Hi there Windsters! So much to write so little space! What a week we have had. Last Sunday we had a Tribute to Prince that Winnie blogged about. It was such a huge hit and so many people asked for a repeat performance that we did just that. Saturday we performed an encore performance of the Prince show and it was just as full as the first one! Then on Sunday we did our regularly scheduled show. Phew! We were busy dancers!! Thanks to everyone that asked for the repeat of the show and or came to one or both of the shows. The performances were rather emotional and caused a lot of eye leaking and nose blowing. We discussed memories of seeing Prince live or buying a cassette or CD. We shared a lot of heart felt emotions…I still can’t believe hes gone.

Cover 1

This week was also a fun week with some awesome dances. Unfortunately SL was a meanie for a bit and delayed costume changes and set placement but we powered through and kicked the SL ghoulies to the ground!

I played hostess for a little bit before Annie made it in, she was stuck in traffic (damn RL) but she showed up looking gorgeous as always! I tell you, hosting isn’t easy unless you do it a lot. Meegan was the hostess for the Prince show and she and I share the same thoughts with this…it’s hard stuff! Kudos to Annie…you rock!!

1 Annie

Before I begin I need to congratulate Toysoldier Thor. Toy won the 500L gift card from Angelics Visions Antiques! Woohoo Toy! Thank you Rhi the owner of Angelic Visions Antiques for donating it.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and the lovely Baby put on one of the funniest acts I have seen in a long time. The song was The Mum Song which is a song sung to the tune of William Tell Overture. The mom singing is telling the kids to brush their teeth and remember about doctor appointments, stop hitting your sister, make your bed etc. All the things, as moms, we repeat and repeat and repeat! Baby’s set was awesome, mum was in a hamster wheel and never stopped running. The kids were Beebs, Baby, Jag, Kysh, me and Path, all various ages. We tortured the dancers back stage before the show acting bratty and silly. The things the mum was reminding the kids to do were spinning on stage as the kids danced and mum ran. I know for many this is a very typical day in the life of a mom. Mom’s are amazing….and we don’t stop running…..and running…..

2 Baby

I have to admit, I asked Winnie to help me with this next one because I couldn’t follow Les Miserables *hangs head*. Adam and Muse chose a medley from Les Miserables, a musical that never ceases to bring tears to my eyes. Kellan and Ridley joined them, with the men looking dashing in military attire and the ladies wearing red baroque inspired outfits. The first part of the dance was to “On My Own” which was the character Eponine lamenting that the dashing Marius would never be more than a friend. The second part was “Empty Chairs and Empty Tables” in which Marius realized that they are all going off to war and many will never return. The last section was to “Bring Him Home” which was orginally sung by the incomparable Colm Wilkinson, where he prays that Marius will not be harmed. The set was beautiful and I cried…as I always seem to do when I hear any note from the musical. Gorgeous! (Thank you Winnie!)

3 Adam & Muse

We slipped back into the Prince groove with Devlin as he danced to Partyman. Sometimes, I admit, I worry about my fellow dancers and what goes through their head when they plan a dance. This week with Devlin was no exception. Dev dressed as the Mad Hatter and danced on a wonderland set. It was a party for sure!! A wonderland party! Honestly you could dress as an elephant and dance to a Prince song because, well it’s Prince! This was a fun set with an awesome choice of music. Great job Dev, we loved it!

4 Devlin

Kellan took the stage next with a large group of dancers, Winnie, Ridley, Jo, Muse, Adam, JMB, Kysh, Jag and Path. Her song was by Ellie Goulding and the song was Lights….and boy was there lights! Her set began with statues with Kellan coming down the stairs in her finest baroque clothes. One by one the statues are surrounded with a flash of light (get it?) and they come to life also wearing baroque clothes. From here there is a lot of flashing lights and wonderful dancing. I loved the costumes and the use of lights in the set. It was a very cool effect and definitely an awesome visual. At the end the dancers are moved up in the set by a very large LIGHTS sign. I love how Kellan uses her lights in her sets. It’s never too much and it always makes the sets that much more amazing and fun. Yea, I’m a little jealous!

5 KellanMmmmmmmm Kyshra was next with Lick it Wild Thing by DJ Schmoli. You guessed it! It is a mix of songs that all talk about licking….such as Kiss’ Lick it up, Tone Loc’s Wild Thing and Lick it by 20 Fingers Ft. Roula . Now, I know you are thinking, what would the costumes be like to this song? Tigers and leopards of course! RAWR! In her set were Lotta, Rhonda, Kellan and myself and if you missed it…*fans self* it was hot! We danced and teased and well….you get it. Yea, we licked that set for sure!!

6 KyshraWho do? You do! Voodoo? No, thats Lotta and she danced to Voodoo Woman by Koko Taylor. Lotta was all done up as a voodoo queen and she worked her voodoo on us for sure. She told us a story about hunting her next lover “to ravish him from head to toe”, because she was “looking for someone to seduce and do evil things to.” Raises hand! Her set was a jungle set and as she danced and moved, keeping us glued to her and in a trance as she got *whispers* naked! Just when you were sure you could not take much more she announced as she stuck her voodoo doll……”I lick my lips as I stick the needle into the doll’s heart. He WILL be mine!” SCREAMS! phew!!

7 LottaUp next was Luna and her 5 very sexy very hot friends as they were “bad ass chicks from the Moulin Rouge.” We all sang along “Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista….Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista.” These sexy women came from behind a sheer curtain at the Moulin Rouge looking amazing in red and black and danced right into our hearts. Unfortunately SL was being difficult but they continued on and put on an awesome act. FREE YOUR LADY MARMALADE!!!

8 LunaFrom the Moulin Rouge to the Fields of Gold bringing us Winnie and her 4 legged friends. Before I begin, I love Sting, I love his music, his voice…him…but Winnie managed to find a cover of this song that was so emotional and beautiful and so perfect for her set. Eva Cassidy was the singer and she did the song total justice. Winnie danced in a field of wheat that was dotted with pretty little red flowers. Behind her were horses and more wheat and some silos…hmmmmm…..was Winnie a sexy little farmers daughter dressed in white in the field all alone perhaps? This set was simply beautiful and a delight to listen to and watch. Winnie always manages to make the most beautiful dances….this one was no exception. Simply fantastic Winnie!!

9 Winnie

I was last this evening and with me was Lotta, Kysh, Beebs and Gracie. We danced to Cupid Carries a Gun by Marilyn Manson….nope it isn’t a love song! This song was in the soundtrack of the HBO series Salem (if you haven’t watched it….do it!) and Salem, as we all know, was full of witches. I ran with that idea and had my 4 witchy sisters dancing around a cauldron of bubbly green stuff evoking the spirits and dancing in the dark forest on a pentagram. In the end we dove into the cauldron only to return another time??

10 QueenieWhat a week! Thank you to everyone that came to the shows, without your support we would be lonely dancing up there! Thank you to Rhi for the wonderful gift card! Thank you to our sponsors and those who help us keep the lights on each and every week. You are all awesome! Most of all thank you Rebecca for playing those awesome tunes, keeping all of us in line and loving the art of dance in SL as much as we do!

See you all Sunday! PS…May 22nd we will have another theme show. Welcome back to the 1980s! Mark your calendars, get out the aqua net and the high tops. Find your parachute pants and your day glo…we’re going back in time!!