Wow!  With all the things that happened this past week, and my power outage, net outage, both due to storms, I completely spaced on the fact that I didn’t get the blog posted.  So please forgive me for that and here is the blog that I had done.

1 Annie

What a theme week!  With June comes summer time!  Picnics, baseball, long walks, beach time, and so much more!  Annie tempted the audience and gave us just a hint of what was about to come in a sexy bikini that could stop traffic with all its amazing color and vibe!  The entire place was covered in sand and beach balls and it was so great to see what everyone brought to the plate tonight!

2 Nara
Nara w/Rebecca, Kellan, Gracie, Rhonda
SONG: I Want It All by London Symphony Orchestra

First up was the Winds debut of Nara!  It should be noted that she actually debuted in dance just the week before and when we saw a sample we jumped on the fact to get this impressive young lady added to our lineup!  With sexy pirate costumes and gold, treasure chests and sand!  Of course pirates want it all!  The animations were spot on with some wonderful “hits” and smooth transitions.  She managed to bring the sexiness to stage and some fabulous choreography that left the audience wanting “Arrr More!”

3 Queenie
Queenie w/Lotta and Kyshra
SONG: California Gurls by Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s California gurls is a summer anthem since it made its debut and Queenie showed just how sweet and wanton the ladies can be when they bring it to stage!  The set was completely filled with sweets and yummy goodness as they wore candy costumes tempting the audience with not just her fabulous animations and particles, but also with the temptation of the ladies on the floor!  You just wanted to eat the set and them totally up and for those of us on diets, it was completely salivating and we all dreamed of things we shouldn’t have!

4 Alpha
Alpha Wolf w/Sammy, Immy, Beebs, CC Hotblood
SONG: Ghost by Michael Jackson

This was a night for debuts, as Alpha debuted his very first performance with Winds that evening and he did a FANTASTIC job!  He managed to use the video itself for inspiration and really did a great job as it opened with a purple gothic set with webs and skulls and dancing ghost that all seemed to have died pretty badly!  They were covered in blood as they ghoulish crawled up the sides of the walls and began dancing on the ceiling!  Towards the end, Alpha disappears then rises from the skull as a skeleton!  There was a lot of great mover work on this!  Congrats Alpha, you set your own bar high!

5 Adam & Muse
Adam & Muse w/Nara, Kellan, Gracie and Queenie
SONG: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper

Adam & Muse have been known for some fabulous set changes and fader work and today was no exception!  It started with them hanging out by the pool, laying down on the lounge chair  as Muse starts to dance, then joined in bit by bit by the entire crew wearing some great summer outfits.  They had some fabulous animations with strong “hits” to the music.  Then BOOM, the set changes as does the ladies and Adam into swim wear attire and in some water that set the scene for thoughts of swimming and splashing around.  What says summer more than a guy surrounded by girls in bikinis!

6 Lotta
SONG Blueberry Hill/I want to Walk You Home remix by Fats Domino

What says summer more than a moon light walk, a pickup truck and dreaming with dance of the man you wish would see? Well Lotta brought it all!  She walked out over some hills thinking about the man that she hoped might find her once more.  She began to dance in the heat of the evening, stripping down to her birthday suit as the temperature was rising with not just the air, but inside of her as she prayed the sound of the motor coming around, would be the man and she would welcome him with a surprise!  Great animations and emotes took you on this story that made everyone think of naughty things.

7 Winnie
Winnie w/Queenie and Beebs
SONG: Fins by Jimmy Buffet

Being from Cincinnati, I am all too familiar with Jimmy Buffet and how he completely screams summer!  The scene opened with Winnie on an island alone, and then she was joined by her dancers in shark costumes, one on each time, “Fins to the left, fins to the right”.  The bright sunny backdrop along with the cute choreography just made you smile and sing along!  In the water swarming around the island was of course a shark!  Now all she was missing was a drink with the cute umbrella, but I have a feeling we were all dreaming of that!

8 Devlin
SONG: Summertime Blues by Brian Setzer

Next up was Devlin, who wore some bright purple swimwear on a beach with the ocean in the background.  With a lounge chair showing off that we all love to lounge around in the heat so that we do not get the “summertime blues”.  He was working it on stage hoping to enrapture the ladies in the audience to join him on the beach for some fun in the sun and dance!

9 Queenie 2
Queenie w/Winnie, Lotta, Kyshra, Grace
SONG: Centerfield by John Fogerty

To end the night, Queenie once more was on the stage, but this time, she was showing off her love for Baseball and her home team!  This was such a cute concept with the wonderful set of a baseball park and audience in the background.  She was up to bat at home plate then others came up to the bases and even a catcher crouching down. Finally Queenie hits it out of the park and runs the bases, sliding into home plate as everyone dances around!  She had a “hit” with this one!

Join us next week where we have not one BUT TWO shows!  The debut of a our once a month Saturday show which is not a best of but the same sort of wonderful sets and concepts that are new with a few favorites sprinkled in.  Then we have our normal show on Sunday!  Thank you to Rebecca for the photos and for giving the dancers another chance to take to the stage and share their creations with others!