Sunday nights in Second Life means Winds of Sahara dance!  Several got there early and found themselves under foot or tail, or even butt of Godzilla!  The dancers were in the back, stretching and trying on outfits and looking for the Oreo’s that somehow always seem to disappear when Winnie is around.  *Hmmms*  Annie was gorgeous as ever in her lovely gown, dancing and letting everyone know about the upcoming shows and to check out the blog.  How the lady dances and speaks so clearly makes me jealous I tell you!

1 Annie

First up for this evening of fun and emotion was Babypea.  I have to say this is positively one of my favorite dancers by her.  It was the first time I had seen the reflection ability in dance.  She uses her alt to accomplish this, having her upside down as if a reelection in the water, along with the entire set and all the changes that take place from the moon to the hands holding the flaming moon to the trees and!   Every animation was on point with the music and reflected in “the water”  It is a beautiful dance!

2 Baby
Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde

Next up was a Winds debut from a long time patron of ours, and he hasn’t been dancing long!  He actually debut on stage at Milky Way so he has only been dancing a couple of months, but you would not know it by the special effects and concept in this song!  Keith comes up as Godzilla and he is GIANT!  One he takes his first steps, planes are flying overhead trying to take him down, he is breathing fire on buildings and streets are crumbling as the structures fall into rubble, all the while Godzilla is doing a jig and happy dance to be destroying the city!  At the end, the nuke goes off and Godzilla is taken out, but not Keith!  We expect to see great things from him.

3 Keith
Keith Ringold
Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult

Lotta and Queenie took the stage in this so hysterical song with so much fun.  The cabaret animations mirroring were so perfect as Lotta came down the stairs with an elegant gown and began to dance by her best friend in the song.  Queenie in a fabulous flapper dress and hat that was just se magnific!  I loved the mover work mixed with the mirror animations I have to say and it was just a special moment.  I loved the musicals of old and this brought me right back to them!

4 Lotta
Lotta w/Queenie
Mame: Bosom Buddies by Angela Lansbury and Beatrice Arthur 

After the music and dance of old, we came to Devlin!  He came dancing down the temple in full head dress Aborigine attire.  The temple was surrounded by jungle palms as the girls in the dance grinded with lots of hip work as if doing a sacred dance.  Moving around, I suspect they were calling for the God of Fire, as flames began to explode behind the temple at the end of their energetic dance!

5 Devlin
Devlin w/Rhonda, Claire, Gracie, Ariel
Fireball by Pitbull featuring John Ryan (Tony Franco Remix)

Queenie was next, and in so many ways I am at a loss for words.  I couldn’t take notes during this dance, because I couldn’t take my eyes off it and they were filled with sobbing tears.  This dance was simplistic in set design.  A black screen and rotating pictures.  But the words in the music, the dance animations and the emotes invoked tears from many of us.  The song was about loving yourself even if you think you are fat, or your skinny or a different race.  I have to share a couple of the emotes and I hope and pray I get to see this masterpiece of emotion by Queenie again.

“Over half of the females age 18-25 studied would prefer to be run over by a truck than to be fat, and two-thirds would choose to be mean or stupid rather than fat. ”
“The death rate for eating disorders is 5 to 20%.”
“Love your body”
“You are worth more”
“Don’t let others define who you are”

6 Queenie
Body Love (Melody) by Mary Lambert

After Queenie, Adam & Muse lifted us up with an unbelievably energetic dance!  This dance had us jumping and flipping around combined with the dancing that left you breathless with needing air!  The scene was a construction zone where we decided to play while the foreman was away!  Adam and Muse even had us playing around with the dozer and flipping on scaffolds showing off our moves!

7 Adam & Muse
Adam & Muse w/Rhonda, Rus and Kellan
Work by Ciara featuring Missy Elliott

Gracie then took the stage and this was my first time seeing something like this ever on a regular stage!  First scene was a lovely lady in white silks upon some clouds and then she started to drift in the air dancing joined by fairies with lovely wings.  Particles were taking over the stage just as the water came rushing off the stage and into the audience and the monster that looked similar to the Lockness monster.  The tale (no pun intended), was that loving the monster within, and with love you can transform and like a caterpillar to a butterfly, she did into a lovely lady wearing white silks…Her dream coming true.

8 Gracie
Gracie w/Nara, Rhonda, Claire, Lotta
Remix Walking in the Air by NightWish

We had one of our rare but incredible performances by Jo following Gracie.  Jo took us to the Copa Cabanna with some wonderful animated textures and lights hitting the stage, surrounded by some palms with the men dancing in the back before joining the stunning ladies!  The animation sequence and transitions were as smooth as a babies bottom and sublime with the costumes!  They were timed perfectly to the music with spirit!  Love it when she comes to the stage as she does not disappiont!

JMB w/Roni, Winnie, Sebastain and Pan
Dancin’ Fool by Barry Manilow remix

Next to take the stage was Jilley!  It’s always great to see her on stage and she is just a thrill to watch!  She was surrounded by the desert and encompassed by stunning waterfalls as she wore an Indian feather like set of silks.  She writhed swayed to the music with perfect animations and hand circles with feathers that were light in fire!  Her animations were perfect, which is something Jilley is known for and as she danced you were unable to take your eyes off this beautiful creature.

10 Jilley
Desert Rose by Sting (Remix)

Last to take the stage was well…me.  I have wanted to do a Disney song for well over a year as I have several Disney mesh pieces.  I had added the beginning of Lion King as well as some jungle sounds into the piece of music as Timba, Nala and Simba joined myself as Rafiki to tell the story of finding love.  The pair took to dancing in the waterfall stream as Rafiki and Timon danced atop fallen logs.  Rays of light and particles added to the music before the final scene of the Nala by Simba, holding the future heir of the jungle.

11 Kellan
Kellan w/Muse, Ariel and Adam
Circle of Life remix by Elton John

This coming Sunday brings us to our theme week which is 80’s music!  I can’t wait to see what is brought to the stage!  So join us Sunday for a blast from the past!