Rhonda and danced to Autumn Leaves. The set was just beautiful and the music was so lovely and calming! Fall arrived to Winds! The ladies were barely dressed and that was an added bonus! They danced in the leaves until the wind lifted them gently into the air and they floated away! Just beautifully done Nara…I loved it!


Baby showed us her stuff next and danced to Please Mr. Jailer by Crybaby. With her was Gunner, Paul, Sebastian, Pan and Zach. Baby was doing some visiting in jail to see if they would let her man go free. After giving the guard a lap dance (wow!!) he still didn’t let her man go free! Baby had some cool fading effects with her set and once the lap dance was done, the set faded to the prisoners dancing with her in the cafeteria on the tables…unfortunately, I don’t think her love was ever set free.


I was next and I danced to the song The Last Day on Earth by Marilyn Manson. I wore a fire suit…well it was more like skin really, but the fire swirled on me. I was the prophet of doom and gloom and I was letting those close to me know that this was the last day on earth and they could come with me or they would die. Yea, happy times huh? My set was a city amid destruction with fire and wreckage. I floated to the stage through the hazy sunlight to warn them all and then floated back where I came from….alone….


Last this evening was Imrhien and she danced to David Newman & Faderhead’s Serenity/Aim to Misbehave mix. With her was Nara, Babypea, Gunner and Tray. The set had a western/steampunk feel to it with the opening of the curtains revealing a door…that slid open to another door that brought us to a capsule-type room. There they danced and “aimed to misbehave”. What a cool set!!

Congratulations again to Aiden Japiri for winning the 500L gift card today from Insatiable Dreams Designs and to Rae the owner for donating it today. Thank you Rae so much.

Thank you to all our wonderful guests that come and support us each and every week. To our fearless leader Rebecca for playing the awesome tunes every week and to our sponsors that supply some awesome goodies and help us keep the lights on ever week.

See you next Sunday at 5:00pm SLT for a brand new show!