There is always a feeling of excitement as you enter the theatre, glancing at the camels, feeling the warm caress of the desert embracing you, knowing that soon you will be viewing another great show the creators have prepared for our enjoyment,

Shanny was our hostess tonight and she looked stunning in her long dark pink gown, a ready smile on her face as she greeted people as they took their seats. Tonight, she informed us, was sponsor night and the generous donation of a L$500 gift card from Rae, the owner of Insatiable Dreams Designs would be awarded to a lucky person at the end of the show, Hmmm must try my luck.

1 Shanny

The show was ready to start. I sat with pen ready. in a great seat. It really helps to come early!!!

The opening act was Kyshra dancing to Dubstep Trance remix of ‘Raindrops’.. What an awesome opener it was as she joined with Queenie and Lil as wind up china dolls wearing large keys on their backs dancing amid bubbles, pink candles in the most spectacular of outfits. The outfits changed as did the colour of the set. A great act to start the evening. Well done Kyshra!!

2 Kyshra

Up next was Dev dancing with Meegan and Immi. Bright coloured lights streamed around them as they strutted their stuff to Scum of the Earth’s rendition of ‘Pornstar Champion’, What a lively dance it was as we all were memorized by not only the dance but the strobes that enhanced the act. Great stuff Dev!!!!

3 Devlin

Meegan followed using the Metaharper Camera Setting. What a fantastic act it was, the system kept you focused on her alluring belly dance moves as she changed her positions on stage. It was hypnotic almost, you felt totally with her as she danced past candles, stars emitted around her. Excellent effects. The music she chose was ‘Desert Rose’ by Sting. Wow Meegan!!

4 Meegan

Perhaps to calm us down, right  as if that would happen when Gunner took the stage looking very dapper dancing to Parov Stelar – Y.  He called enticingly up to Baby, working in the kitchen, to join him. What a cool set, a two leveled house. Of course Baby responded moving down flights of stairs to join him to be swept away in a loving dance. As she said “Who needs to eat anyway.” Very Romantic Gunner!!

5 Gunner

From a well maintained house Lil took us to an outside derelict area full of rubble, cars burning, trash everywhere as she and her dancers Rhonda, Diawa, Queenie and Sammy all dressed in grunge clothing did a lively dance by Nickelback called ‘Burn it to the ground’. An amazing set and well choreographed. Excellent Lil !!!6 Lil

Taking the stage next was Adam and Muse. Such an interesting concept as we viewed their dance through the lens of a magnifying glass. The dance was beautiful taking us from indoors to outdoors where they finished their act on the deck of a power boat. The music was ‘Through your eyes’ sung by Britt Nicole. You could feel the love between them. So heartwarming Adam and Muse.

7 Adam & Muse

Our next performer was Baby joined by her love Gunner who sat on a beach entranced by the beautiful mermaid dancing on the waves. No one spoke as they were glued watching this enchanted dance unfold listening to Elton John singing ‘The One’. Baby changed taking on human form. Suddenly a large statue appeared from the ground and holding hands the two of them finished the act dancing on the palms of the statue.. was awe inspiring and well done.

8 Baby

Our final act tonight was Jilley looking so provocative as an Egyptian female seducing the 3 males, Jorgio, Tray, Adam in the most tempting of dances. Of course they joined her, who wouldn’t. She looked totally gorgeous in her outfit, the music was well chosen, Queen’s “I want to break free’ and the act perfectly choreographed. What a great way to end the evening. Way to go Jilley.

9 Jilley

Well with a deep sigh of contentment our show had ended. The draw took place of the gift card. I am rather shy to state who won, so lets just say ‘ummmm’  … grins and points to myself (was not fixed!!)

Deep thanks to all our sponsors, Rebecca and of course YOU our fans and supporters. See you all next Sunday for another fabulous new show.