Sunday evening always means fabulous performances by the dancers at Winds of the Sahara Cabaret and this week was no exception! Annie welcomed the audience in an exquisite white, flowing gown. She looked absolutely beautiful and did a wonderful job keeping the evening flowing as each act was presented.

1 Annie

I started off the evening dancing to Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum. The layering of her voice in this song really touched me and anybody who knows me and the schedule I keep will know why I was so inspired by this song! My set started with me taking a flying leap off of a ladder leading to nowhere. There were spinning windows, clocks and lights all working together to help capture the chaos in my mind.  I used the Metaharper guided cameras to help emphasize the effects.  The set closes with the scene fading out to a padded cell and me in a straightjacket.  We all need to be reminded to slow down from time to time and not let the world make us crazy!

2 Meegan

Next, Adam & Muse came in with a splash as they, along with Immy and Jo, surfed onto the beach dancing to DNCE’s Cake by the Ocean! This set had a little bit of everything……huge waves, surfboards, beach bodies in bikinis and of course, cake by the ocean! At the end of the set, a hungry shark swam up onto the beach and grabbed Muse before swimming away!  I think the shark had a sweet tooth and went in search of cake.  When he didn’t find it, he grabbed the sweetest thing he could find!

3 Adam & Muse

Up next Queenie was joined on stage by Lotta and Kyshra dancing to The Zephyr Song by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  The set featured three magnificent mermaids swimming, spinning and swaying as silhouettes behind a gorgeous swirling purple texture. A Zephyr is a soft gentle breeze and this set did a perfect job capturing that feeling with the mermaids floating and flying around the ethereal set. I felt like one of the mermaids and couldn’t stop wiggling in my seat!

4 Queenie

Halfway through the show, it was time to pop a bottle of bubbly! You can imagine our delight when the bartender tipped the bottle and we got an effervescent little Imrhien in our glass! Naked but for a (very) few strategically placed bubbles, Immy delighted the crowd with a very sexy, very burly dance to Polite Dance Song by The Bird and The Bee.  She traveled by bubble out of the glass, the bubble then popped and set her down on the bar where she proceeded to do a pole dance on the stem of the glass! If you have not seen Immy dance, you are missing out!  HOT! HOT! HOT!

5 Imrhien

Following Imrhien, Nara took the stage dancing to the instrumental version of Eye of the Tiger by the London Symphony Orchestra.  She turned the stage into a jungle where she, Gracie, Rhonda, Beebs, and Claire were all transformed into very sexy tigers clad in animal printed bikinis, spotted hair and tiger tails.  The set featured some really cool tiger-inspired hand particles that worked really well with this powerful song.  All I can say is RAWRRRRRR!

6 Nara

Up next, Kyshra performed a beautiful solo act to Dirty Diana by Shaman’s Harvest.  This song is a dirty, lusty cover of the Michael Jackson original and Kyshra’s interpretation did it proud! The set was simple but elegant and stunning, featuring gorgeous feathers and spectacular lighting.  Kysh looked striking in white against the dark background but she looked even more dazzling as her clothes came off.  It took all I had not to grab her fans to cool myself off!

7 Kyshra

Up next was Lotta, whose song of choice was the US12 remix of Culture Club’s I’ll Tumble 4 Ya.  This set was pure class and style as Lotta, Queenie, Rhonda, Beebs, and Sammy danced their hearts out in short and ultra sexy fringed dresses and short bobbed hairstyles.  The set was reminiscent of a roaring 20s dance show and it featured some of the smoothest choreography I have ever seen.  Bravo Lotta!

8 Lotta

Our final set of the evening was performed by Tray with Alpha, Imrhien, and Rhonda to the bagpipe mash-up We Will Rock You/Eye of the Tiger by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. This set had me in stitches from start to finish.  Even before the dancing started, you were drawn to small details in the set such as McHaggis and a sheep stuck in the grill of the van on the street.  And the laughter never stopped.  Tray and Alpha started dancing in kilts while Immy and Rhonda came out of the hardware store with you guessed it……leaf blowers.  Let’s just say we have solved the age-old mystery of what a Scotsman wears under his kilt!

9 Tray

And with that, our evening came to a close.  But what a show!  On behalf of The Winds team I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone who came to the show and showed their support.  I would also like to thank Rebecca for having such a fine venue for us to showcase our talents each and every week. See you next week!