There were doubters, there were naysayers, there were folks that thought that we couldn’t make it this far.  We proved them all wrong and we did it with class, style, perseverance, new dancers, hard work, a dedicated owner, old sponsors and new and some of the best backup staff on the grid.  We did it together and the most important ingredient in our success year after year has been YOU!  Our wonderful, wonderful fans who support us week after week and without whom we wouldn’t have a need to have a home.  This show was dedicated to all of you who have made this possible, so we’re raising a glass to you, the best fans anyone could ask for and then some!  A special thank you to Rebecca, without whom we wouldn’t have a home, Meegan, who has added her support and knowledge to expand our internet presence and fanbase, to Kitten who counts scripts, looks out for griefers, moves microphones and shovels up after camels, Annie who stands up there and keeps you all informed and amused week after week, all of our backup dancers who need to debut (hint hint), Queenie for doing the reviews with me, Que and Lotta for decorating the theater for special occasions, Jag for rebuilding our theater for us and Lady Anekee, VT, and Rhi for their support and generosity as well as everyone who has supported the venue and dancers over the years.


And now…on to the review 🙂  Annie took our Egyptian theme night over the top with a stunningly fun outfit with feathers and gold belts and silks and all sorts of fashion forward elegance as she engaged our guests with song titles and Egyptian trivia.  Way to sparkle out front Ms. Panties!

1 Annie


Adam and Muse choreographed our first set to a mashup of a children’s chorus and the famous Steve Martin “King Tut”  They were joined by Kellan, Amanda and Beebs in this great opener with columns falling, statues walking around and Kings rising from sarcophagus’ all in a rousing tribute to our third anniversary.  Also, there was a HUGE Anubis…you may want to count and see how many times he shows up :).  What a wild and fun way to get the evening going and get the fans sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to see what would come next!

2 Adam & Muse

Lovely Ariel was our second act and what a pretty set this was.  She danced to Loreena McKennit’s “Marco Polo” on a stage with a tent and sand (another theme of the evening along with my bff Anubis) and she had the most amazinginly beautiful silks on.  She flowed across the stage like silk … the very oasis that any weary desert traveler would want to wander upon…

3 Ariel

Amanda brought us a great set to The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian”.  She was joined by me, Kellan, Muse, Meegan and Adam.  Amanda and Muse were opposing dancers in black and white and the other ladies were the Pips to her Gladys Knight.  Adam ended up sort of stealing the set at the end…he was buried up to his head in the sand and looked a little nervous as a camel ambled up to him…and peed on his head.  The house broke up at this point, with everyone laughing so hard that poor Kitten had to wipe up the stage and our guests had to pull themselves together for the rest of the show 🙂  Laughter…the BEST medicine!

4 Amanda

Devlin chose another version of Steve Martin’s “King Tut”.  If you haven’t seen the Saturday Night Live skit that made this song famous, I highly recommend a trip to youtube!  Dev was bedecked in his best Tut outfit…but wait…are those flip flops??  On the famous child king?? I loved the camel too…check out the argyle!  Another fun set, I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting so much fun with this theme…belly dancing, sand and pyramids yes, but boy, people really brought some joy to these sets.

5 Devlin

This brings us to Lotta and Path who danced to Snap’s “The Power of Bhangra”.  Another proper belly dance bonanza right?  Well, there was some of that but also some more fun animations, a little more funk and hip hop with Lotta in the idea of a top and some smashing purple bottoms and Path had my favorite pants of the evening.  They danced in a market where I would have loved to go spice shopping…and Path looks pretty darned good in pants doesn’t he?

6 Lotta

I picked Holly Valance’s “Kiss Kiss”.  I had a set with Jo and I dancing on water with some pillars that may or may not have managed to hold up my pyramid.  We had some candles and fire bowls and these cool barely there sorta silks that I found at Collabor88 completely by accident.   It was a sexy little belly dance that was just fun to do.

7 Winnie

Babypea danced with her Gunner to Mere Watan’s “Fiza”.  If you were expecting more belly dancing…you didn’t get it.  Baby came flying off the rocks looking more like NinjaPea and she and Gunner got into a little bit of a tussle…when Baby took off some of her Ninja-wear and Gunner decided she might be more fun to dance with than throw fan-kicks at.  The danced a sexy little duet, until Gunner tossed her over his shoulder and proved that though she was tough…he was tougher 🙂 A new dance genre…born at Winds…Ningyptian!

8 Baby

Path danced to “The Magic of Egypt”.  His set was really cool, he built the pyramid out into the audience so it was like you were looking at a cutaway into the interior. He had a nice crusader in a vault (dead) and Path was chatting away with his companion wondering about what it was like…what was he doing there…did crusaders have nice girls to date…it was very cute.  Path had blue hair and some silks of his own…at least for a little while…but he wouldn’t be Path if he didn’t misplace them!

9 Path

Queenie dance with Lil and Kyshra to Rihanna’s “Diamonds”.  The ladies appeared out of their genie bottles and danced in white silks with pretty hand particles.  They were sexy as all get out. Queenie changed the scene from day to night which was REALLY cool and then the ladies ended up on a flying carpet. I have to say, SL was a big booger to Que and she couldn’t put her set in a rez box, so she had to manually work her changes and do restores and all sorts of crazy stuff like we used to do years ago and she pulled it off beautifully!  Style and grace under pressure our Queenie…great job 🙂

10 Queenie

We ended the evening with a set from Kellan along with Asali, Jo, Muse, Queenie and Pan, Ridley, Adam and Path. Katy Perry and Pitbull doing “Dark Horse” was the song. The set opened with the earth and then a pyramid flying up and over the audience and then the men were there…and then the ladies appeared out of urns.  All that and we weren’t even a minute into the song!  Kellan had awesome effects, with Pentagram circles on the floor and then turned up to be behind the dancers.  The set was gorgeous…and then…she even managed to include some scarabs skittering around on the stage. (ok, I may have closed my eyes for a little bit there…but I’m really not that good with bugs)  A hot-damn ending to the show!

11 Kellan

We ended the evening on a bang and headed up to the rooftop for some after show dancing with our friends; a great way to hang out and relax while listening to some good music.  Thank you all again for your support and getting us to our third anniversary and we look forward to another year of dance and spectacle for your viewing pleasure 🙂