It was a lovely afternoon in the desert, and not just because of the dancing…but also because there is no humidity! The summer leads to lazy days and sweet tea and a great excuse….er….reason to lounge on a comfy couch and enjoy some magical dance.

Shanny was our hostess for the afternoon show and she wore a lovely peach gown that looked cool and chic.  Her pretty updo spoke to the hot summer days and she greeted our guests and did our intros without breaking a sweat.  She’s only been hosting with us for a short time and she is doing a lovely job.

1 ShannyI was the opener for the Saturday show with Jo and Ariel.  I chose Bach’s Cello concerto number 1 with a twist….7 cellos playing it in a non-traditional way.  We started as one mermaid and split into three.  I created my underwater world from Cerridwen’s Cauldron, a place that has the most beautiful fantasy landscaping.  I hope you enjoyed it.

2 WinnieDevlin was up next with Reshana and Nara.  He chose “Dancing in the Streets” with Mick Jagger (who’s having an 8th child at the age of….72) and David Bowie.  The scene was a street with some police cars standing guard and a bench and the city behind them while they boogied along in their street casual togs to a great, butt-dancing tune.

3 DevlinKellan was up next with Ridley, dancing to Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”.  I have been listening to this song a lot lately and it’s a great song. Kellan did a great job, she used the metaharper camera tool to focus us all in on her very, very toned backside :).  She started with a pole dance and then sashayed to a chair dance.  Let me tell you, she clearly has some great upper body strength and is super flexible!  She managed to lose her shirt in the process and then broke through the glass separating her from Ridley and finished up with one super sexy lap dance.  Steamy smexy!

4 KellanMeegan joined us next and dammit, this girl needs to dance more often!  She also used the metaharper camera tool, a gizmo I’m learning to love, for her beautifully sexy dance to Sting’s “Desert Rose”.  She performed a belly dance in a really cool outfit, it wasn’t traditional silks, it was a jacket and pants, more like what a young boy might have worn, and yet she made it so pretty.  She started in a courtyard with a fountain, but then her particles started and she faded to a dark background that accentuated all the pretty particles.  I was transfixed….totally forgot to take notes…and then faded back to her courtyard.  It was stunning.

5 MeeganImrhien took to the stage next in another belly dance that was equally as gorgeous and completely different.  She chose Anggun’s “Snow on the Desert”.  She was wearing full traditional silks, flowing and romantic and she looked like a princess.  She walked out and I commented….that girl can make walking look sexier than anyone else I know :).  She was framed by two tall, ornate lamps.  She also used particles, very pretty particles that flowed and bounced and even bounced back towards her… they were very cool.  I spent another whole set staring and not taking notes…

6 Imrhien

Queenie was up with Lotta and me with her very cool set to Britney Spears’ “Circus”.  Queenie was our beautiful ringmistress and Kyshra and I started out on our trapeze swings.  She had a great circus tent with layered steps and elephants and all the trappings of the circus.  Lotta and I came down and joined her and we danced a very sexy dance.  Queenie had stepped the set down and she sashayed down and danced in front and then came back up for the end.  It felt good to have a reason to wear sequins!

7 Queenie

Melvis wrapped up the matinee with a beautiful set done to a song from Avatar sung by Leona Lewis called “I See You”.  He was joined at first by Kellan, and while they danced they were joined by Jo, Andytez, Imrhien, Tray, Ridley and Nara and everyone was resplendent in their Na’vi blue…I always get a little nostalgic when I see Avatar…I think back to my first SL avatar…eeeeek and then when this moving introduced the idea of Avatars to the entire world that doesn’t game and how far our avatars have come since then.  This very wonderful set sort of brought all those worlds together for me into one place and it was a great way to end the show.

8 MelvisI hope that you all enjoyed yourself, and if you weren’t able to be there, we will be back on Sunday at our normal time with a whole new show for your viewing enjoyment.  On behalf of all of us, thank you so much for coming out and supporting us and for spending a small part of your day in our beautiful desert home.