I don’t know about you, but I spent my Sunday mornings parked in front of the T.V. with a bowl of something sugary. I would go into a visual coma for hours. This Sunday we slipped back into our pajamas and watched an awesome show of some of our favorite toons from our childhood.

1 Shanny

We lost Shanny this week but the Roadrunner replaced her. I think he was hiding out from the Coyote and his box of ACME explosives. None the less, the Roadrunner was gracious and helpful directing the guests to a seat, reminding them to lower scripts and informing them of the next act coming up. We missed beautiful Shanny, but maybe next week she will be back from wherever she went. “BEEP BEEP”.

2 Adam & Muse 1

Opening the show was Mr. Rogers…I mean Adam. He came out on to the front of the stage to the Mr Rogers theme song “Hi Neighbor” and watered his little plants, and changed his shoes and walked around in his living room and sat on a bench and read us a story. It was a great way to begin the show and reminded us that not all of the shows we watched as kids actually rotted our brains.

3 Adam & Muse 2

Boom boom akalaka boom boom…..after Adam slipped back behind the curtain he did a quick costume change and OMG he became the purple dinosaur we all loved to hate, Barney! Adam was joined my Muse, Rhonda and Jo all dressed as cavewoman complete with bones in their hair dancing to Walk the Dinosaur by Was not Was. There were dinosaurs in the air, on the ground, there were caves and volcanoes (its no wonder they never survived) and there was Barney. They all danced and got on the floor and everybody did the dinosaur….until the end. The women took revenge and took care of that dinosaur….poor Barney he found his demise at the end of a cavegun. Awwwww come on, we all wanted to do it!

4 Jilley

Rubs eyes….is that Jilley? She looks a little furry, her nose grew a bit. Jilley was Bad to the Bone as one of my favorite memories from my childhood, The original Snoop Dogg, Snoopy. Snoopy was baaaaa-d as the sheep were letting us know in their word bubbles as they watched from behind the fence. All the farm animals watched Snoopy strut his stuff around the farmyard and show us how good a dancer we all knew he was. Finally at the end he grabbed that clothesline and took a little spin in the sprinkler spray. I loved it Jilley!!

5 Keith AHHHRGGGGHHH!! Keith stomped into the theater and burned down Tokyo as he danced (yes Godzilla dances) to Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla. This is a very cool set with a lot of hot effects. The buildings burned to the ground and fell and smashed all around that big lizard. Planes flew in but he flicked them off him like little mosquitos and sent them careening off into the audience one after the other. I have come to realize that Godzilla wasn’t a bad guy really, he was just trying to dance and because he’s so big, well…he made a mess of the place and took it all down. He got a bad rep and all he wanted to do was boogie!

6 Devlin

Devlin was up next and he was our favorite barefooted caveman, Fred Flintstone from Bedrock! Fred was alone today taking some time to himself away from work and the family. It looks like he parked the car in the bushes so he could get down in the jungle as he listened to Jungle Music by Bass & Drum. Fred showed us some moves we never knew he had as he boogied on down to the funky jungle beats. I want to know when Fred got so buff though…keep on dancing buddy it agrees with you!

7 Winnie

Another snoopy!? I died and went to heaven when Winnie asked me to put on my Snoopy avi and dance as her shadow in Me and My Shadow by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. I am a bit of a Snoopy freak so this was so much fun for me! We flew into the theater on the Sopwith Camel landing in Charlie Brown’s yard right next the dog house. We got out of the plane and danced together. This was so sickening cute to watch and was just so much fun. What an entrance! Awesome job Winnie!

8 Gunner

The next act….I just don’t know what to say. Poor Gunner had his troubles from the start with this one. Gunner was the rooster of the farmyard and all the hens (Beebs, Jo, Babypea, Jilley & Kysh) were a little unhappy that he was spending all his time with another hen (Voodoo). As he had his final bit of quality time (ever) the females planned and plotted to Alice Francis – Shoot Him Down just how they were going to take care of this little situation on the farm. When Gunner decided he wanted to find another hen to ummmm cuddle with, the women took revenge and, yep…shot him down. Poor G, you didn’t see that coming did you? I want to say that the costumes were so so so cute and the hats that they all chose were fantastic! Awesome set and dance everyone!

9 Queenie

I was next on the stage but I dressed as one of my favorite characters from my childhood reading days (who am I kidding I still read them) The Cat In The Hat. I don’t know how many of you saw the movie with Mike Meyers but I chose the song Fun Fun Fun as my dance. The song begins with that “debbie downer” fish telling the kids to not allow me in because I’m no good. I decide to show them how much fun I can be as I bring in Thing 1 and Thing 2 and balance on a ball with my milk and rake and cake and umbrella until I realize I am lactose intolerant (who knew cats could be?) and I blow myself across the room…oops sorry, but I was fun right? RIGHT!? You can’t have FUN with out U in the middle!

10 Baby

Last tonite was Babypea and a bunch of other animated characters (I’m not bad, I’m drawn this way). Babypea (Pink Panther), Diawa (Jessica Rabbit), Temperance (Chaplin), Jilley (Lola bunny) Voodoo (Bugs Bunny) all came out to dance in Toon Town to Delight by Jamie Berry feat. Octivia Rose, which is the most fun music I could have ever imagined cartoon characters dancing to. This whole set was so “cartoon” it was a delight to watch. I loved that they were all dressed up in their finest and had so much fun dancing. I wanted to get up there and dance too. Great choice in music Baby! We all loved it!

What a night! Thank you to all the guests (some even came as a cartoon avi) that joined us this evening for a flashback to our childhood. Special thanks to Rebecca for the music and the sponsors that help keep us dancing each week. We do this every Sunday (with the occasional Saturday) at 5pm SLT. Pass the word around and come join us! It’s always fun and entertaining! See you soon!