That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the searing heat in the Northeast has finally sucked the rest of my brain out, left it on the hood of my car and broiled it.  Buckle up friends, because I’m not entirely sure what I may type…but either way, I was thrilled that there was no humidity once I finally made it to the desert and made my way backstage with everyone else!

Meegan was our hostess for the evening because Shanny was in back, busily preparing for her dance debut with us!  Meegs wore a stunning mini dress and looked hotter than hot as she greeted everyone… Hands off and minds clean peeps, our Meegs is more than just Rebecca’s right hand at work and we love that she’s a part of our team and willing to step in to any role in a pinch!

1 MeeganAdam and Muse were back this week with a wonderful set to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills”.  They used those super cool little metaharper cameras that they sneak into your seats that keep you focused on where all the action is. This is vital for me because I tend to be a big old butterfly chaser; camming all over like a crazy person trying to take it all in 🙂  They were joined by Rhonda, starting out in profile as purple shadow dancers and then switching to close ups of their sexy costumes with very nice particles.  They used the shadow box and particles to frame the dance and it was a great use of both effects.  Plus, who can get enough of Sia’s voice?  She is amazing and so was this set!

2 Adam & MuseUp second was our lovely hostess Shanny….er…and she wasn’t hostessing!  Instead, she made her debut as a choreographer at Winds and boy was it a great debut!  She did a solo piece to Paul Thorn’s “Help Me Out, Hook Me Up”.  Her set started in a bedroom where she made her sheets awful messy as she danced around on them in a cute romper.  Next she was behind a shadow screen and a cool wrought iron looking cut away and I can’t be completely sure…but that cute little romper didn’t seem to be evident in her sexy profile!  She did a fantastic job and we’re so happy that she decided to add choreography to her impressive resume!

3 ShannyDevlin broke out a great summer song…”Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.  It’s just one of the most toe tappin’, butt dancin’ sort of tune and it’s infectious to the point of concern; I’m still humming the dang song on Tuesday!  A pulsating light show accented some very sexy ladies in the form of Beebs, Ariel and Luna who were up on platforms and Dev took center stage and somehow divested himself of his shirt, much to the delight of fans and dancers alike 🙂

4 DevlinI was batting cleanup (sorry, baseball season….) and I appear to be on a whacky roller coaster this month so I chose Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line”.  Beebs, Jo. Baby and Queenie joined me onstage. I had this vision of ants marching across a picnic blanket, and this being SL, I found some great ant avatars.  We were red and we zipped up out of our anthill in my new breeding experiment of flying fire ants, and we lambada(d) around someone’s picnic knocking their watermelon right to the edge of our hill.  Just because we were so happy, we set off some fireworks to celebrate our victory.

5 WinnieGunner joined us next with a touching set that he did with Baby.  He chose Blitz “Berlin Leviathan” and set the scene of a plane crash on a moonlit beach.  He danced from the wreckage to his beloved Baby and realizing that she was beyond hope, he carried her down into the sea.  The two of them faded away, and returned like phoenixes as fiery spirits dancing in the moonlight.  It was stunning and beautiful and sweet and romantic and any number of words we don’t normally associate with Gunner but damn, it was fantastic!  Great love is special to be a witness to, and if you know G and Baby, they have a very special thing 🙂

6 GunnerQueenie took us on a solo adventure to a bank vault in the absolutely coolest dress ever…all money!  Whoot…normally folks are stuffing dollars in the dancers’ tip jars, but Que brought her own right along with her!  She had a great couch and cool stuff all money derived for Lorde’s “Million Dollar Bills”.  We won’t talk about how she got all this cool stuff, because it definitely wasn’t at a gacha and I definitely wasn’t hanging around being her partner in crime, lol. No matter how she did it, it was wonderful stuff to put in a set and Queenie looked like a million bucks, especially when she floated off in a ball of light rays, even though I joked she was getting sucked into the air vents!  She reminded me of so really well dressed version of Tom Cruise in the first Mission Impossible 🙂

9 QueenieBaby took us on a magical mystery tour inside a motherboard of a computer and a brain to Kasabian’s “Re-Wired”.  She was a ball of energy, and I mean in the literal sense, and she was on a set that looked like the inside of a computer, crossed with the racecourse from Tron.  It was uber cool and when on Midnight WL the lights pulsed and flashed like a rave and two giant hands arrived with a brain cradled in them and lightning striking.  It was a wild light show, just like Baby!

7 BabyNara took us to the end of our evening with Queenie as two beautiful faries dancing, floating and flying to a Fantasy Celtic Music Mix called “Fairytale”.  A delicate forest with mushrooms, lighting and these beautiful puffball particles framed the beautiful ladies with their pretty white dresses and delicate wings.  She mixed dancing and flying and frankly, I wanted to put on something pretty and move right into her ethereal set. It was a soothing way to end a weekend and I floated off into the night all relaxed for the workweek.

8 NaraThat was the end of the show, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t join us next week for another amazing show.  Thank you all for coming to see us and supporing us each week.  We couldn’t do it without such amazing fans!  We’ll catch you in the windswept desert next Sunday for our theme show which is cartoon inspired sets!  It should be a kick in the pants…KaPow!