July 13th 5:00 PM – Backstage movers by Immy –

This is NOT just rezzing them backstage when you rez your set, but before hand like she does.  This helps us to get our folks on their movers in a timely manner (before even your intro song starts) and keeps the flow of the show moving.  If you do 5 or more in group dances, you NEED to take this class!

July 20th 5:00 PM – Animation sequencing by Immy & Kellan –

This class is based upon making smooth transitions between animations and to avoid slides when you change them.  Our tips & tricks on ways to cut back on them easily and having “hits” in your dances.  Watch your tips get higher when you have “hits” and smooth transitions!  Anyone can throw on a hud and dance, but a professional does it smoothly!!!

July 27th – 5:00 PM – Lighting  by Tray, Immy & Kellan –

Ever wonder how some folks use lighting on their sets to make it come alive?  Different colors, shadows, using lighting huds from clubs, ect?  These can really make our sets POP and give a wonderful chance to set moods.