Oh my goodness I’ve missed my Sunday night Winds fix!  I picked a great night to reinsert myself back into the review lineup 🙂  I wandered in to Winds to find Kitten, our resident camel wrangler actually wrangling a camel while also riding one!  You go Kitten!!

Annie was splendiferous as our hostess, in a gorgeous, flowing gown in patriotic colors.  It was a hellacious news day in RL with many of us wanting to show our solidarity with the community in Orlando and her dress was a subtle reminder of how we need to support our friends and spread a message of tolerance and love.  One of my favorite things about dance is the amazingly diverse community who dance as well as comes to our shows….perving profiles…er…what dancers sometimes do when not dancing…*blushes*

1 Annie

The show opened with Babypea who danced to Ivan Torrent’s “Before I Leave This World”.  Baby floated into view…a vision… and touched down to dance on a beautiful set which had material enabled water.  This may be my most favorite thing in SL right now…it makes water so amazingly realistic and Baby was an otherworldly beauty as she danced and her set switched and became as darkly wonderful as it started light and airy.  I loved the contrast between the light and the darkness….another set straight from the amazing imagination that is our Pea 🙂

2 Baby

Kota took the stage next and it was her debut as a choreographer with us at Winds!  I just love a debut.  Kota chose Lukas Rossi doing a cover of Adele’s “Hello”.  Her set was dark and stormy with another one of my favorite effects; rain…really, really cool  rain.  She was in a seedy neighborhood, storefronts, streetlights and concrete and she danced a very emotionally charged dance to this gorgeous song. I loved the cover, it was amazing and I’m so looking forward to what Kota brings to our stage next.

3 Kota

Gracie hit the timbers next with Rhonda and Nara.  She chose the iconic Cantina song from Star Wars.  I’m pretty sure that a whole bunch of us get swept right back to our childhood every time we hear the song that introduced us to Han Solo and Chewie.  Memories of lovely ladies who fell into pits because Jabba didn’t like them…oh…those were the days……

4 Gracie

Kyshra was our fouth act and she was joined by Shanny, Beebs, Sammy and Kellan and they were all aglow for a neon-rave inspired set to a mashup of Viva La Vida and Bad Romance.  I don’t know what I did before Glee and the magic of a good mashup.  Cheers to whoever mashed up the first……mash?!  There were wonderful effects going on here, flashing textured geometrical shapes that perfectly accented our lovely neon ladies and their moves were to die for!

5 Kyshra

Luna was joined by Johnny, CC, Path, Ronda, Annsandy and Aziz and I’m beginning to sense that Luna really likes Broadway…she’s picked some of my favorites to do her dances to:)  I’m a sucker for a Broadway musical, I have the Broadway channel on my satellite radio and have been a fan since my first show which was 42nd Street when I was 14.  If you’ve never been to a show…even a road show…well, put it on your bucket list!  She chose “Oklahoma” and from her windswept plains to her horses to her farmhouse and costumes it was lovely and the entire dance staff was singing the words in group chat O.K.L.A…..well, you know how it’s spelled 🙂

6 Luna

Lotta and Queenie were out next to Beyonce and Lady Gaga with “Video Phone” and let me just say this….if those two hotties showed up on Facetime while someone was driving…there would be one hell of a car accident!  The set was vibrant with two huge video cameras and a phone, presumably to capture our increasingly nekkid ladies who left Kitten to clean up the drool that was dripping from the mouths of pretty much everyone in the audience.

7 Lotta

Kellan was up and let me say this…some wildly horrible things happened in Orlando, Florida on Saturday night, but Kellan had chosen to do her set well before that latest tragedy.  With unforseen timing, she chose to do her Lady Gaga “Born This Way” set…a song that is an anthem for love, acceptance and inclusion.  Kellan had me, Jo, Lil, Kyshra, Kitten and Rhonda with her and we started in shadowboxes and under the set..which throbbed with lights and textures and soundwaves.  Kellan looked like a beautiful avenging angel and we had super costumes.  Gracie said it best in local, that it was a great set to remind everyone how we all need to support and respect EVERYONE.

8 Kellan

Queenie took the stage in our last act with Path and Lotta.  There was a whole super carnal thing going on here with Queenie as temptation and Path and Lotta as our fun loving, naked, summer of love Adam and Eve.  The story from the bible was told to Madonna’s “Like it or Not”. and Que was clothed in green with her serpent and she was the definition of temptation in the Garden of Eden..and well, Path and Lotta took the bait and we all know how that story ends….it was a fun set and also a great idea…you really just never know where Queenie is going to take us, but it’s always going to be great!

9 Queenie

Well, that was it, we wandered upstairs to the dance floor for the afterparty with our friends and the dancers and the brownies snuck out to clean up the stage for next Sunday.  Our show on June 21st is our “Summer” theme show, so bring your towel and sunblock and get ready for some classic summer fun 🙂