I’m not even sure where to begin with this review.  When Prince passed away on April 21st, I think for many music lovers it was like walking into a sucker punch, or a blind side tackle or some other reeling sports metaphor. I felt like the wind was just sucked right out of me.  Prince is one of those artists who you don’t have to hear everyday to realize the genius that he was or to be able to identify a song in just one note. The Winds family wasn’t scheduled to do a themed show, but our collective broken hearts came together into a show that was amazing…we were full, we worked our butts off and it was sooooooo amazing that we are working on an encore performance due to the positive feedback that we got and requests from everyone who couldn’t get in!  Kudos kids…we kicked ASS for Prince…and I’m hoping if he’s floating around up there somewhere…he was able to enjoy the emotion that poured out onto that stage.  Let’s take a quick look at how lovely Annie looked in her purple gown while I collect myself.

1 Annie

Ok, now I’m all choked up again, so let’s get to it.  Kellan opened for us to a set to “Gett Off”.  She was joined by Ridley, Adam, Muse, Jo and Path.  This song was released in 1991 and was done with The New Power Generation and it is sexy personified.  Well, our queen of movers decided to put aside her love for 400+  waypoints and settle in on a gorgeous purple room, opulent curtains….and the costumes!  Well, the mostly there costumes… they were purple, they were mostly see through, except for the backsides on the ladies, those we missing entirely!  SEXY!  Perfect for the song and our couples were HOT…hotty mchotpants…ok…at least the guys had on pants, lol.  Great opener Kellan!!

2 Kellan

Now that the audience was all warmed up and ready to roll so that brought out Ariel and Dev for “Little Red Corvette”.  This song was released in 1983 as a single off the album 1999.  Ariel had a great set with a late 50s Stingray that I would have stolen if we were in RL 🙂  She also had some carousel horses representing the many references to er…methods of birth control…er….in the song.  They were sexy…Ariel in a great red lingerie outfit and Dev all in jeans and an open shirt….more smexiness!!

3 Ariel

Queenie continued on with the holy hotness Batman theme with her set to “Kiss”.  This is a Prince and the Revolution release from 1986.  She was joined by Lotta, Kyshra and Marissa and took minimalist costuming to a new level.  Cute little undies with smooches on them and teensy pasties accented one wildly sexy set on red with the word KISS spelled out!  At this point, resuscitation equipment was dragged out and the house MD was put on high alert for heart failure due to sheer sexiness overload!

4 Queenie kiss

Lotta….bless her heart…chose “Nothing Compares 2 U” (ok…it KILLED me to type that without spelling it out….nerd…sorry).  Sinead O’Connor made the song famous in 1990, but it was written by Prince and Lotta used one of his recordings.  What a powerful song.  Her set was purple with pictures of Prince in the background.  She had a Prince inspired jacket on with the iconic lace cuffs and the set was a perfect complement to the song.  She looked beautiful and the set was almost as beautiful as it’s creator 🙂

5 Lotta

We had a guest troupe this week and Luna and the folks of Sweet Seduction treated us with “Anything Goes” from the musical of the same name by Cole Porter.  Luna was joined by CC, Flow, Cracie, Ann, Wolf and West on a cruise ship somewhere in the world.  This song is infectious and fast paced and dancers came from a top deck and a lido deck and tap danced their feet off in the cutest sailor bikinis that had a 1940s vibe while the men were in white pants and white sailor hats.  It was a rollicking set and a nice midpoint break from a whole lot of purple 🙂  We were so happy to have them come and dance with us.

6 Luna Guest

Adam and Muse choreographed the next set to “Cream” which was released in 1991. Somehow, somewhere they found outfits for the ladies that were exactly that…whipped cream. Very, very, very strategically placed whipped cream.  The men sadly wore pants…I mean…were are the fun whipped cream manpart slings I ask you?  I’m sure someone could have come up with something…but I digress.  Let’s just say, the set was amazing…and none of us paid the least bit of attention because we were hoping that the whipped cream might melt off…c’mon…you know you were hoping 🙂

7 Adam & Muse

This takes us to Baby. Now, while Kells is the Queen of the Movers….Baby is the Queen of Sets…and performances.  She is one of the most prolific dancers and instructors in SL for dance and when she IMd me and told me she didn’t have a single Prince set…or one to a song he wrote or produced…I said…bah.lon.ey.  But she didn’t.  And in about 32 seconds she whipped up an amazing set for “1999” which was released in 1982 on the album of the same name.  Baby was an alien…on a supercool spaceship which floated in and landed.  She was joined by her human friends, Jo and Gerty and they had an awful lot of fun dancing with cool particles right up until Baby popped into her ship and headed back up to the heavens thankfully not harming any humans in the process.

8 Baby

Devlin brought us a Prince song that I had never heard, “Thieves in the Temple”. This was released in 1990 and I blame the fact that I was living in a dorm bordered by an air force base with the fact that I never knew this song hit number 6 on the US charts.  Dev built one hell of a temple that took up a lot of the audience and was joined by his er…helpers? Fellow thieves? Super sexy cat burglars? Claire, Ariel, rhonda and Gracie were resplendent in not much of anything with a boa on top.  Dev was also wearing the coolest jacket I’ve ever seen.  There was the part where the temple suffered some damage and may or may not have killed a couple of guests, but Rebecca assures me that the insurance coverage is in effect and that Kitten  has the cleanup well in hand.  It was an EPIC set…amazing…the animations were awesome and I could easily watch this set 3 more times before I get to see most of what was going on.  Did I mention the light show??  There was an entire light show too! Wow Dev…just W.O.W.

9 Devlin

At this point it was me.  I chose “Sometimes It Snows In April”, a song that was buried on the soundtrack of one of the most horrid movies of all times, “Under The Cherry Moon” in 1986.  It seem that it’s the only redeeming thing in the movie.  I have always loved this song, it cuts deep and tells the story of the painful loss of a friend.  Queenie had an interesting insight…that Prince died in April and it snowed this April… I started the set with a slide show of Prince.  I had a purple sky on my set, and some doves as a nod to his big hits and I danced a quiet dance under a tree on a pond with snow falling gently.  This faded to a wintry scene with a frozen pond and finally a white casket faded in with a spray of purple roses over it.  Ok…I cried, a lot of IMs came in that people were crying.  I’m sorry.  If you’ve seem my dances, you know that when a song hits my heart, I’m going to follow that emotion wherever it takes me and this song has been breaking my heart for 30 years.

10 Winnie

Selene came to the stage with another break from purple and thankfully with a wildly sexy and fun set to Girls’ Generation’s “Trouble”. Girls’ Generation is a Korean pop group and Selene always finds really unique songs like this one. Her set was a giant vault which opened to reveal her sneaking in on a rope with Yukio Onna, Carolyna Bikergrrl, Anie Sevigny, CiCi Hansen and Azure Sharktooth.  These ladies were dressed to kill and clearly up to no good!  They shimmied and wiggled and frankly, given what they were wearing, I have no idea at all where they planned on putting their loot!  It was another bunch of super sexy thieves who really just ended up stealing our hearts 🙂

11 Selene

Our last act of the evening was an encore by Queenie.  She did a set to “Purple Rain” because no tribute to Prince could ever be complete without one.  She was a vision in a long purple coat with purple boots and some very cool body paint peeking out from under.  Her set was amazing…there was purple rain and a beautiful ray of light accenting her dance.  Dove flew up from below the set and fluttered around her as she danced.  Then, as I was crying like a baby, these platforms rose up from under the stage and Kitten, Aradia, Darling, Babypea, Lotta and beebs arrived in these amazing purple dresses, all different and danced.  I can’t describe the ending because at this point I was just a blubbering mess.  It was so gorgeous……a most amazing set for an amazing artist whose loss will leave a hole in the fabric of music.

12 Queenie Rain


Thank you all for sharing this emotional show with us.  Thank you amazing dancers for pulling together one of the most beautiful and exciting shows I have ever had the chance to dance in and thank you our fans, Rebecca, Kitten, Meegan and our sponsors and to Que for decorating the theater.

Cover 1

Rest in Peace Prince…