With Sunday evenings in SL comes the fabulous dancing of Winds of the Sahara performers!  I look forward to it and have for many months now and so happy to be a part of this magnificent team of people!

1 Annie

Annie of course was on the stage entertaining our audience with information and she was a stunning dress that several of us were talking about as the hustle and bustle back stage was going on.  Limbs stretching, costumes being pulled from the racks and of course talk of butterflies!

2 Winnie
Winnie w/Jo and Beebs
SONG: Bach Cello Concerto with 7 cellos

It is not often that we are graced with such beautiful music on the stage but tonight we were!  Winnie kicked it off with a lovely opening scene with the ocean as she was a mermaid under water, floating around, just soft like and a some hand particles that created ribbons in her hands and then all of a sudden the one mermaid was three!  All of them splitting off and continuing to dance and swim around to the melody.  The costumes were white mermaids and the choreography was just breathtaking.  What a way to open the show!

3 Bevin
SONG: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay  by The Mend

Taking the stage next was the beautiful Bevin who has been MIA due to other things going on so it was great to see her on the stage once more!  The set was stunning with gorgeous lush greenery and a houseboat and of course a dock over the water where she was sitting as the scene opened.  She causally, moved around the dock, with the particles fluttering in a cute jean romper and the sunlight beaming in on her as the relaxed atmosphere took us back to our lazy summer days when we were kids, at least for me it did.  Was something great to remember through an iconic song as she took us on a travel of memories.

4 Kyshra
Kyshra w/Queenie and Lotta
SONG: I Remain by Alanis Morrisette

Following Bevin, we had Kyshra coming to the stage but this entrance was no ordinary one!  The came swirling down inside of sand tornado’s twisting around and down to the ground where it let the bejeweled belly dancer outfits.  Particles adorned their hands and feet as their bellies shimmied and hips were hitting so much it could make you dizzy with lust!  The animations were incredible and were hitting beats incredibly well as they moved around tempting and teasing until finally the spinning tornados came back and lifted them back up for their grand exit.  Now that is a mirage anyone would want to see again if those girls were just a dream!

5 Luna
Luna w/Path, Sammy, Aziz, CC, Alpha, Kellan, Ann, Max
SONG: Lollipop

You could see that Luna put in some massive work on this set there was a waterfall of chocolate, and some candy and lollipops all over.  The men were fairies as they came down the waterfall and into a pond of it as some of the other girls came up to join them.  Girls moving up stems and on top of lollipops that would move around the room some.  There was a LOT of mover work involved in this and interesting and fun to see!  Loads of colors on the girls outfit and a good time was had by all!  Made you just want to lick it up!

Jo w/Roni, Kellan, Winnie, Immy
SONG: Unveiled by Raul Ferrando

Jo is a dear friend of mine and I remember seeing her very first set, so when I see how far she has come and how incredibly meticulous she is with her sets and animations.  I am so proud of her!  The set opened with the group of sexy ladies in silks, lounging around in tents.  Jo rises in the center and then two rise and join her towards the center of the stage, finally two more come out till you had all of the lovely ladies all dancing to the wonderful beats of the music and hitting those beats with hips and wrists flicks.  Fabulous choreography and wonderful costumes of gold and set filled with color!

7 Gunner
Gunner w/Ahava
SONG: Naughty H by Faderhead

Gunner was next with a fabulous colored set of what appeared to be another planet, loved the shades of blue and in the center was some sort of ship and with that the doors opened and Gunner was in a full robot type of suit, starting to dance to the music as there was a woman in a tube spinning behind him, slowly.  Soon the girl lifted out, dancing her own dance of seduction, each teasing the other.  He stripped down to a sexy pair of undies before finally he was bearing all to see, dancing around her and her him.

8 Queenie
Queenie w/Shanny, Nara, Rhonda, Sammy, Kellan, CC
SONG: Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake


I love how wonderful Queenie can make her sets.  She started out with her outside of a club, with a couple of other girls, all them dancing but just outside the club, moving around to the beats and with some wonderful animations no less!  Then the set fades into outside the club to inside the club, joined by more sexy ladies dancing, they begin to pause one by one, in my mind showing a bit of attitude and then finally all join into the dancing once more.  Such a fun dance for the girls to show off their hip hop moves!

9 Tray
Tray w/Immy
SONG: Write on Me by Fifth Harmony


First off, this was Trays debut with metaharper AT Winds, and my GAWD was it just so freakin great.  Your camera first started looking a woman that was sitting at a drawing table scribbling a man, and then she got up and flicked up the light, then we see darkness and when lights appear once more we are seeing the drawn man start to come out of the paper alive, and then he draws himself a drawn women and they began to dance and cuddle.  Words do not do this justice, I am just floored at how wonderful this dance was with the cameras.  So MAGNIFICIET!


Next week is Sunday July 3rd, I know for myself, I am doing a special tribute for the fourth of July and I wouldn’t be surprised if others did something patriotic as well. We hope to see you there!!!!