What is this? A Winds of the Sahara show on a *gasp* Saturday!? Yes, yes it is! We have a matinee show at Winds once a month, you mean you didn’t know!? Now you do! It is a chance for the dancers to show you an act they really love (again) or for a dancer that can’t always join us late on a Sunday to showcase something they have done. Our European guests get to come to a show as well since Sunday at 5 SLT is kind of late for them..win win win for all!

1 ShannyOur gorgeous hostess Shanny was with us today looking stunning in her taupe dress that showed a lot of sexy leg! Shanny works hard for us preparing her notes for the show, getting all beautified before a show and keeping us all up to date with what act is coming next. Be sure you let her know how wonderful she is!

2 KeithOur first act today was Keith dancing to Master of Puppets by Metallica. This is an awesome act and be sure you get a chance to see it if you missed it. Keith is not the master, he is the puppet. The master is this scary thing that you only get to see the head and hands of as it looms over Keith who is tied to its puppet strings. The master moves his hands this way and that making Keith dance, dance and never stop dancing! The set is a dark one with 2 small flames on the sides that some how engulf Keith, who sadly dances and feeds the flames until they engulf him, turning him into a skeleton. Poor Keith collapses on stage, still attached to the awful strings…hey this kind of sounds like society and we are being manip…..er….I digress. This was an incredibly cool act Keith!!

3 WinnieWe swept the strings and skeleton away to reveal the beautiful Winnie who danced to Bats for Lashes Moon and Moon. Her set was just stunning. Winnie danced on a shimmery blue stage in the reflection of the moon. It was beautiful and tranquil. Winnie was dressed in a simple white dress with lovely flowers in her hair and she danced in front of the two very full moons. This was another relaxing set to watch and listen to. I felt all mellow and relaxed *sighs* amazing job Winnie.

4 LunaNext to take the stage was Luna and a whole cast of friends dancing to Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek & Amitabh Bachchan Kajra. This was such a great musical choice and her set was just gorgeous with the rich tones and colors she had. The women danced in *mirror* of each other in gorgeous sari’s of yellow and pink. It was entrancing to watch and made me want to learn to belly dance (but only if I could look that good doing it).

5 ArielNope, it isn’t snowing outside but it was inside Winds! Ariel and Ken danced to Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby. Maybe it is so hot where Ariel lives she needed to think snow and cool things down a bit! Ken was, of course, Santa and Ariel was crooning to him, asking him for just a few new things this year because she had been oh so good…(yea right! hee hee). She was all dressed up and was a present for Santa for sure!

6 KyshraKyshra was the next performer today dancing to Rev 22:20 by Puscifer. Kysh is always hot, and this set was no exception. Kysh was a super sexy demon barely dressed (sorry you missed it?) She danced on a stage of flowing red and smoke that billowed up around her legs. The walls were shimmering and moving like the floor as it moved around piles of lost souls and bones. The guests were offering up their souls left and right, noting she was the most enticing demon they had ever seen. It was hot, it was sexy, it was Kysh….enuff said.

7 DevlinDevlin was next today and he danced to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins I Put A Spell on You. BOY did he do that!! This set was amazing as we were plunged into another part of hell…this was the lava side, with lots of molten stuff, that surprisingly wasn’t hurting Devlin…hmmmmmm maybe he is Satan? He was a sexy Satan for sure, dressed in black leather as he danced and put a spell on us and pulled us in!

8 QueenieI was next to dance, and I chose a song from a favorite childhood movie, The Last Unicorn. The song was the title from the movie sung by America. I remember renting this movie so much as a kid I doubt many others in my small town ever got a chance. Today I was the unicorn and I danced in my forest telling the story of how men never saw unicorns but knew when they came to a unicorn forest because it was always so beautiful no matter what else was going on around the outside of it. The movie is a cult classic and is the story of how the Red Bull wanted all the unicorns for himself so he ran them into the sea, that is why there are none left on earth. The last one went in search of them with two friends to set them free but was turned into a human woman, fell in love…you know all that typical Fairy Tale stuff!

9 MeeganLast but never least was Meegan and Rebecca joined her as she danced to Hess is More-Yes Boss. This set was STEAMING HOT! Phew! We needed the snow after this one!! Meegan used the Metaharper Show Tools (Metaharper Guided Camera System) for her dance, which if you don’t know what that is, its basically Meegan controlling where it is she would prefer you to watch so she can tell her story to you through her dance. All you have to do it sit there and she does all the work! Work it Girl!! (man, she did!) The scene opens with Meegan in black lingerie and ropes, kneeling before Rebecca. Rebecca helps her stand and we see that she is blindfolded. She dances for Rebecca as Rebecca sits and watches. Removing the blindfold, Meegan moves to the pole and (if you are not sweating now..are you human!!?) continues to dance for her, wrapping her body around the pole, making us want to jump on stage and push Rebecca out of that chair. The next thing we know, the scene changes and we see a recording studio…confused, we realize…all this sexy stuff was only a dream of Meegans! What a dream it was…can we replay it again!?

Fans self….what a way to end the show! Phew, I need a cold drink…in the meantime, on behalf of all the dancers at Winds of the Sahara we would like to thank all of our sponsors that help keep the air conditioners on and the lights burning. Thank you to all of our amazing guests that come week after week and thank you to Rebecca (yes, boss) who keeps us in line and plays our music for us.

See you next month for another matinee show but In September we will be running them at 1pm SLT!

See you all every Sunday at 5pm SLT for a brand new show!!