It’s the dog days of summer here in the US and where I am it’s hotter than heckfire and we are having a drought….so if we had some sand and camels I’m pretty sure that I would not be able to tell the difference between RL and here….but thankfully, here comes with a great dance show and no laundry to do!

Shanny took to the stage as our hostess and damn that is one beautiful hostess!  She wore a grey dress with a slight bluish tint to it with beading around the top and as usual was a stunner up there, greeting guests and keeping everyone engaged before the show and during our breaks.  And who says a man won’t make passes at a girl who wears glasses??

1 Shanny

Our opener for the evening was Baby and boy did she make sure that everyone was awake and ready to boogy!  She chose Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax” and then proceeded to anything but relax on her post-apocalyptic set with Jo. Ame, Kyshra and Immy.  A deserted warehouse with some of the coolest effect every…lights, fades, shimmering textures were the perfect backdrop for our ladies clad in black with their facemasks.  I’m not sure how they managed to look that sexy in all that clothing, but dammit they did!  Great opener to get everyone ready for a great show!

2 Baby

Our second act was Devlin who chose Prince’s “Blue Light”.  He was joined by Ariel on a beautiful blue set…all tonal and accented by neutral candles.  Draped and decadent, with lighting and foggy accents, Dev stood out in his romantic shirt and Ariel was up on a platform looking stunning.  This was a pretty song, one I hadn’t heard before and Dev did a lovely interpretation.

3 Devlin

Kyshra was up next with Disturbed’s “Sounds of Silence”.  This version of this song is so powerful, and Kyshra was joined by Baby, Queenie, Sammy and Charlene and the set was platforms with deep reds, blues and greens with cool starburst tonal effects, but it was the ladies who stole the show.  Naked and grey, they blended into the background with particle effects that whirled around them, creating beautiful patterns that were mesmerizing.

4 Kyshra

Lil was guesting with us last night and she brought Bevin and Rhonda along with her dance to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too”.  This song is a hysterical send up of thinking that you’re the most special person in the universe and everyone should treat you that way.  The dance started out at home….and faded to a fabulous night club where a pulsating lightshow and texture changing floor in bright, bold colors accented our very hot ladies in some very scanty skirts 🙂  It was an upbeat, chair-bopper of set and it was great to have Lil with us again.

5 Lil

Queenie took us on a tour of Mt. Olympus with her set to “Hercules” from the Disney musical.  Our lovely muses…ok….well….I think muses are supposed to be virgins, so let’s try this again…our lovely ladies drifted down in front of their pavilion in wonderful silks; Nara, Kyshra, Beebs and Lil, all clad in white *coughs* and told us the story of how the gods worked back in the day…and then the scene faded and we were in H.E. Double Hockey Sticks where we were warned that Hades was the meanest god of all.  It was such a fun set and the ladies were stunners in their silks.

6 Queenie

I chose Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon a Dream”.  This song has haunted me since the first time I heard it.  Lana has a one in a million voice and I have found myself going through all of her songs lately and finding both popular and obscure and thinking up sets.  I wanted to do a slightly different take on Maleficent…I never really saw her as evil…just broken and sad…so I had a dark set with trees that faded in and a flying dragon and crows, but I was clad in white (yeah, yeah…I know…*insert additional virgin jokes here*) because I think she really did see her world as beautiful.

7 Winnie

Nara was up next with The London Symphony Orchestra’s version of “Final Countdown”.  She made one heck of an entrance with Beebs, Gracie, Queenie and Rhonda as they landed their rockets on a deserted landscape.  The ladies wore blue spacesuits which looked great on the burnt sienna backdrop (it’s a color…look it up in your crayola box!).  The choreography was just perfectly fun and steam vents and flame vents poofed around the ladies. I don’t know about you, but I had an awfully fun time watching this set.

8 Nara

Tray closed the show with a brilliant set to Knife Party’s “404” with Ariel and Charlene.  They were these cool color changing stick figures who started out by coming out of a computer as one and breaking off into three and changing colors in time with the music. They hip hopped their way around the stage morphing back into one and breaking apart again and at one point peeing in a coffee cup and they ended their song as rainbow colored stick figures strobing along. It was so stinking cool… Tray is amazing with scripts…he’s my script hero!  That’s kind of like a jukebox hero only far dorkier *grins*.

9 Tray

Just like that the evening was over.  We retreated to the roof for a little after party and came to terms with the harsh reality that tomorrow was Monday…or Tuesday if you were lucky enough to be a day ahead!  Many thanks to our wonderful sponsors, to Rebecca for keeping us in line and pointing toward the finish line and the staff of Winds who make dancing so much fun each week.  Most of all, thank you to our beloved fans…you make every week worth it. Catch you all next Sunday in the desert!!