It was the eve of Memorial Day, and things were hopping with patriotism mixed with fun, for the dancers at Winds!  Some were doing a special dance for the holidays, one even to her mother in law who had just passed, while others brought everything from fun and lively to evil and seduction!  Annie showed her pride by wearing some camouflage while she danced on stage to her hosting duties, welcoming folks.

1 Annie

I would like to say a special thank you, and I know we all at Winds feel this way, to our service men and women who put their lives on the line; those who have sacrificed and the families that serve alongside each and every one of them.  If not for them, we would likely not have the ability to even be together like we are, every Sunday….that freedom would have been taken long long long ago.

2 Selene
Just a Dream by Carrie Underwood

To open up the show, we introduced a phenomenal set that was designed to bring you in tears; giving a tip of the hat to those who have served our country.  The opening scene was a woman coming out of  a carriage wearing a wedding dress, and walking into the church.  Only to have the wall of the church fade and show her in black, walking up to a casket draped in an American Flag, signifying that he had been a soldier and passed away.  It was heart wrenching to watch but yet you could not take your eyes off it either.  What a beautiful way to start the show!

3 Adam & Muse
Adam & Muse w/Jilley, Rhonda, JMB, Gracie
Stitches by Shawn Mendes

Adam & Muse took the stage next and they always bring some brilliant concepts and this one was so cool!  I had never heard the song before and it opened in a hospital room and women rising up from the ground on top of spools of thread.  Adam wakes up and then poof the scene changes to a sewing room, complete with all the goodies as they jump and dance with excellence to the beats of the song.  The outfits were so cute I was jealous I didn’t get in this dance!  Great footwork and particles, concept and execution!

4 Tray
Tray’s Shady Mix Final

Next up was a Winds debut by the completely phenomenal Tray Porthos!  I was so happy when he decided to come to Winds, as he is just a magician on stage with his dances.  This one was such a hoot for many reasons.  He starts out as an old man, looking through the mirror wishing he could have his youth back, and then the scenes changes into a beach; WOOTS.  He dances around until a shark gets him, right where it matters most!!!!!  OUCH!  Then it changes and he is dancing down some steps like Fred Astaire in Heaven.  You have to pay attention to the little details as there was a “take a number” for Heaven, which caused a stir of riot in the audience and the dancers watching.  He had passed away and grew his wings and was dancing in the clouds.  The last scene was him CROAKED laying in his bed.  I guess we should be careful what we wish for when we look in that mirror! Such a fun dance!

5 Baby
Babypea w/Gunner
Gods & Monster by Jessica Lange

This set that baby did was positively amazing and I know many of us fought over it in group chat when I first saw it.  Baby crept out decked out in flowing white to the haunting sounds of Jessica Lange.  She made her way slowly across the stage, jumping upon statues till Gunner rose up as a monster.  Completely cool outfits with great animations and set concept brought us all the things that Baby is known for in dancing!

6 Lotta
Lotta w/ Path
Maneater by Daryle Hall & John Oates

Lotta took the stage as she appeared through a giant hole in the wall, all green skinned and female hulked out with muscles!  The set showed all the crashed up cars and rubble to let you know the female and male hulk had been there!  Path came out in a fabulous Hulk avi as he jumped and watched his woman do her thing, hitting the beats till he finally joined her.  Which was such a riot as there was this tiny human size female hulk and GIANT hulk himself!  It was so cute to see!

7 Luna
Luna w/ Alpha, CC Hotblood West, Aziz West, AnnSandy
Cats Jellicie songs by the Original Broadway Cast of Cats

Who doesn’t love and know Cats?  It has been one of the longest running Broadway productions in history.  Luna brought us her interpretation of Jellicie in a cute homage to the wonderful show!  Each of them jumped off the wall and then came out, dressed as cats, as they danced their away across the stage.  If it didn’t bring you back to when you first saw Cats, I would be shocked!

8 Jilley
Jilley w/Adam and Paul
Robo Booty by Opiuo

Next up was Jilley who never ceases to bring us creativity on stage with her genius ability to make a song come to life.  Tonight was no exception!  As the music started a ship like architectural structure lowered down and then opened up to reveal the awesome dancers in some kick ass space get up complete with helmet, neon and what could only be some light sabers.  They popped and locked to the robotic and electronic beats with perfection in matching hits to the beats!

9 Queenie
Children’s Crusade by Sting

Queenie gave us her own interpretation for Memorial Day in this stunning solo performance. She started out in a war stricken area in combat gear complete with a rifle in her hand and behind a bunker of sand bags.  Piece by Piece the landscape began to change, to show that through time it can heal and change.  It became slowly filled with lush greenery, flowers and trees and her own outfit changed into a flowing dress as she danced to beautiful contemporary movements.

10 Winnie
Winnie w/Jo
Timshel by Mumford and Sons

Winnie created this dance for her mother in law that recently passed away.  That reason alone would have you pulling out the Kleenex, but she came out dancing in long grains and grass flowing through a darkened sky with a beam of light shining through.  Jo accompanied her as a small angel dancing by her side.  The house in rubble and a dingy picket fence, I mean this was just so stunning as she poured emotion out with animations and wings appeared on her.  The words of the song were so haunting to match the movements.  She tugged at each of our hearts and ours goes out to her and her and family for their loss.

11 Kellan
Kellan w/Immy and Winnie
10 Yrs, I Miss You Daddy

Our last dance of the evening was by myself.  This song I found was enough to bring tears to your eyes as it talks about a young girl who had lost her father, to the background music of “Heaven”.  The story talks about her being a young girl, then 5th grader, then in High School.  I had each of representing the one of the ages, as pictures faded in and out of all the things she would talk to her dad about.  Young daughters with their soldier fathers appeared and disappeared as flags and a casket with the American Flag draped over it, rose from the ground.  It was a very simplistic set for me, as I wanted the choreography and young girls to tell the story.  I was blessed to find this song, and so honored to share it.
That is it for this week, our theme is the third Sunday of the month which is Summer Vacation and Celebrating Summer!  We hope to see this coming Sunday as we have more debuts to our Winds family!