The 1980’s…disco just ended, grunge wasn’t even thought of. We killed the ozone layer, wore bright colors and loved Swatch. MTV played videos, we *like* wore parachute pants and went to Iran-Iraq for the Gulf War. Regan was President, we roller skated, pop & lock and did the Hammer. Boys grew their hair out long and some wore make up. Michael Jackson was caught on fire and we wondered “Where was the beef?” It was “time to make the donuts”, “Don’t squeeze the Charmin”, we looked for Waldo and Madonna was still a virgin. In my eyes, it was the best era for music….and yes I am still stuck there musically. On Sunday, Winds of the Sahara celebrated the music of Generation Y or the Millennials.

1 Annie

Annie was our lovely hostess with the mostess again this week looking amazing in her cute little 80s outfit complete with legwarmers, mini skirt and necklaces! Be sure to thank Annie for all the hard work she does each and every Sunday!

2 Ariel

Up first this evening was Ariel and friends and she gave us a little earworm to start the evening out! Mickey by Toni Basil (sing with me….Oh Mickey you’re so fine….HEY MICKEY!) Dancing with her as cheerleaders were Rhonda, Gracie, CC, Daks & Luna and Devlin was Mickey! They came in, pom poms flying as they chased Mickey around the school gym. Poor Mickey didn’t stand a chance I think….who could resist such loveliness in cute little outfits? Not even the mouse could. Great way to open the show with such a huge hit from the 80’s!!

3 Adam & Muse

Adam and Muse performed one of my favorite acts by them, “Dirty Laundry” by Don Henley. This act was so creative and so well planned, I love it! Adam and Muse begin as laundry…yes dancing dirty laundry (yes, they were missing their bodies on purpose!). They pop over into the washer for a little spin, then the dryer and when they come out fresh and clean their bodies are back too! From here they dance on the ironing board that comes up out of the floor and around the laundry room. The concept is a cool one and I love dances that are a little twisted and off beat. Thank you for that awesome dance!

4 Devlin

Devlin brought us Queen this evening and danced to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Dev’s set was all sparkly and flashy with floating hearts around a jukebox and two little side stages. Dev danced as a shirtless sexy rock star channeling his inner Freddy and making many want to offer him some crazy lovin’ I’m sure! Queen was so huge in the 80’s and it was nice to have a little reminder of how amazing their music truly was back then. Another rock star just taken too soon in my opinion. Thank you Dev for the tune and the dance!

5 Lil

Lillian brought us to another part of the 80’s…..musicals! There were so many awesome ones from then…some were a bit cheesy but I loved them the most I confess! Lil and friends (Path, Bevin, Queenie, Rhonda, Lotta, Kyshra, Ariel & Jag) all done up in our broadway finest danced on one pretty incredible stage. The song was “Broadway Baby” and Lil made broadway….literally. There were posters with rotating lights, the street in front of the theaters in NY……it was all there and it was awesome! We did some high kicking and danced in the streets, reminding us all how much a part of the 80’s musicals truly were. I loved looking at the posters and remembering them all.

6 Baby
Baby chose “Mental Health” by Quiet Riot…she brought the metal to the stage! Baby began this set dressed in a straight jacket and was hanging from her own padded isolation box. She was looking a little wild eyed and crazed as she fell from the ceiling and danced about her cell only to break free and dance over to the *shrinks* office. This Dr wasn’t monkeying around (he was a gorilla actually) and she gave him something to think about. Before she leaves his office she applies the Quiet Riot mask and joins her other dancers (Jilley, Beebs, Pan and Kyshra), rocking out as they come out of machines, metal particles rain down and flashes of light appear. I felt like I was at an 80s rock concert!! “BANG YOUR HEAD, METAL HEALTH WILL DRIVE YOU MAD!”

7 Queenie

If you know me well, you know I have a *thing* for Sting. I loved his music with the Police as much as I love his solo work. I chose “Message In A Bottle” as my 80’s dance this week. The story is that he is isolated on an island, and sends out and S.O.S in a bottle to find someone who loves and misses him. The funny thing is, when he wakes up there are millions of bottles washed up on the shore and he isn’t *alone* anymore, castaways all looking for a home. I had a little island to myself, well me and the sharks and mermaid, and I danced in the sand until I sent out my S.O.S spelled out in rocks. I too had bottles bob and wash up on the shore. No one saved me but I wasn’t alone anymore!! “I’ll send an S.O.S to the world.”

8 Kyshra

Kyshra chose “Hunger for the Flesh” by Howard Jones this week. Her set was a beautiful blue color, but those pesky skeletons were messing up the floor. Kysh was a temptress offering these poor souls up to what…everlasting life? Eternal damnation? Relief from the mortal coil? It isn’t often that a dance has me struggling to discover the meaning behind it but this one has. Hunger for the flesh, hunger for life here on earth. Hunger for what the earth/their lives (needing more, wanting more) hold for them does not allow them to see beyond these chains.

“Hunger for the flesh
Leads them to a weaker heart
Mortals who imprisoned themselves
Let them have a new start”

Is she the one that allows this to happen? Does she give them a new start? Does she break them free? 9 Lotta

Lotta performed a song that I have always loved, from a band I have always had the hots for…the very sexy “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran (as my sister used to say, a band so fine they named them twice). Her stage was the old film from our cameras (before digital) that we had to load and unload. She very cleverly had them placed so it looked like the film had been unrolled and was ready for processing…it was just a cool set. Very creative! On each frame of film was a picture of a famous *girl*. There was Molly Ringwald (Lotta), Brooke Shields (Beebs), Madonna (me), Cher (Gracie) and Kelly Le Brock (Rhonda), all women that were huge actresses in the 80’s. Each of us dressed as these iconic women, and Lotta had us moving about the stage showing off our stuff, making you all remember why they were so famous! Thank you Lotta for the walk down memory lane…it was an awesome trip!

10 Kellan

We are all still reeling from the death of Prince, hearing new details every night on the news. There are not many true icons of the 80’s like The Purple Reign himself, and Kellan and her many many dancers brought it to us, making us miss him even more. I want to list the dancers now because they all made the production an amazing one. Adam was Prince, Path & Devlin were concert security, Jo, Muse, Immy, Queenie and Kellan were angels, Kysh and Roni were stage dancers, Pan was the keyboard player and Jag was the drummer.. Ok, so here is the set…Kellan built a Prince concert stage with the band and his dancers performing “Purple Rain”. In front were the *angels* dancing as well. On the sides of the stage was concert security. As the band plays, purple rain falls, the security joins the angels and the stage rises. Purple lights flash, purple smoke bellows across the stage and Prince (Adam) comes to the front of the stage. Then, sadly, the angels take Prince with them and they all rise up and out of sight as the rest of the people on stage watch them go, *sniffs and wipes eyes*. Thank you Kellan for letting us say goodbye one last time.

Thank you everyone for another awesome time at the desert! We love to see you each and every Sunday. Your love and support is what makes what we do so enjoyable. Until next week, keep on rockin’ and crank up the 80’s tunes dude!