With our addition of more choreographers and those that are taking classes and putting more and more into their dances, as well as our Sunday nights being so busy with our wonderful audience members, we decided to add a regular Saturday show once a month.  This will typically be the third Saturday of the month, but due to not wanting to conflict with a special event last Saturday, we pushed it to this past Saturday.

1 Annie

And what a Saturday it was!  We had not one, but TWO dances using metaharper camera tools which allows our audience to sit back and their cameras move to focus on the points that the choreographer would like them to focus on.  What a fabulous concept and wonderful addition to Winds.  I think I speak for everyone when we say thank you Tray for stepping up and offering to have a class on it, and willing to help anyone who was interested in learning!  We have a lot wanting to learn this special thing!  And if we could cam on Annie, you would have seen that she was in a wonderful gown for this Saturday debut, but we got a close up pic for you all to see just how lovely she was!

2 Imrhien
SONG: Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

First up was the sexy Immy, who debuted this wonderful tool that she has used before and my oh my did she use it so effectively!  We started with seeing a sexy silhouette of her with a yellow light beaming on her as she was in a sexy pose on a chair, and she worked on that chair like she was earning it!  Then the set changed and you were brought to another view of her, looking so tall in-between buildings as her sensual moves were spot on to match the gorgeous view of her!  The camera really allowed you to not miss a view of this spectacular dance and beautiful lady as she enamored us with sexuality and sensuality!  Bravo!

3 Kyshra
Kyshra w/Kellan, Queenie, Nara, Jo, Shanny, Gracie
SONG: Ladies Come First by Hinder

Next up was our sex kitten, Kyshra!  There was a magnificent set of animated sound bars thrumming to the clubby dance beat as the girls came out in some very hot, and skimpy leather gear that resembled a group of sex on stage!  Kyshra has a wonderful eye for animations that really show sensuality and down right oh la la, and she did not let us down today!  With some magnificent hits to the beat, the girls were keeping the audience at the edge of their seats!  I love dancing with Kyshra and today was no exception!

4 Keith
SONG: Master of Puppets by Metallica

Keith has only been dancing for a short time, but the depth of knowledge and ambition he has is completely outrageous!  This was an encore of his very first dance and it contained some fabulous mover work with the puppet master as awesome particles and costumes changes as he goes from fully dressed, to being on fire and then finally a skeleton!  Rock is so hard to dance to, but he did a fabulous job with this rock anthem!

5 Devlin
Devlin w/Kellan, Immy, Winnie, Ariel
SONG: Organ Grinder – Prince & the New Power Generation

Prince brought us many hits and Devlin took one to heart as he came out with a purple and blackground, with silhouettes in the air and him on the ground.  The ladies were dancing sexy as he tried to tempt them and the audience to come hither!  The silhouette boxes came down and the ladies came out and danced in sexy red and white as he was shirtless and grinded to the popular beats of Prince.

6 Winnie
SONG: Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy

I have said this before and I will say it again, Winnie brings such emotion to her solos, and it is truly a sight to behold.  Today was no exception to that when she came out with a beautiful set covered in flowers….her field of gold.  She mesmerized the audience with her wonderful choreography as she took on a journey with the beautiful lyrics brimming in the background.

7 Ariel
Ariel w/Rhonda, Nara, Shanny, Devlin
SONG: Too Darn Hot by Ella Fitzgerald

Next up was Ariel and she worked hard to get this set what her vision was, I know which is one of the reasons I love being at Winds because people will share their knowledge and help others.  She nailed it as she managed to do some mover work with waves as the girls rose from the fire and a monk joined them in the form of Devlin.  They continued to tempt him until they ended up tossing him on a spit fire and roasting him like a pig!  One way or another they were going to get him heated!

8 Queenie
Queenie w/Path, Tristan, Gracie, Jo, Winnie, Meegan
SONG: Juicy Wiggle by Redfoo

Queenie brought back one of our favorites in the form of Juicy Wiggle as she started out in some 50’s attire and diner.  The animations and outfits were so wonderful!  Girls on skates, guys dancing on table tops as the front of the diner fader and everyone joined Queenie on stage.  The set and choreography were to die for in this and I loved the 50’s style dancing!

9 Melvis
SONG: Spaceman by CBabylon Zoo

Next up we a Winds debut as the handsome and talented Melvis finally was able to join our family with the addition of our Saturday show.  With him being “across the pond” Sunday nights have never been able to work for him, but I must say I will look forward to our Saturday shows with the addition of Melvis.  His set was O. M. G. gorgeous to look at as you can see from the picture.  His animations and choreography were spot on and as he started in a space suit, he went up one tube and ame down another as an alien!  The same ship he entered the stage with, was the same one he zoomed out with and he left the stage and people mouths dropped!  Welcome Melvis!

10 Kellan
Kellan w/Ridley, Immy, Tray, Melvis, Rhonda, Sammy
SONG: Clockwork Man by Mr. Strange

Tonight was my debut of using metaharper and I wish to once more thank Tray for teaching me.  I know using it with large numbers isn’t good, but I thought I would test it to see how it would manage due to some focal points in this dance.  Reviewing yourself sucks, just saying, but I was really proud of my animations with this dance and the concept.  I have only done a few “dark” acts before and this is one of them.  I had folks that had been turned into robots and finally clockwork boys and girls dancing around, as my little “pet” would go and capture more victims!  The scene let you know that you might or might not be simply seeing a movie….


That was the end of our Saturday debut performance and we can’t wait for next month either and hope that we become a part of your regular Saturday routine!