Tonight was a special night for everyone at Winds of the Sahara. On Thursday April 15th we officially celebrated our 3rd year on the dancing circuit. 3 years and a lot of changes, moves and general SL things that happen. I have danced here officially for 2 years now and there are others that have been here since the beginning. The Winds, for many, is home. It’s a warm, crazy family of mixed personalities and each of us look at dance differently, but when that curtain goes up…we are all the same. On behalf of all the management and dancers, thank you…each and every one of you reading this for your support, love and dedication to Winds of the Sahara, because without you we wouldn’t have seen this birthday. Now….ON WITH THE SHOW!Winds Curtain

Winds was dipped in pink for the event. Why pink you ask? Why glitter on the floors? As Ke$ha says “throw some glitter, make it rain!” It’s a P A R T Y! It is Winds 3rd year and it’s Rebecca’s RL Birthday! Saying that, there were a lot of surprises tonight in the acts, but I will elaborate on that more in a little bit.

1 AnnieLooking ravishing tonight was out lovable Annie, taking the stage to get everyone seated and filled in on the weekly reminders. Wearing a very sexy PINK (Rebecca’s favorite color if you didn’t notice) dress with lots of frill. The party hat made the outfit complete of course! Thank you Annie for just being so damn cute!!2 BabyBabypea started the show with “Celebration” from Kool & the Gang. With her was Jo and Beebs wearing super sexy silver slinky dresses….so ooohh la la ladies! It’s a celebration so there was explosions of color, swirls of spotlights, birthday wishes rising from the floor, party hats and of course champagne! We all danced to the song and sang along…it absolutely set the mood for the evening. Let’s Celebrate!!

3 Winnie

Up next and ready to keep the party rolling was Winnie and many friends! Winnie chose Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” and had a special dance for the bday girl and showed pictures of all the crazy things that happen at Winds in front of and behind the curtain. She asked all of us to dress in our favorite outfit from a dance or act…she opened a can of worms there!!! Lotta and Path as Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty, Jo was pretty in red and Aradia joined in on the sparkle and wore a shimmery green dress. Beebs wore the chef Sheep and Baby too wore the glamorous Sheep! Ariel wore a sexy purple dress and me as my favorite avatar, Mr Gopher! What a blast we had and the pictures were fantastic!! Many of us in chat were teary remembering some of the fun moments over the past year. Thank you Winnie and everyone for the laugh down memory lane.4 DevlinThe rotten SL gremlins got a hold of Devlin but he beat them away and showed us one of our favorite sets of his. Devlin chose Savatage’s “Believe”. This song is such a beautiful one and Devlin’s very simple but beautiful set with ruins and some strategic light rays, coupled with his simple white shirt and a stunning dance was wonderful. The song moved everyone to silence which shows us that sometimes “simple” moves people more. Beautiful job Devlin!5 ArielAriel brought back and oldie but a goodie (and one from my top 10 list of favorite movies) with “Puttin’ on the Ritz” by Taco with a little extra Peter Boyle added in there from the movie Young Frankenstein. Path was the monster and he danced his way into everyones heart as a very lovable one. We all know the song and if you have not seen the movie Young Frankenstein, GET IT because its a classic! Thank you Ariel for bringing the monster to life again!6 LilOh Lil….what can we say….this woman chooses some of the funniest songs. This week was no exception. Keeping with the pink theme Lil had all her dancers in sexy pink lingerie that barely held in their massive..ummm what to call them…..ummmm well the song was “99 words for boobs” so I’m sure I can come up with something! The song listed all the common and some not so common words we use to name the female chest. Thank you Lil for the laugh! 7 Lotta

Lotta wins the cute award for her dance this week. She and Path danced to a mix of songs from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. They danced to “Doll on a Music Box/Truly Scrumptious/Chu-Chi Face & Chitty Bang Bang” The set began with Lotta dancing in a music box as Path watched her as the King. She talked about being free and not dancing wound by a key and he told her she was scrumptious! (which I’m sure he does). Then BAM she changes into something sexy and so does he and they dance together…now…did I miss this part in the movie? Maybe I need to go back and watch it again! *fans self* that was unexpected and so totally you two!!8 Adam & MuseContinuing with the birthday wishes was Adam and Muse joined by Beebs and Rhonda. They burst out of a cake, danced down to the table managing not to get covered in frosting and shimmied for us to Lady Gaga ft. Jessie J “Your Birthday” ft. Pitbull. The stage was a large party table complete with all you would need for some party fun including the dancers all in pink! Balloons rose from the floor for the dancers to dance on top of and they danced on the plates, the cake the table…..WHAT A PARTY! There is a rumor that even Adam dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President”…..only at The Wids!

9 QueenieI was on deck next with a crew of dancers and a camel! We danced to “This is how we do” by Katy Perry on a large birthday cake dressed as candles! I was joined by Path, Lotta, Meegan, Kitten, Lil, Kysh and Beebs. “This is how we do” celebrations at The Winds!!
10 SeleneUp last but not least was Selene and she was joined by Carolyna and Thunder and they danced to “Black Cat” by Janet Jackson. This was some set! It went out to the entrance way as Selene came in on a large crane as Cat Woman getting ready to fight Poison Ivy. As she comes across the crane and stage she whips zombies out of the way to get to her rival, they dance, they fight until Cat Women is triumphant! Good over evil!! The set was amazing…she crawled up and down the beams, there are crazy vines of ivy growing up the sides, there is a bat signal but….where is Bat Man?? He arrives, but too late for the fight….SAME BAT TIME, SAME BAT CHANNEL…to be CONTINUED….Winds After Party

What a night, what a great 3 years, what an amazing group of supporters we have and most of all what a wonderful leader. Happy Birthday Winds and Happy Birthday Rebecca! Here is to many many more wonderful, crazy years! See you all next week for a new show!