A great matinee on Saturday led into another great show on Sunday.  The weather in the desert was still fabulous…blessed zero humidity, so none of the dancers had to have what we like to call a high hairspray alert day 🙂  Shanny was stunning again out front in a pretty blue dress.  Whomever said that a girl in glasses couldn’t be beautiful has clearly never met our Shanny!

1 Shanny

Our opener on Sunday was Kellan.  Kellan’s set was a tribute to her father, who is no longer with us.  Crystal Shawanda’s heartrending “You Can Let Go Now Daddy” set the mood and what a beautiful tribute it was.  Kellan dances alone and the scene opens to a little girl and her dad riding a bicycle.  When that fades to a girl getting married the little girl and her daddy join Kellan.  The same goes for the girl, her husband and father and then a scene with a nurse, the girl and her father.  The whole cast dances with Kellan and the set ends with the fathers as angels and the girls in a cemetery. Kellan was joined by Immi, Jo, Ariel, Ridley, Tray, Path, Queenie and Tristan in this amazing tribute for fathers and daughters.  Not a dry eye in the house and I feel confident that Kell’s dad is wildly proud of her.

2 Kellan

Devlin was up after we all dried our tears and got our snuffles out.  Sorry for stuffing all the tissues under the seats Rebecca!  Dev was joined by Immi and CC and danced to Adam Ant’s “Strip”.  What a great song that I completely forgot abou….er never heard before in my life because I’m not that old… *winks*.  Cool gold set, super hot ladies in shoes that would likely kill someone in RL and a shirtless Dev in strategically ripped jeans….HOT HOT HOT!

3 Devlin

The heat has clearly gone to my head…as I chose Muse’ “Madness”.  A while ago, I got these amazingly ridiculous Goovatars in a gacha event.  They come with physics that make you look like a walking Jello shot.  Clearly they needed to be used in a set, so I suckered Hitomi, Queenie and Meegan to join me in my nice rubberized room with some rainbow swirly lights and we wiggled, jiggled, giggled and floated along merrily to much laughter and commentary from the guests.  I’m a big fan of whimsy…life needs it…RL and SL…because without it…there isn’t a whole lot of joy or laughter.  I hope you laughed out loud right along with us 🙂

4 Winnie

Alpha brought us our next set to the finale from Footloose.  Once again…what a fantastic, butt-dance worthy song!  He was joined by Luna, Path, CC, Kellan, Immi, Tray…and one person I owe an enormous apology to, whose name will be added as soon as they tell me!  OMG…I had more fun watching these guys do the soul train boogie line…bopping all over, bringing back great memorie….er…imagined ideas of how much fun that movie was and how cool that Kevin Bacon dude was..because how can anyone whose last name is Bacon not be cool??? What a great set!

5 Alpha

Lovely Lotta took to the stage next with Path and Queenie to The Scissor Sister’s “Let’s Have a KiKi”.  Another wild and fun song invited another butt-dance worthy set.  I’m not sure about you, but A) these guys have a great living room…it’s just built to party in and B) Wow!  They have really, really fun clothes 🙂 I think the next time they have a party this fun we should get to be in it and not just have fun watching it.

6 Lotta

Kyshra was a vision in the desert with her silks and particles dancing to George Michael and Elton John’s “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”.  This set was such a unique interpretation of this song for me.  Her golden particles swirled around and made her avatar the sun…at least in my mind.  She was so pretty standing on her dunes and dancing.  I was transfixed.  Beautiful Kysh!

7 Kyshra

Queenie, Lotta and Lil literally blew the roof off of Winds with Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb”.  Someone in the audience pointed out that there wasn’t a lot of subtlety going on with the lyrics on this one.  Our three luscious ladies wore these adorable little lighters on their boobs and some TNT strategically placed on their nether regions.  These girls were so hot I’m surprised that Rebecca is still allowed to carry hazard insurance on the theater.  It doesn’t get an sexier than this folks. If you missed, it….well….you missed one hell of a HOT set!

8 Queenie

Tray and his lovely Immi took us off into the sunset to Mesh “Flawless”.  This set used those super cool metaharper cameras and the whole set was a black and white masterpiece.  Tray was our intrepid detective and he was working in his office while the rain poured and poured and eventually he left, went up to the roof and found his lovely lady.  We have this old fashioned radio show on NPR called “A Prairie Home Companion” and one of the characters is Guy Noir….Private Eye.  I put together that hapless detective with a scene out of a Raymond Chandler novel and my imagination ran wild with it while they danced.  These two do such amazing and inventive dances…they are a treat for the senses!

9 Tray

And with that….the evening was over.  What a wonderful and varied show.  On behalf of all of the staff, we would like to extend our thanks to Rebecca for having such a great venue for us to use and to our wonderful guests who come out and support us each week.  We can’t wait to see you next Sunday in the desert and after…on the roof, where we like to unwind to some great music and chat with you all…don’t forget to come on up and join us!