Camels munched quietly outside the theatre as audience members began to enter to find a good viewing spot in anticipation of another spectacular Winds production.

The usual air of excitement drifted from the dressing rooms, you could feel it enveloping you. Our beautiful hostess Shanny greeted people as they arrived. How lovely she looked resplendent in a yellow gown. She announced that tonight was sponsor week and a draw for the lucky winner would take place near the end of the show.  Our sponsor tonight was from Lina the owner of ‘Insatiable Dreams Designs’ a first class boutique and she generously donated a L$500 gift card. Thank you Lina!!

1 Shanny

Our show was ready to start.  What an opener it was as we were brought to a gypsy camp to witness a dance by the dwellers of it. Choreographed by Jo and joined by Roni, Seb and Tray they frolicked bare footed in the grass to the sounds of Omar Khorshid’s ‘La Comparsita’. Moon beams drifted though the air, the sounds of tambourines you could almost hear as the girls played them. Great routine.


Up next was Luna fully attired, as were her dancers CC, Annsandy, Babs and Penny, in kimonos doing a traditional Japanese dance in a beautiful setting. Such a graceful routine you felt as if you were really there in the gardens with them. .. The music was a soft Japanese instrumental simply titled ‘Snow’.. A joy to watch.

3 Luna

Seb was our next performer joined by Jo. Picture this. One side of the stage was ‘heavenly’ with Jo looking lovely and angelic dancing on a fluffy cloud whilst on the other side was Seb, looking like the devil himself, with fire erupting from a volcano with flames spewing up around him.. They danced to Prince Royce’s ‘My Angel’. Was quite the stunning effect and of course good overcomes evil always as the devil drifted to the angel and they finished the act dancing together. Well done!!

4 Sebastain

Before the curtains even opened the aromatic scents of roses wafted around us and then as the set was revealed we knew why. Kyshra looked stunning in her flowing white gown, with hand feathers enhancing her sensuous dance atop a large red rose to the sounds of Prince’s ‘Most Beautiful Girl in the World’. What a fitting choice. Silvery stars drifted downwards upon the other roses that covered the stage floor. Just lovely Kyshra!!!

5 Kyshra

What a lively performance our next act was with Queenie playing madly upon a fiddle to a remix of ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’. What fun it was as the devil (aka Path) appeared first peddling upon a bicycle. to challenge her. The set went from a peaceful countryside, to the depths of hell where the devil played fantically upon his fiddle as he danced. It went back to the field again where Queenie twirled merrily around him. What an entertaining act it was. We all sung along. Fantastic Queenie!!

6 Queenie

Jilly graced the stage next allowing  her sinuous body to slowly move  in a lovely and authentic Japanese garden as Elton John sang :’Japanese Hands’. The set was quite stunning. and she performed with carefully choreographed steps. Her hands, clasping fans, fluttered across her face.. You could almost sense the shyness she was portraying as the young Geisha girl.  Just lovely Jilly!!

7 Jilley

Lotta was up next and what an entrance she made clothed in a tight fitting red dress and alluringly walking down a black carpeted runway to begin her dance. As she gyrated her body to Micheal Bubles rendition of ‘Feeling Good’ the audience began to feel really good too. Then enticingly she began to strip to perform the remainder of her dance naked. One member of the audience was heard to say “I think I just lost my virginity”. Yes Lotta your dance was HOT !!.

8 Lotta

Our next number made us all clap in appreciation as Winnie along with Jorgio executed the number as ‘stick men’ How unique it was.. The music she chose was the theme song from “Pirates of the Caribbean’. It was wonderfully choreographed against a backdrop of rolling waves and of course a pirate ship bobbing upon them. A very entertaining dance. Great work Winnie!!
9 Winnie

Kellan was our final act. She was inspired to write this number having heard the song ‘Love Make the World Go Round’ performed by Jo and Lin-Manuel Miranda as a tribute to those that tragically  lost their lives in a terrorist attack by a lone gunman in a gay bar (Pulse) in Orlando, Florida on June 12 of this year. . It was a message, choreographed to dance, for people to accept others as they are, The routine portrayed love, peace and it was a happy dance with all, Ridley, Imrhien, Tray, Keith, Rhonda, Fenrir, Hitomi, Path, Nara, Carlyee, Sebastain  wearing clothing to suit the lifestyles that are classed as different. It was a brilliant act. With a strong message. Quite the way to end the show. Well done Kellan!

10 Kellan

So ended another fantastic show at the Winds. The winner of the gift card was announced. Congratulations to Aguilatigre..

I would like to extend deep thanks and gratitude to Rebecca and all our sponsors for giving us such a wonderful theatre to showcase our talents. Just a reminder that on the 21st we have another theme show.. One that should appeal to the young at heart ‘ Childhood Cartoons’. See you all next Sunday at 5 pm (slt) for a brand new show.!!