Sunday nights mean another great show at Winds of Sahara!  Seeing as this is my debut, I do ask for patience in that I completely forgot (I am a bad girl and need to be spanked I guess), to take a lovely picture of the wonderful Annie!!!!!

What is so funny about this is that I was staring at her several times throughout the night in that LOVELY pink flowing gown thinking how pretty she looked and how the color worked so well with her stark red hair! Thank you Rebecca for the lovely picture of Annie!  Saved by the boss lady!

1 Annie
She started out the evening with Rebecca and Meegan greeting our wonderful guests!  Whether it be long time patron or new folks that decided to come and see what we had to offer!  The music was the familiar songs that introduce it is almost time to start the show as there was hustle and bustle back stage, grabbing hair spray, throwing on costumes, and limbering up legs and arms with some stretching!

Adam&MuseAdam & Muse Magic w/Pan, Kitten and BB
Song – Born This Way by Lady Gaga

First up was magnificent team of Adam and Muse Magic!   Now I should mention, that the month of April, is Autism Awareness month and Muse and Adam performed a brilliant set dedicated to Autism Awareness.  Brightly colored puzzle pieces that rose to form a steps for the dancers to step down on, spinning pieces for them to hurl in style and dance on.  There were hand particle effects and amazing costumes that were created by Muse herself as they gave it all they had with trademark Gaga moves along with perfectly timed animations from others, to bring us to the knowledge, that anyone with Autism is Born This Way and it is more than alright!

Song –  Jungle Love by Morris Day and the Time

Next up was Devlin!  Now some of you may not know this, but Jungle Love was actually written by the Prince who recently passed away.  It was performed in the movie Purple Rain by The Time, but by Devlin, it was in the middle of  a jungle!  He had some very primitive animations as he moved around the stage declaring it was time for his Jungle Love!  One of the greatest things though and something that made me laugh was that the thong he wore, was an elephant with ears and a trunk!  *Laughs*  I will let you guess what went in the trunk!

Lotta w/Path and Queenie
Song – The White Stuff by Weird Al Yankovic

After Devlin, Lotta was up!  I have to say, at rehearsal I was getting ready to go to another commitment when this dance started and I just HAD to stay and watch it!  It was so inventive and creative and it was performed for our beloved Winnie who has an Oreo fixation!  This was SUCH a cute dance!  The animations had to have some great thought into them, because the dancers hands were covered and not used as the all dressed up as dancing Oreos!  The best part was that there was some fabulous mover work involved as Queenie (as one of the Oreo’s) was picked up and DUNKED into the glass of milk!  Such a great dance Lotta!  It had everyone in stitches.

Song – Bring Me To Life (Rare Remix) by Evanescence

Next up was the sexy and talented Kyshra!  Kyshra is one of those people that can switch from a group dance to a solo with an ease and flow that leaves me green with envy!  The scene was a cemetery and Kyshra was in this glorious white outfit barely there in the front, but swishing skirt that flowed as if it was light as air, while she twisted and turned with hand particle ribbons.  As the beat of the music accelerated more particles were added as she was brought back to life!  Visually stunning Kyshra!

Song –  Fame by David Bowie

Winnie took to the stage after Kyshra, and it started with Winnie actually in the audience area, walking up on a red carpet to the stage aware which was full of paparazzi that was snapping pictures of her in the BEAUTIFUL gown encrusted with the England flag.  She was stunning as she walked towards the limo with the Hollywood sign in the background and stopped to show off her moves to those that were taking pictures.  The animations were spot on as the black and red gown and tall black hair was very avant garde.

Queenie w/Kyshra, Aradia, Path, Lotta, Lil and Jag
Song – Teeth by Lady Gaga

Queenie then enchanted us with another Lady Gaga song, but this one was about Teeth!  She started off walking down some grand staircases that reminded me a bit of Gone With the Wind, but in the top of the stairs on either side, statues came to life and started to dance!  As she continued with her mesmerizing moves with this mask that was wicked cool, other statues jumped off their perches and began to dance with her as she stripped herself bare as her soul!  The dance ended with the statues back on the poses, but down by Queenie vulnerable showing the flesh of her being!

Babypea w/Gunner
Song – All of Me by John Legend

Next up was Babypea in an ethereal cloud dress that was light as a feather with complementing makeup and hair that seemed to flow with the wind that would move the clouds and thus her.  The set was stunning with a tree atop some land while you got a sneak peek underneath of lava.  The sun beams flowed around her and then Gunner joined her as a tree who needs the sun to grow.  It was a FABULOUS metaphor for the song of how “All of me, needs all of you”.  This was visually, a masterpiece of creative influence to a song that I would have never ever thought of doing.  How clever and inventive!

Kellan w/Muse, Rebecca, Adam, Pan, Ariel (Ravana), Queenie, Jilley, Jo, Kitten, Meegan, Winnie, Roni, Lotta
Song – Will You Be There by Michael Jackson

Last up to close the evening was myself along with, what seemed like, half the staff.  I created this set and dance for a special Autism event, but I wanted to share it with more people.  The scene was a waterfall and trees as we started out dancing, joined by some drums with different ages, signifying how Autism effects all ages.  Lastly we were joined, by what I affectionately called “the choir” They were all in white as they walked out of the waterfalls and swayed to the music until they joined the rest of us.  Sun beams enveloped us like a cloak as puzzle pieces began to turn and twist slowly to the music and form the completed puzzle about Autism.  I will say that I was very proud of this piece, it took 394 waypoints but my hope was that the feelings were moving and touched by the dance.

That was it for another fabulous evening at Winds!  Next week will be an “unofficial” Prince theme week as many want to do something.  You won’t want to miss this one!  Join us Sunday at 5:00 PM Slt and see what everyone comes up with for your entertainment!